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In your effort to become the next Bill Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffet or Vera Wang, you'll have to get basic and not-so-basic business principles down pat. No matter how difficult the path to success may seem, knowing the basics can make you a millionaire. Business 101 states that in order go far you must save money, and know that time is money! By buying your business textbooks from our team, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars with used textbooks. We'd bet our bottom dollar on the fact that Apple's Steve Jobs would tell you first hand that it is silly to buy brand new books from your overpriced college bookstore, when you could pad your pocket with dough by finding the cheapest textbooks on the market. Our business textbooks are of the best quality, even if you select cheap used textbooks. And finally, Jobs would laugh if he saw you standing in those long, Disneyland ride length bookstore lines when you could have less expensive books delivered right to your door. We invite you to search our extensive list of Business Textbooks! Don't forget to match the exact ISBN number (found in your course syllabus), to assure that you show up to class with the right version.

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Retail Management : A Strategic Approach by Berman, Barry R., Evans, Jo... ISBN: 9780132720823
Macroeconomics (6th Edition) by Olivier Blanchard, David R.... ISBN: 9780133061635 List Price: $245.20
Financial & Managerial Accounting by Williams, Jan R., Bettner, ... ISBN: 9780078111044
Marketing Management (4th Edition) by Winer, Winer, Russ, Dhar, Ravi ISBN: 9780136074892 List Price: $202.67
Quantitative Analysis for Management by Render, Barry E., Stair, Ra... ISBN: 9780132149112
The Labor Relations Process by William H. Holley, Kenneth ... ISBN: 9780538481984 List Price: $323.95
Managing Change by Jick, Todd D., Peiperl, Maury ISBN: 9780073102740
Retailing Management by Levy, Michael, Weitz, Barto... ISBN: 9780073530024 List Price: $231.20
Supply Chain Management: A Logistics Perspective by John J. Coyle, C. John Lang... ISBN: 9780538479196 List Price: $240.95
Strategic Human Resource Management by Mello, Jeffrey A. ISBN: 9780324789621 List Price: $214.95
Understanding Business with Connect Plus by William Nickels, James McHu... ISBN: 9780077630737
Managerial Accounting by Hilton, Ronald W. ISBN: 9780078110917 List Price: $261.85
Consumer Behavior (10th Edition) by Leon Schiffman, Leslie Kanuk ISBN: 9780135053010 List Price: $227.80
Human Resource Management Applications by Nkomo, Stella M., Fottler, ... ISBN: 9780538468077
Microeconomics by Mcconnell, Campbell R., Bru... ISBN: 9780077337735
Applied Corporate Finance by Damodaran, Aswath ISBN: 9780470384640 List Price: $143.95
Behavior in Organizations by Greenberg, Jerald, Baron, R... ISBN: 9780136090199 List Price: $196.00
Managing Business Ethics by Linda K. Trevino, Katherine... ISBN: 9780470343944
Advanced Accounting by Fischer, Paul M., Taylor, W... ISBN: 9780538480284 List Price: $246.95
Microeconomics by Besanko, David, Braeutigam,... ISBN: 9780470563588 List Price: $194.95
Contemporary Direct and Interactive Marketing by Spiller, Lisa, Baier, Martin ISBN: 9780136086109 List Price: $132.33
Finance: Applications and Theory by Cornett, Marcia Millon, Ada... ISBN: 9780073382258 List Price: $172.81
Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion by O'Guinn, Thomas, Allen, Chr... ISBN: 9780538473323 List Price: $231.95
Brief Principles of Macroeconomics by Mankiw, N. Gregory ISBN: 9780538453073 List Price: $165.95
Framework for Marketing Management by Kotler, Philip, Keller, Kev... ISBN: 9780132539302
Marketing Management by Greg Marshall, Mark Johnston ISBN: 9780078028861
Management Accounting by Kaplan, Robert S., Atkinson... ISBN: 9780137024971
Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions by Miller, G. Tyler, Spoolman,... ISBN: 9780538735346 List Price: $180.95
Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies by Goeldner, Charles R., Ritch... ISBN: 9781118071779 List Price: $96.95
Introduction to Materials Management (7th Edition) by Arnold, J. R. Tony, Chapman... ISBN: 9780131376700 List Price: $137.40
Macroeconomics: Principles and Policy by William J. Baumol, Alan S. ... ISBN: 9780538453653 List Price: $260.95
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