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California Real Estate Principles by McKenzie, Dennis J., Brady,... ISBN: 9780538739658 List Price: $57.95
Real Estate Principles by Charles J. Jacobus ISBN: 9780324787498 List Price: $137.95
Urban Economics and Real Estate: Theory and Policy by McDonald, John F., McMillen... ISBN: 9780470591482 List Price: $104.95
California Real Estate Law: Text & Cases by Gordon, Theodore H. ISBN: 9780538736138 List Price: $73.95
Real Estate Finance: Theory & Practice by Terrence M. Clauretie, G. S... ISBN: 9780324784756 List Price: $181.95
Practical Real Estate Law by Hinkel, Daniel F. ISBN: 9781439057209
Urban Economics and Real Estate Markets by Wheaton, William, DiPasqual... ISBN: 9780132252447 List Price: $86.67
Essentials of Real Estate Economics by McKenzie, Dennis J., Betts,... ISBN: 9780538739696 List Price: $54.95
California Real Estate Practice by Herd, Robert L., Southstone... ISBN: 9780538740555 List Price: $50.95
California Real Estate Finance by Bond, Robert J., Fesler, Jo... ISBN: 9780538798327 List Price: $71.95
Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices, And Law by Irlander, Sam ISBN: 9780324641134 List Price: $45.95
Real Estate Finance by Wiedemer, John P. ISBN: 9780324181425 List Price: $33.95
Property Management by Walt Huber, Educational Tex... ISBN: 9780916772826 List Price: $103.95
Urban Planning and Real Estate Development (Natural and Built Environment Series) by John Ratcliffe, Michael Stu... ISBN: 9780415450775 List Price: $180.00
Arizona Principles of Real Estate by Eastlick, Harry, Casler, Ca... ISBN: 9780324539226 List Price: $58.95
Property Development by Sara Wilkinson, Richard Reed ISBN: 9780415430623 List Price: $185.00
Real Estate Finance and Investments by William Brueggeman, Jeffrey... ISBN: 9780073524719
Real Estate Principles for the New Economy by Miller, Norman G., Geltner,... ISBN: 9780324187403 List Price: $138.95
Real Estate by Larsen, James E., Howell-Ca... ISBN: 9780470038000 List Price: $71.95
Effective Real Estate Sales and Marketing by Rosenauer, Johnnie, Mayfiel... ISBN: 9780324222890 List Price: $40.95
Real Estate Finance Theory and Practice by Sirmans, G. Stacy, Claureti... ISBN: 9780324305500 List Price: $141.95
California Real Estate Principles by McKenzie, Dennis J., Anders... ISBN: 9780324378337 List Price: $57.95
Core Concepts of Real Estate Principles and Practices by Larsen, James E. ISBN: 9780471465454 List Price: $86.95
National Residential Mortgage Loan Originator by Professional Exam Review ISBN: 9781111988401 List Price: $54.95
Real estate: Analysis and strategy by Gary W Eldred ISBN: 9780060418939
California Real Estate License Preparation by Pivar, Corinne E. ISBN: 9780135786260 List Price: $57.00
Real Estate Principles A Value Approach by Ling, David C., Archer, Way... ISBN: 9780073046211 List Price: $150.63
Residential Mortgage Lending Principles and Practices by Dennis, Marshall W., Pinkow... ISBN: 9780324187182 List Price: $96.95
New York Real Estate for Salepersons and Brokers by Spada, Marcia Darvin ISBN: 9780324659078 List Price: $50.95
Real Estate Law by Jennings, Marianne M. ISBN: 9780324650204 List Price: $198.95
California Real Estate Finance by Bond, Robert J., McKenzie, ... ISBN: 9780324378344 List Price: $68.95
California Real Estate Principles Ninth Edition by Lars Price Sherry Shindler;... ISBN: 9780934772327
Basic Real Estate Appraisal by Betts, Richard M., Ely, Sil... ISBN: 9780324201468 List Price: $54.95
Texas Real Estate Brokerage and Law of Agency by Jacobus, Charles J., Stephe... ISBN: 9780324592504 List Price: $28.95
Real Estate Finance Theory and Practice by Clauretie, Terrence M., Sir... ISBN: 9780324143775 List Price: $116.95
Law of Condominium and Property Owners' Associations by Freedman, Warren, Alter, Jo... ISBN: 9780899306544 List Price: $86.95
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