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No matter what field of work you are in, at some stage project management skills will come in use. Whether you work as part of a team or on your own the skills obtained from studying project management will benefit you. An important aspect of project management is being able to measure success and having the ability to recognize when a project has come to a close. It can be a daunting subject and one that is hard to understand until you get involved in it. Buy or rent our cheap project management textbooks to help you to absorb the complex subject in bitesize chunks. Buying affordable textbooks from us is really very easy, so no need for any project management here! If you have a college reading list just enter the ISBN numbers to find the exact textbooks that you need. We will then deliver them to the address of your choice, so you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home.

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Dimensions of Project Management : Fundamentals, Techniques, Organization, Applications by Reschke, H., Schelle, H. ISBN: 9780387531571 List Price: $79.95
Direccion de Proyectos las 5 Fases de su Desarrollo by Weiss ISBN: 9780201621822 List Price: $14.00
Project Management in the Information Technology Age by Brooks, H. E., Jr. ISBN: 9780317936346 List Price: $39.95
Project Planning and Implementation by Unknown ISBN: 9780536603791
Research Methods for Project Management by Pasian, Beverly, Smit, Kobus ISBN: 9781409448808
Surviving in SAP Projects by Sullivan, Gerald ISBN: 9781592299515
Brilliant Agile Project Management by Cole, Rob ISBN: 9781292063560 List Price: $29.99
Project Management Simplified : A Step-By-Step Process by Karten, Barbara ISBN: 9781498729345
Single-Minded Project Managing the Pace of Progress by Price, Martin ISBN: 9781472441454
Single-Minded Project Managing the Pace of Progress by Price, Martin ISBN: 9781472441447
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