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Computing text books tend to be pretty expensive most of the time. They're incredibly detailed and can be very large too in some cases. This means you can always add a hefty price tag to them - unless of course you come to Valore Books looking for pre-owned copies at massively discounted prices. Buy cheap document management textbooks today and discover how to manage your own document collection. Look out for examples such as Adobe CS6 Suite; Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0; Learning to Classify Text Using Support Vector Machines: Methods, Theory and Algorithms; and Document Processing and Retrieval. With these and lots of other potential bargains on offer every single day, finding the best deals on affordable textbooks for college has never been easier. Buy used document management textbooks today and remember you can also rent them if you want to. Try our website now and secure the deals you want.

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Adobe CS6 Suite by Shelly, Gary B., Starks, Jo... ISBN: 9781133961819
Electronic Texts in the Humanities Principles and Practice by Hockey, Susan ISBN: 9780198711957 List Price: $60.00
Adobe Acrobat 5 Pdf for Dummies e-Book - Apdf by Harvey ISBN: 9780764518089 List Price: $21.99
Principles of Transaction Processing by Bernstein, Philip A., Newco... ISBN: 9781558604155 List Price: $75.95
Adobe Acrobat in One Hour for Lawyers by Ernie Svenson ISBN: 9781627222167 List Price: $49.95
Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 by Cozzola, Mary-Terese ISBN: 9781418860172 List Price: $30.95
Document Processing and Retrieval Texpros by Liu, Oianhong, Ng, Peter A. ISBN: 9780792396444 List Price: $185.00
GNU EMACS Manual: Version 18 by Stallman, Richard M. ISBN: 9781882114016 List Price: $20.00
Text Retrieval and Filtering Analytic Models of Performance by Losee, Robert M. ISBN: 9780792381778 List Price: $195.00
Cognitive Aspects of Electronic Text Processing (Advances in Discourse Processes) by Herre van Oostendorp ISBN: 9781567502367 List Price: $55.00
Tutorial Computer Text Recognition and Error Correction by Srihari, Sargur N. ISBN: 9780818605796 List Price: $36.00
Text Generation Using Discourse Strategies and Focus Constraints to Generate Natural Languag... by McKeown, Kathleen R., Bird,... ISBN: 9780521438025 List Price: $48.00
Full Text Databases by Tenopir, Carol, Ro, Jung Soon ISBN: 9780313263033 List Price: $87.95
Electronic Texts in the Humanities Principles and Practice by Hockey, Susan ISBN: 9780198711940 List Price: $150.00
The Web Collection: Adobe Photoshop 7.0, LiveMotion 2.0, and GoLive 6.0-Design Professional ... by David W. Beskeen, Christine... ISBN: 9780619110123 List Price: $129.95
Creating Adobe Acrobat Forms-apdf by Padova ISBN: 9780764518188 List Price: $39.99
Teach Yourself Visually Acrobat 5 Pdf-apdf by Padova ISBN: 9780764517525 List Price: $29.99
GNU Emacs Manual : Version 18 by Stallman, Richard M. ISBN: 9781882114009 List Price: $20.00
Craft of Text Editing : Emacs for the Modern World by Finseth, Craig A. ISBN: 9781461278276 List Price: $99.00
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