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Board Assessment of the Organization How Are We Doing? by Szanton, Peter ISBN: 9780925299192 List Price: $12.00
"Unacceptables American Foundations and Refugee Scholars Between the Two Wars and After by Gemelli, Giuliana ISBN: 9780820446592 List Price: $37.95
Comparative Third Sector Governance in Asia by Hasan, Samiul, Hasan, Samiu... ISBN: 9780387755663 List Price: $99.00
Federal Budget and the Nonprofit Sector by Salamon, Lester M., Abramso... ISBN: 9780877663188 List Price: $13.75
Becoming a Fundraiser: The Principles and Practice of Library Development - Victoria Steele ... by Steele, Victoria, Elder, St... ISBN: 9780838905890 List Price: $27.00
Voluntary Organizations and Public Service Delivery by Cunningham, Ian, James, Philip ISBN: 9780415874731 List Price: $95.00
Managing the Non-Profit Organization: Practices & Principles by Drucker, Peter F. ISBN: 9780788153310 List Price: $23.00
Michigan Nonprofit Management Manual by Accounting Aid Society Staff ISBN: 9780615117478 List Price: $79.00
Governance Guide : Ninety Key Resources on Nonprofit Boards by Unknown ISBN: 9780925299123 List Price: $8.00
The Research Funding Toolkit: How to Plan and Write Successful Grant Applications by Jacqueline Aldridge, Andrew... ISBN: 9780857029676 List Price: $105.00
Evaluating the Nonprofit Ceo A Guide for Chief Executives and Board Members by Gillis, John ISBN: 9780834204867 List Price: $183.95
Direct Mail Fund Raising: Letters That Work - Robert L. Torre - Hardcover by Torre, R. L., Bendixen, M. A. ISBN: 9780306425356 List Price: $59.00
Personnel Matters in the NonProfit Organization by Anthes, Earl W., Cronin, Je... ISBN: 9780916721077 List Price: $26.50
Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations - Philip Kotler - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Kotler, Philip ISBN: 9780135561423 List Price: $39.33
NonProfit Corporations, Organizations, and Associations, 1997-1998 Supplement - Howard L. Ol... by Oleck, Howard L., Stewart, ... ISBN: 9780139110900 List Price: $49.95
Fund Raising Events: Strategies and Programs for Success - Ralph Brody - Paperback by Brody, Ralph, Goodman, Marcie ISBN: 9780898853902 List Price: $20.95
Fund-Raising Handbook by Krit, Robert L. ISBN: 9780673462428 List Price: $32.50
Am I Covered for...?: A Comprehensive Guide to Insuring Your Non-Profit Organization by Lai, Mary, Chapman, Terry, ... ISBN: 9780963155306 List Price: $14.95
Nonprofits and Technology: Emerging Research for Usable Knowledge by Michael Cortes; Kevin M. Ra... ISBN: 9781933478067 List Price: $39.95
Art of Inclusion Success Stories of African Americans in the Nonprofit Sector by Dorsey, Norris ISBN: 9780759367630 List Price: $36.95
Philanthropy and Marketing New Strategies for Fund Raising by Lord, James G. ISBN: 9780939120017 List Price: $65.00
Thoughtful Fundraising: Concepts, Issues and Perspectives by Unknown ISBN: 9780415394284 List Price: $67.95
Transport And Rate Phenomena in Biological Systems by Leonard, Edward ISBN: 9780130421814 List Price: $102.00
Routledge Companion to NonProfit Marketing by Sargeant, Adrian, Wymer, Wa... ISBN: 9780415417273
Introduction to Nonprofit Management by Ott, Steve, Cole, Michele T... ISBN: 9780321354839 List Price: $41.33
The Management of Non-Governmental Development Organizations by David Lewis ISBN: 9780415370929 List Price: $205.00
Accounting for NonProfit Organizations - Emerson O. Henke by Henke, Emerson ISBN: 9780534917241
How to Organize and Raise Funds for Small Non-Profit Organizations by Long, David F. ISBN: 9780916068097 List Price: $19.95
Management Control in NonProfit Organizations by Anthony, Robert N., Young, ... ISBN: 9780256061833 List Price: $64.95
Financial and Strategic Management for NonProfit Organizations by Bryce, Herrington J. ISBN: 9780133165975 List Price: $46.67
Management Control Systems in NonProfit Organizations by Ziebell, Mary T., DeCoster,... ISBN: 9780155546585 List Price: $68.50
Financial Management for Not-for-Profit Organizations by Braswell, Ronald, Osteryoun... ISBN: 9780471842149 List Price: $49.95
Performance and Credibility: Developing Excellence in Public and NonProfit Organizations by Wholey, Joseph S., Abramson... ISBN: 9780669110371 List Price: $35.00
Smarter Board Meetings For Effective Nonprofit Governance by Mueller, Robert K. ISBN: 9780925299185 List Price: $12.00
Rich Get Richer and the Poor Write Proposals by Mitiguy, Nancy ISBN: 9780934210027 List Price: $7.00
Role of the Board Chairperson by Dorsey, Eugene C. ISBN: 9780925299178 List Price: $12.00
Stories from the Board Room Volume 1 Realities and Rewards for Trusteeship by Trustee Renewal Project Staff ISBN: 9780925299352 List Price: $18.00
Strategic Board Recruitment: The Not-For-Profit Model by J. Michael Loscavio ISBN: 9780834207974 List Price: $153.95
Strategic Planning and the Nonprofit Board by Park, Dabney G., Jr. ISBN: 9780925299062 List Price: $11.00
Writing Grant Proposals That Win by Hale, Phale D., Jr. ISBN: 9780834217621 List Price: $44.00
Third Sector Comparative Studies of Non-Profit Organizations by Anheier, Helmut K., Seibel,... ISBN: 9780899254869 List Price: $59.95
Managing Public+nonprofit Organizations by Montana, Patrick J. ISBN: 9780070428331 List Price: $38.25
Writing Grants A Complete Guide to Educators by Jasmine, Julia ISBN: 9781576900802 List Price: $24.99
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