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Quality control is a set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product or service complies with a defined set of quality criteria or the requirements of a customer. It is a growing area of study as the expectations of today's population are at an all time high, and are set to rise even higher. You will have no need to put your quality control skills into place when you order your affordable textbooks from us. All of our new and used textbooks are in great condition so we have no doubt that your high expectations will be met, and even surpassed when you receive your discounted quality control textbooks. Not only are our products great but so is our service. We deliver your textbooks straight to your door so you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home. The quality of service doesn't get much better than that! When you finish your studies you can sell your quality control textbooks back to us.

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Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence (with Student Web) by Evans, James R., Lindsay, W... ISBN: 9780324783209 List Price: $210.95
Quality Control by Besterfield, Dale H. ISBN: 9780135000953 List Price: $148.80
Process Quality by (Center for the Advancement... ISBN: 9780137004096 List Price: $86.67
Lean Six Sigma by Summers, Donna C. ISBN: 9780135125106
Iso 14000 Environmental Management by Goetsch, David L., Davis, S... ISBN: 9780130812360 List Price: $78.00
Managing Quality by Foster, Thomas ISBN: 9780136088509 List Price: $173.33
Production and Operations Management by Starr, Martin ISBN: 9781426630576 List Price: $154.95
Managing for Quality in the Hospitality Industry by King, John H., Cichy, Ronal... ISBN: 9780130945891 List Price: $84.60
Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence (Book Only) by James R. Evans, William M. ... ISBN: 9780324783223 List Price: $342.95
Quality Management by Gitlow, Howard S. ISBN: 9780073662633 List Price: $157.75
Operations Management by Taylor, Bernard W., Russell... ISBN: 9780470308080 List Price: $140.95
Fundamentals of Quality Control And Improvement by Mitra, Amitava ISBN: 9780759351721 List Price: $196.95
Management and Control of Quality with Infotrac by Evans, James R., Lindsay, W... ISBN: 9780324202236 List Price: $229.95
Understanding and Implementing Iso 9000 2000 by Goetsch, David L., Davis, S... ISBN: 9780130411068 List Price: $63.20
Quality Control by Besterfield, Dale H. ISBN: 9780131131279 List Price: $126.20
Robust Engineering by Chowdhury, Subir, Taguchi, ... ISBN: 9780071347822 List Price: $54.95
Quality, Warranty and Preventive Maintenance by Sahin, Izzet, Polatoglu, Hakan ISBN: 9780792382928 List Price: $217.00
Quality by Summers, Donna C. ISBN: 9780130419644 List Price: $117.40
Quality Management Review by Dowd, Steven B., Carlton, R... ISBN: 9780766812581 List Price: $39.95
Quality Management in the Imaging Sciences by Papp, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780323035675 List Price: $59.95
Statistical Quality Design and Control Contemporary Concepts and Methods by Devor, R. E., Devor, Richar... ISBN: 9780023291807 List Price: $131.00
Quality: A Critical Introduction, Third Edition by Beckford, John ISBN: 9780415996341 List Price: $150.00
Statistical Quality Control by Grant, Eugene L., Leavenwor... ISBN: 9780078443541 List Price: $214.45
Quality Concepts for the Process Industry by Speegle, Michael, Shah, G. C. ISBN: 9781930528161 List Price: $76.95
Operations Management by Russell, Roberta (Robin), T... ISBN: 9780471692096 List Price: $197.95
Statistical Quality Control Strategies and Tools for Continual Improvement by Ledolter, Johannes, Burrill... ISBN: 9780471183785 List Price: $161.95
Quality Control by Besterfield, Dale H. ISBN: 9780130256683 List Price: $105.00
Information Visualization Perception for Design by Ware, Colin ISBN: 9781558608191 List Price: $81.95
Out of the Crisis by Deming, W. Edwards ISBN: 9780911379013 List Price: $29.50
Six Sigma Quality for Business & Manufacture by Gordon, Joseph ISBN: 9780444510471 List Price: $285.00
Achieving Quality Through Continual Improvement by Burrill, Claude W., Ledolte... ISBN: 9780471092209 List Price: $179.95
Service Quality Research Perspectives by White, Susan S., Schneider,... ISBN: 9780761921479 List Price: $56.95
The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education by W. Edwards Deming, Wwilliam... ISBN: 9780911379075 List Price: $19.50
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