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It can be fascinating to find out why various women go into business and how they succeed in their chosen paths. Buy used women in business textbooks now and discover a whole area of business and economics that you may not have learned about before. Watch for titles including Working Women in America: Split Dreams; Working Women: Stories of Strife, Struggle and Survival; Workplace/Women's Place: An Anthology; and Women and Trade Unions in Eleven Industrialized Countries. With these and many other affordable titles available here as well, it becomes easier than ever to make sure you can enjoy discounted prices on the books you buy. If you are an economics student at college or you want to read for your own convenience, you can buy cheap women in business textbooks from our vast collection of pre-owned books now. Find the titles you want and buy today to secure the cheapest deals.

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Working Women : A Chartbook by Unknown ISBN: 9781568061689 List Price: $15.00
Women Business Owners : Selling to the Federal Government by Unknown ISBN: 9781568061924 List Price: $20.00
Directory of Non Traditional Training and Employment Programs Serving Women by Unknown ISBN: 9781568069371 List Price: $35.00
Women Entrepeneurs in Rwanda : Christine's Banana Wine (Coproviba) by Musonera, Etienne ISBN: 9781616745219 List Price: $20.00
Women and Careers : Success and Orientations by Poole, Millicent E., Langan... ISBN: 9781850008507
Women and Careers : Success and Orientations by Poole, Millicent E., Langan... ISBN: 9781850008491
Fit Work for Women by Burman, Sandra ISBN: 9780415624183
Women and Work in Pre-industrial England by Charles, Lindsey, Duffin, L... ISBN: 9780415623018
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