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Are you interested in the chance to buy used general textbooks on computers? You might be pleasantly surprised to see how many you have to choose from. We've got sensational deals here on affordable text books of all kinds. Look out for MATLAB and Simulink Student Version; Enhanced Discovering Computers, Brief: Your Interactive Guide to the Digital World; Simulation Modeling with Simio; and 2013 QuickBooks Fundamental Learning Guide. With these and countless other titles available as well, it couldn't be simpler to buy (or rent) used general textbooks than it is here. We've always got the best discounted offers you could want, and with the cheapest deals always on offer here you can make your budget go further. Look at the percentages we knock off the regular prices and then place your order. When you get your first delivery from us you'll see why we are this popular among students!

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Simulation Modeling with Simio by Joines, Jeffrey Allen, Robe... ISBN: 9781938207761 List Price: $39.95
Parallel Computer Organization and Design by Dubois, Michel, Annavaram, ... ISBN: 9780521886758 List Price: $95.00
Guide and Workbook for Understanding XBRL by White, Clinton ISBN: 9780984914340
Mike Meyers CompTIA a+ Certification Video Training Study Guide by Total Seminars ISBN: 9780988692701 List Price: $24.99
MATLAB and Simulink Student Version R2013a by The MathWorks ISBN: 9780982583883 List Price: $99.00
Engineering Design and Creo Parametric by Zhang, Guangming ISBN: 9781935673057 List Price: $80.00
Handbook for Beginning Programmers : With Examples in JavaScript by Barzee, Rex A. ISBN: 9780983384069 List Price: $21.00
Get Smart with QuickBooks 2012 - Student by Tlr, Tlr ISBN: 9780983108863 List Price: $85.00
Practical Photoshop CS5 Level 2 by Heiman, Barbara ISBN: 9780982293102 List Price: $50.00
Applied Simulation by Beaverstock, Malcolm, Nordg... ISBN: 9780983231929
ECS 30, a Comprehensive Guide by Kandah, Ruby, Kandah, Ruby,... ISBN: 9780985811303
Basics of Electrical Drives by Pillai, S. K. ISBN: 9781781830116 List Price: $50.00
Narc 2013 : Nirmala Annual Research Congress by T.K. Hemalatha ISBN: 9780989425438
Practical Photoshop CS5, Level 2 by Heiman, Barbara ISBN: 9780982293195
E-Learning Success : From Courses to Careers by Nash, Susan Smith, Nash, Su... ISBN: 9780985008109
Digital Age Teaching Skills : 4th Edition by Wyzard, Constance, Haskell,... ISBN: 9780975872376
Communicating with QuarkXPress : Integrating Principles of Design and Techniques of Layout by Cuddy, Claudia, Cuddy, Claudia ISBN: 9780978581848 List Price: $49.95
3D Modeling and Animation with Autodesk Maya - Course II by Kirkpatrick, Bruce ISBN: 9781614140221 List Price: $26.95
Computer Science Applications by Smith, Joslyn A., Smith, Jo... ISBN: 9781621312567
Scientific Approach to Problem Solving by Washah, Sal, Washah, Sal ISBN: 9781621312796
Scientific Approach to Problem Solving by Washah, Sal, Washah, Sal ISBN: 9781621312789
Design and in Design (Step-By-Step Instructions) by Farrand, Scott ISBN: 9781621314516
Exploring the Digital Nation : Computer and Internet Use at Home by Blank, Rebeca M. ISBN: 9781437962291 List Price: $25.00
Information Security : Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Has Made Progress, but F... by Wilshusen, Gregory C. ISBN: 9781437960648 List Price: $20.00
Information Security : Weaknesses Continue amid New Federal Efforts to Implement Requirements by Wilshusen, Gregory C. ISBN: 9781437957976 List Price: $25.00
Creating a National Framework for Cybersecurity : An Analysis of Issues and Options by Fischer, Eric A. ISBN: 9781437956221 List Price: $25.00
Issues and Challenges for Federal Geospatial Information by Folger, Peter ISBN: 9781437986945 List Price: $20.00
Management Advisory Report on Cybersecurity in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by Edwards, Charles K. ISBN: 9781457832635 List Price: $25.00
Mobile Payments : A Reprint from the Economic Review : What's in It for Consumers? by Hayashi, Fumiko ISBN: 9781457831751 List Price: $20.00
Cybersecurity : Authoritative Reports and Resources by Tehan, Rita ISBN: 9781457831874 List Price: $25.00
Cybersecurity : Challenges in Securing the Modernized Electricity Grid: Congressional Testimony by Wilshusen, Gregory C., Trim... ISBN: 9781457829253 List Price: $20.00
Cybersecurity : Selected Legal Issues by Liu, Edward C. ISBN: 9781457830280 List Price: $20.00
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