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Computer Vision A Modern Approach by Forsyth, David A., Ponce, Jean ISBN: 9780130851987 List Price: $140.00
Computer Vision: A Modern Approach (2nd Edition) by Forsyth, David A., Ponce, Jean ISBN: 9780136085928 List Price: $140.00
Computer Vision by Stockman, George, Shapiro, ... ISBN: 9780130307965 List Price: $145.00
Matlab Introduction to Pattern Recognition by Theodoridis, Sergios, Koutr... ISBN: 9780123744869 List Price: $39.95
Three-Dimensional Machine Vision by Kanade, Takeo ISBN: 9780898381887 List Price: $375.00
Pattern Recognition Principles - Julius T. Tou - Hardcover by Tou, Julius T., Gonzales, R... ISBN: 9780201075878 List Price: $95.00
Introductory Techniques for 3-D Computer Vision by Trucco, Emanuele, Verri, Al... ISBN: 9780132611084 List Price: $131.00
Computer and Robot Vision by Haralick, Robert M., Shapir... ISBN: 9780201569438 List Price: $104.60
Geometric Computation for Machine Vision by Kanatani, Kenichi ISBN: 9780198563853 List Price: $275.00
Bayesian Modeling of Uncertainty in Low-Level Vision by Szeliski, Richard ISBN: 9780792390398 List Price: $175.00
Scale-Space Theory in Computer Vision by Lindeberg, Tony ISBN: 9780792394181 List Price: $499.00
Scale-Space Theory in Computer Vision by Lindeberg, Tony ISBN: 9780792326366 List Price: $130.00
Pattern Recognition and Matlab Intro by Theodoridis, Sergios, Koutr... ISBN: 9780123744913 List Price: $120.00
Machine Vision by Jain, Ramesh C., Kasturi, R... ISBN: 9780070320185 List Price: $133.75
Introduction to Pattern Recognition Statistical, Structural, Neural and Fuzzy Logic Approaches by Friedman, Menahem, Kandel, ... ISBN: 9789810233129 List Price: $54.00
Physics Based Vision Principles and Practice Shape Recovery by Wolff, Lawrence B., Shafer,... ISBN: 9780867202960 List Price: $86.00
Physics Based Vision Principles and Practice Radiometry by Wolff, Lawrence B., Shafer,... ISBN: 9780867202946 List Price: $86.00
Computer Vision Eccv 90 1st European Conference on Computer Vision Antibes France April 90 ... by Faugeras, D., Goos, G., Har... ISBN: 9780387525228 List Price: $79.95
Pattern Recognition+image Anal.-w/3dsk by Gose, Earl, Jost, Steve, Jo... ISBN: 9780132364157 List Price: $76.00
Optical Pattern Recognition by Kumar, B. ISBN: 9780130999122 List Price: $42.01
Algebraic Methods in Pattern Recognition : Proceedings of the CISM, Department of Automation... by CISM Staff, Kulikowsky, J. ISBN: 9780387811284 List Price: $12.40
Introduction to the Design of Pattern Recognition Devices : Proceedings of the CISM, Departm... by CISM Staff, Becker, P. W. ISBN: 9780387811536 List Price: $44.95
Physical Approach to Color Image Understanding by Klinker, Gudrun J. ISBN: 9781568810133 List Price: $49.00
Pattern Recognition Architectures, Algorithms and Applications by Plamondon, R. ISBN: 9789810206048 List Price: $141.00
Robot Vision International Workshop Rob Vis 2001, Auckland, New Zealand, February 16-18, 200... by Klette, Reinhard, Peleg, Sh... ISBN: 9783540416944 List Price: $57.95
Theoretical Aspects of Neurocomputing by Novak, M., Pelikan, E. ISBN: 9789810205492 List Price: $118.00
Vision Structure and Function by Chow, K. L., Mao, W. ISBN: 9789971503659 List Price: $108.00
Visual Programming With Hp-Vee by Helsel, Robert ISBN: 9780135335482 List Price: $51.00
Structural Methods in Pattern Recognition by Miclet, Laurent ISBN: 9780387912776 List Price: $59.95
Machine Vision Activity in Europe: Report by West, Jim, West, Perry, Zeu... ISBN: 9780872632677 List Price: $32.00
Guided Tour of Computer Vision - Vishvjit S. S. Nalwa - Hardcover by Nalwa, Vishvjit S. ISBN: 9780201548532 List Price: $41.95
Pattern Recognition Techniques by Ullmann, J. R. ISBN: 9780844801735 List Price: $29.50
Syntactic and Structural Pattern Recognition by Ferrate, Gabriel, Pavlidis,... ISBN: 9780387192093 List Price: $138.00
Bmvc92: Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference, 22-24 September, Leeds by Hogg, David, Boyle, Roger ISBN: 9780387197777 List Price: $91.00
Computer+robot Vision,v.i by Haralock, Robert M., Shapir... ISBN: 9780201108774 List Price: $95.00
Colour Vision Deficiencies Matching And Confusion Of Computer Colours by Derefeldt, Gunilla, Hedin, ... ISBN: 9780788121760 List Price: $30.00
Machine Vision A Practical Technology for Advanced Image Processing by Ejiri, M. ISBN: 9782881243530 List Price: $166.00
Machine Vision and Digital Image Processing Fundamentals by Galbiati, Louis ISBN: 9780135420447 List Price: $71.00
Machine Vision Sourcebook by Braggins, D., Hollinghum, J. ISBN: 9780387163550 List Price: $205.95
Issues on Machine Vision by Pieroni, G. G. ISBN: 9780387821481 List Price: $99.00
Optical Recognition of Chinese Characters by Suchenwirth, Richard ISBN: 9783528063399 List Price: $38.00
Analyzing Video Sequences of Multiple Humans Tracking, Posture Estimation and Behavior Recog... by Ohya, Jun, Utsumi, Akira, Y... ISBN: 9781402070211 List Price: $194.00
Computer Vision, Models and Inspection by Marshall, A. D., Martin, R. R. ISBN: 9789810207724 List Price: $71.00
Advances in Machine Vision by Sanz, Jorge L. ISBN: 9780387968223 List Price: $185.00
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