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Economic statistics is the collection, processing, dissemination, and analysis of economic data. We have an extensive range of cheap statistics textbooks to buy or rent to help you understand the subject and aid you with your college studies. Studying statistics will provide you with a wealth of job opportunities when you graduate. It is a very practical discipline, concerned about real problems in the real world. So graduates with a knowledge of statistics are always in demand. If you have a reading list from your college tutor just enter the ISBN numbers to find the exact books that you need, or if you would rather you can just browse through our collection. All of our new and used textbooks are in great condition. The statistics textbooks available through our website are the same textbooks you will find at your campus bookstore, but we sell them for a fraction of the price that they charge. We appreciate that money can be very tight for students so we keep our textbooks costs as low as possible.

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Lesikar's Business Communication: Connecting in a Digital World by Lesikar, Raymond V., Flatle... ISBN: 9780073377797 List Price: $213.45
Statistics for Managers using MS Excel (6th Edition) (MyStatLab Series) by Levine, David M., Berenson,... ISBN: 9780137035199 List Price: $193.33
Essentials of Econometrics by Gujarati, Damodar, Gujarati... ISBN: 9780073375847 List Price: $157.19
Modern Business Statistics (with Microsoft Excel and Student CD-ROM) by Anderson, David R., Sweeney... ISBN: 9780324598278 List Price: $210.95
Essential Statistics in Business and Economics + Student Cd-rom by Doane, David P., Seward, Lo... ISBN: 9780073346939 List Price: $164.06
Essentials of Business Statistics with Connect Plus by Bowerman, Bruce, O'Connell,... ISBN: 9780077505028
Essential Statistics in Business and Economics with Student CD (Mcgraw-Hill/Irwin Series Ope... by Doane, David P., Seward, Lo... ISBN: 9780077312367 List Price: $59.99
Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics by Lind, Douglas A., Marchal, ... ISBN: 9780077309428 List Price: $192.50
Business Statistics: A First Course by Levine, David M., Krehbiel,... ISBN: 9780136065807 List Price: $183.33
Loose-Leaf for Business Statistics by Jaggia, Sanjiv, Kelly, Alison ISBN: 9780077501372
Business Statistics by Stine, Robert, Foster, Dean ISBN: 9780321123916 List Price: $180.00
Business Statistics by Sharpe, Norean D., DeVeaux,... ISBN: 9780321771933 List Price: $190.00
Everyday Guide To Economic Statistics by Clayton, Gary E., Giesbrech... ISBN: 9780072873290
Essentials of Business Statistics by Bowerman, Bruce L., O'Conne... ISBN: 9780072869248 List Price: $136.70
Business Statistics Contemporary Decision Making by Black, Ken ISBN: 9780471789567 List Price: $201.95
Statistics for Business and Economics by Newbold, Paul, Carlson, Wil... ISBN: 9780136085362 List Price: $196.67
Student's Solutions Manual for Statistics for Business: Decision Making and Analysis by Stine, Robert, Deaton, Mich... ISBN: 9780321286147 List Price: $36.67
Schaum's Outline of Business Statistics, Fourth Edition by Kazmier, Leonard ISBN: 9780071635271 List Price: $18.95
Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics with Student CD by Douglas Lind, William March... ISBN: 9780073272962
(Stand Alone for 1 Semester) by ALEKS Corporation ISBN: 9780072857757 List Price: $80.60
Concise Managerial Statistics with Infotrac by Kvanli, Alan H., Pavur, Rob... ISBN: 9780324223880 List Price: $191.95
Student Solutions Manual for Business Statistics : A First Course by Levine, David M., Krehbiel,... ISBN: 9780132807326
Business Statistics by Example by Sincich, Terry L. ISBN: 9780024104410 List Price: $73.33
Introduction to Business Statistics by Weiers, Ronald M., Gray, J.... ISBN: 9780324381436 List Price: $231.95
Course In Business Statistics Business Statistics by Shannon, Patrick W., Fry, P... ISBN: 9780131536876 List Price: $114.40
An Introduction to Decision Theory by Peterson, Martin ISBN: 9780521716543 List Price: $27.99
Business Statistic Decision Making by Groebner, David F., Shannon... ISBN: 9780132416924 List Price: $186.67
Asymptotic Methods in Statistical Decision Theory by Le Cam, Lucien M. ISBN: 9780387963075 List Price: $206.00
Basic Business Statistics A Casebook by Foster, Dean P., Stine, Rob... ISBN: 9780387983547 List Price: $69.95
Business Statistics in Practice by Bowerman, Bruce L. ISBN: 9780072943160
Modern Industrial Statistics Design and Control of Quality and Reliability by Kenett, Ron, Zacks, Shelemyahu ISBN: 9780534353704 List Price: $223.95
Business Statistics: An Introductory Course by Black, Ken, Leyh ISBN: 9780314922199 List Price: $53.00
Practical Business Statistics With Statpad/Book and Disk by Siegel, Andrew F. ISBN: 9780256073133 List Price: $61.95
Statistical Thinking Improving Business Performance by Hoerl, Roger, Snee, Ronald ISBN: 9780534381585 List Price: $186.95
Basic Statistical Ideas For Managers by Ott, R. Lyman, Gray, J. Bri... ISBN: 9780534378059 List Price: $221.95
Business Statistics in Practice with Connect Plus by Bowerman, Bruce, O'Connell,... ISBN: 9780077398217
Learning Business Statistics With Microsoft Excel 2000 by Neufeld, John ISBN: 9780130308788 List Price: $55.00
Course in Business Statistics by Groebner, David F., Shannon... ISBN: 9780130936578 List Price: $120.00
Loose-leaf Version Basic Statistics for Business & Economics by Lind, Douglas, Marchal, Wil... ISBN: 9780077404703 List Price: $92.00
Statistics for Business and Economics Microsoft Excel Enhanced by Kohler, Heinz ISBN: 9780030339813 List Price: $214.95
Student Solutions Manual for Business Statistics by Sharpe, Norean, De Veaux, R... ISBN: 9780321689405 List Price: $36.67
Looseleaf Version Essentials of Business Statistics 4e by Bowerman, Bruce, O'Connell,... ISBN: 9780077480783
Microsoft Excel Companion For Business Statistics by Eldredge, David L. ISBN: 9780324225532 List Price: $72.95
Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Statistics for Business Data Analysis and Modeling by Cryer, Jonathan D., Miller,... ISBN: 9780534203917 List Price: $29.95
Business Statistics, Student Value Edition by Donnelly, Robert A. ISBN: 9780132855501 List Price: $167.53
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