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Advanced Guide to Programming with MS Visual Basic. Net, 2/E by Ekedahl, Michael ISBN: 9781418836764
Power Visual Basic with Developer's Library by Engo, Frank J. ISBN: 9780877099888
Hello Visual Basic: An Introduction to Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 by Joy, Janet E. ISBN: 9780964816015 List Price: $34.95
Visual Basic 4 Coursebook by Lin, Forest ISBN: 9781881991465 List Price: $40.00
Visual Basic 5 in a Box by Cornell, Gary ISBN: 9780130119353 List Price: $145.00
156. Prog.using Vis.basic-w/cd by Bronson, Gary J. ISBN: 9781881991472 List Price: $52.00
Essentials of Ms Visual Basic Ver.5.0 by Eaton, Carlotta ISBN: 9780135957608 List Price: $16.50
Microsoft Vis.bas.5.0 F/win.,comp.-w/cd by Ekedahl, Mike, Newman, Bill ISBN: 9780760046685 List Price: $46.95
Microsoft Vis.basic 5 Step By Step-w/cd by Halvorson, Michael ISBN: 9781572314351 List Price: $34.99
Visual Basic 5 Crsbk-w/disk,crystal Rpt by Lin, Forest ISBN: 9781576760048 List Price: $59.20
Arcgis Developer's Guide for Vba by Razavi, Amir H. ISBN: 9781401891077 List Price: $74.95
Visual Basic 6 Programmer's Toolkit by Marquis, Hank, Smith, Eric A. ISBN: 9781893115064 List Price: $39.95
Visual Basic 3 for Dummies by Wang, Wallace ISBN: 9781568840765 List Price: $19.95
MCSD Microsoft Visual Basic 5 Exam Cram by McDonald, Michael D. ISBN: 9781576102367 List Price: $29.99
Programming With Microsoft Visual Basic.Net An Object-Oriented Approach Comprehensive by Ekedahl, Michael, Newman, W... ISBN: 9780619016586 List Price: $58.95
INTRO TO PROG USING VISUAL BASIC 6 (W/DISK & CD) (P) by Bronson, Gary J. ISBN: 9781576760314 List Price: $44.00
Programming With Ms Visual Basic .net Comprehensive by Ekedahl, Michael V., Newman... ISBN: 9780619239206 List Price: $67.95
New Perspectives on Microsoft Excell 2002 With Visual Basic for Applications Advanced by Juarez, Walker, Carter, Gar... ISBN: 9780760064351 List Price: $97.95
Microsoft VBA Professional Projects by Chaudhary, Rachna, Goel, Ta... ISBN: 9781931841559 List Price: $49.99
Advanced Visual Basic by Yao, Andy ISBN: 9781930360105 List Price: $20.00
Using Visual Basics by Jennings ISBN: 9780538678872 List Price: $15.00
Programming for Technology Students Using Visual Basic by Spasov, Peter ISBN: 9780130278296 List Price: $113.40
Programming Basics Using Visual Basic .net 2005, Html, And Java by Knowlton, Todd, Barksdale, ... ISBN: 9781423903789 List Price: $67.95
Visual Basic 4.0 by Spear ISBN: 9780030197789 List Price: $28.00
Microsoft Visual BASIC 3.0 Complete-Perfect by Shelly, Gary B., Cashman, T. ISBN: 9780789506719
Visual Basic .Net Coach by Salvage, Jeff ISBN: 9780321247339 List Price: $74.00
Visual Basic 5 for the Enterprise by Schwarz, Ron ISBN: 9780201309485
Toolkit : Introduction to Visual Basic for Engineers and Scientists by Mohaghegh, Shahab ISBN: 9780201361407 List Price: $16.00
Programming in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 by Thurrott, Paul B. ISBN: 9780201611663 List Price: $17.00
Programming in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 by Paul Thurrot Staff ISBN: 9780201611908
New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Excel 2007 With Vba, Advanced by Friedrichsen, Ageloff ISBN: 9781423905868 List Price: $63.95
Visual Basic for Technology & Engineering Students by Antonakos, James L., Mansfi... ISBN: 9780134423449 List Price: $53.00
Object Oriented Programming Visual Basic 3.0 for Windows by Atthappilly ISBN: 9780789500373 List Price: $43.95
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