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Public relations is a challenging career and it's not for everyone. But if you are embarking on a college course that will propel you into this area, you'll want to get started by learning as much as you can about the topic. Buy cheap public relations textbooks from Valore Books today to make big savings on every title you buy. We operate a two price system - one price for buying and another for renting. Check the deals on our affordable public relations text books today and find out how much cash you could save. Discover the secrets of how this career is practised. Look at the realities of the career and find out how it relates to advertising. We've got hundreds of titles that all college students look for when buying affordable public relations titles to help their coursework. Don't go elsewhere - use our textbook marketplace now, like so many other students have already.

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Marketing Public Relations by Giannini, Gaetan T. ISBN: 9780136082996 List Price: $99.00
Advertising and Public Relations Research by Jugenheimer, Donald W., Bra... ISBN: 9780765624185 List Price: $79.95
Practice of Public Relations, The (11th Edition) by Seitel, Fraser P. ISBN: 9780136088905 List Price: $138.67
Public Relations by Wilcox, Dennis L., Cameron,... ISBN: 9780205581481 List Price: $141.80
Public Relations Managing Competition and Conflict by Cameron, Glen T., Wilcox, D... ISBN: 9780205492107 List Price: $106.80
Pr Styleguide Formats for Public Relations Practice by Diggs-Brown, Barbara, Glou,... ISBN: 9780495006435 List Price: $64.95
Public Relations From Theory to Practice by Neff, Bonita Dostal, Hansen... ISBN: 9780205393558 List Price: $68.40
Public Relations Practices Managerial Case Studies and Problems by Center, Allen H., Jackson, ... ISBN: 9780132341363 List Price: $132.00
Public Information Officer by Politano, Philip ISBN: 9780131719231 List Price: $53.60
Today's Public Relations An Introduction by Heath, Robert L., Coombs, W... ISBN: 9781412926355 List Price: $114.00
writing Winning Proposals PR Cases by Hagley, Tom ISBN: 9780205461011 List Price: $63.60
Political Environment of Public Management by Kobrak, Peter, Kobrak, Peter ISBN: 9780321089014 List Price: $124.40
Think Public Relations by Wilcox, Dennis H., Cameron,... ISBN: 9780205781690
Policing and Society: A Global Approach by Palmiotto, Michael J., Unni... ISBN: 9780534623432 List Price: $91.95
Public Relations Writing: Form & Style by Newsom, Doug, Haynes, Jim ISBN: 9781439082720 List Price: $127.95
Cases in Public Relations Management by Swann, Patricia ISBN: 9780415878937 List Price: $69.95
Cases in Public Relations Management by Swann, Patricia ISBN: 9780415878920 List Price: $150.00
Public Relations: The Profession and the Practice by Lattimore, Dan L., Baskin, ... ISBN: 9780073378879 List Price: $134.69
Public Relations Writing Principles in Practice by Treadwell, Donald, Treadwel... ISBN: 9781412905510 List Price: $94.95
Managing Public Relations by Grunig, James E., Hunt, Todd ISBN: 9780030583377 List Price: $177.95
Public Relations Cases by Hendrix, Jerry A., Hayes, D... ISBN: 9780495567783 List Price: $119.95
Developing the Public Relations Campaign by Bobbitt, Randy, Sullivan, Ruth ISBN: 9780205569908 List Price: $89.00
Public Relations Writing the Essentials by Bivins, Thomas ISBN: 9780073511986 List Price: $80.63
Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics Study Edition by Wilcox, Dennis L., Cameron,... ISBN: 9780205626229 List Price: $87.40
Public Relations The Profession and the Practice by Lattimore, Dan L. ISBN: 9780073289731
Writing Pr A Multimedia Approach by Carstarphen, Meta G., Wells... ISBN: 9780801333378 List Price: $115.20
Political Communications in America by Denton, Robert E., Jr., Woo... ISBN: 9780275957834 List Price: $35.00
Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Wilcox, Dennis L. ISBN: 9780205648283 List Price: $125.00
Practice of Public Relations by Seitel, Fraser P., Rockefel... ISBN: 9780132304511 List Price: $128.00
Public Relations: A Values-Driven Approach by Guth, David W., Marsh, Charles ISBN: 9780205569458 List Price: $84.00
Public Relations Strategies And Tactics by Wilcox, Dennis L., Agee, Wa... ISBN: 9780205449446 List Price: $117.20
Public Relations Writing The Essentials of Style and Format by Bivins, Thomas H. ISBN: 9780073511924 List Price: $80.63
Effective Public Relations by Cutlip, Scott M., Broom, Gl... ISBN: 9780135412114 List Price: $114.40
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