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You are obviously fairly computer literate already as you have managed to get online and read this page just fine. Not only have you got online, but you have also found your way to the site for the cheapest computer literacy textbooks available! Whether you are a complete beginner and need help turning your computer on, or are already a pro but just want to brush up on a few minor areas, buy or rent our cheap computer literacy textbooks to get all the information you need. In fact by far the largest group of people requesting computer literacy textbooks are those with adequate computer skills. People who have reached a level which allows them to do most of what they want to do on computers, but they need help obtaining the skills to go that final step to become proficient. We have just the textbooks that you need for that, and at very reasonable prices. When you have finished with the books you can take advantage of our buyback service.

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Handbook of Research on New Literacies by Leu, Donald J., Coiro, Juli... ISBN: 9780805856521 List Price: $104.95
Professional Writing Online by Porter, James, Sullivan, Pa... ISBN: 9780205652129 List Price: $44.00
Computer Literacy For IC3 by Preston, John, Preston, Sal... ISBN: 9780131498648 List Price: $102.00
Practical Computer Literacy by Oja, Dan, Parsons, June Jam... ISBN: 9780619213893 List Price: $84.95
Internet Literacy by Hofstetter, Fred T. ISBN: 9780073214542
Using Computers (bf411x) by Shelly, Gary B., Cashman, T... ISBN: 9780877094111 List Price: $44.65
Run: Computer Education - Dennis O. Harper by Harper, Dennis O., Stewart,... ISBN: 9780534054069 List Price: $21.95
Learn PC Computer Literacy - Learn-PC Staff - Paperback by Learn-PC Staff ISBN: 9780131595750 List Price: $19.20
Computer Literacy for Health Care Professionals by Sandra Anderson ISBN: 9780827341715 List Price: $122.95
Literacy in a Multimedia Age by Adams, Dennis, Hamm, Mary ISBN: 9781929024315 List Price: $9.95
Computer Literacy for IC3 - 2007 Edition by Preston, John, Preston, Sal... ISBN: 9780135017098 List Price: $58.33
Computer Literacy for IC3 2007 Unit 3 by Ferrett, Robert, Preston, J... ISBN: 9780135064993 List Price: $55.33
Computer Literacy Basics A Comprehensive Guide to IC3 by Bergerud, Marly, Busche, Do... ISBN: 9780619243821 List Price: $74.95
Computer Concepts by June Parsons ISBN: 9780760054888 List Price: $15.95
Computers in Education by Merrill, Paul F., Christens... ISBN: 9780205185177 List Price: $97.00
Computer Literacy for IC3 Unit 2: Using Productivity Software by Ferrett, Robert L., Preston... ISBN: 9780132861076 List Price: $58.33
Computer Literacy for IC3 - 2007 by Preston, John, Preston, Sal... ISBN: 9780135038529 List Price: $99.00
Multimedia Literacy, 3rd Ed. by Hofstetter, Fred T., Fox, P... ISBN: 9780072384406 List Price: $101.40
Computer Literacy for IC3 2007 Unit 2 by Ferrett, Robert, Preston, J... ISBN: 9780135064979 List Price: $55.33
Computer Literacy for IC3 Update for Windows 7 by Ferrett, Robert L., Preston... ISBN: 9780132873970
Emerge with Computers Version 2. 0 Printed Access Card by Baldauf, Kenneth ISBN: 9781111667658
Practical Introduction to Denotational Semantics by Allison, L ISBN: 9780521314237 List Price: $35.99
Computers: Concepts, Implications and Applications by Erickson, Fritz J., Vonk, J... ISBN: 9780697239501 List Price: $47.12
Dozer's Quintessential Guide to Computer Literacy by Steve Pannell ISBN: 9780974400860
Interactive Study Guide to Practical Computer Literacy by Parson, June Jamrich, Oja, Dan ISBN: 9780538797962 List Price: $22.95
Computer Literacy for Musicians by Hofstetter, Fred T. ISBN: 9780131644779 List Price: $76.00
Pursuing Digital Literacy in Compulsory Education by Stergioulas, Lampros, Dreno... ISBN: 9781433106187 List Price: $35.95
Practical Computer Literacy & Interactive Study Guide 2 CD Set (June Parsons Author) by Parsons, June Jamrich, Oja,... ISBN: 9780538453271 List Price: $84.95
Computers F/people by Rochester, Jack B., Rochest... ISBN: 9780256107777 List Price: $39.25
Dozer's Quintessential Guide to Computer Literacy, 15th Edition by Pannell, Steve ISBN: 9780974400877 List Price: $13.75
Computer Addiction: Study of Computer Dependency by Shotton, Margaret ISBN: 9780850667950 List Price: $95.00
Computer Literacy by Kershner, Helene ISBN: 9780669279986 List Price: $42.76
Nature of Computation: An Introduction to Computer Science (Computer Software Engineering Se... by Pohl, Ira, Shaw, Alan ISBN: 9780716780250 List Price: $34.95
Cengage-Hosted Emerge with Computer Concepts 4.0 Printed Access Card by Kenneth Baldauf ISBN: 9781285090375 List Price: $81.95
Computers:concepts+implications by Erickson, Fritz J., Vonk, J... ISBN: 9780697239457 List Price: $24.95
Computer Confidence by Clark, J. ISBN: 9780538100113
Fourth Annual MicroComputers in Education Conference: Literacy Plus by Camuse, Ruth A. ISBN: 9780881750775 List Price: $35.00
Learn PC Computer Literacy by Learn-PC Staff ISBN: 9780130108449 List Price: $25.60
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