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Fundraising Management Analysis, Planning and Practice by Sargeant, Adrian, Jay, Elaine ISBN: 9780415317016 List Price: $175.00
Marketing Research for Non-Profit, Community and Creative Organizations by Kolb, Bonita ISBN: 9780750687607 List Price: $44.95
Grassroots Organizations: A Resource Book for Directors, Staff, and Volunteers of Small, Com... by Robert L. Clifton, Alan M. ... ISBN: 9780881337266 List Price: $22.95
Nonprofit Enterprise in the Arts Studies in Mission and Constraint by Dimaggio, Paul ISBN: 9780195040630 List Price: $135.00
Human Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations by McCandless, Alina ISBN: 9780415896177
Financial Accounting and Managerial Control for Nonprofit Organizations by Herzlinger, Regina E., Nitt... ISBN: 9780538816021 List Price: $80.95
NonProfit Corporations, Organizations and Association by Oleck, Howard L. ISBN: 9780136233800 List Price: $99.95
Thoughtful Fundraising: Concepts, Issues and Perspectives by Unknown ISBN: 9780415394291 List Price: $185.00
Annual Charity Index by Alexander, Irvin A., Ragone... ISBN: 9781888490060 List Price: $14.95
Grants for Health Related Nonprofit Organzations by Unknown ISBN: 9781569250945 List Price: $96.50
Basic Nonprofit Leadership - Management Concept and Model by Conrad, William R., Jr. ISBN: 9780945571025 List Price: $25.00
Fund Raising The Guide to Raising Money from Private Sources by Broce, Thomas E. ISBN: 9780806119885 List Price: $24.95
Career Opportunities in the NonProfit Sector by Burns, Jennifer Bobrow, Shr... ISBN: 9780816060030 List Price: $49.50
Grantseeker's Answerbook Fundraising Experts Respond to the Most Commonly Asked Questions by Drake-Major, Laurel, Fergus... ISBN: 9780834217461 List Price: $80.95
Fund Raising for Sport by Stier, William F., Jr. ISBN: 9780896413580 List Price: $25.95
Business Thinking in Non-For-profit Organizations by Gail Walraven ISBN: 9780834204249 List Price: $153.95
Voice for Nonprofits by Berry, Jeffrey M., Arons, D... ISBN: 9780815709121 List Price: $34.95
FUND OF NURSING (PROC CHKLSTS) (P) by Kozier, Barbara ISBN: 9780805383461 List Price: $17.20
Facts on File Dictionary of Non-Profit Organization Management - J. Steven Ott - Hardcover by Ott, J. Steven, Shafritz, J... ISBN: 9780816012824 List Price: $40.00
Performance and Credibility: Developing Excellence in Public and NonProfit Organizations by Wholey, Joseph S., Abramson... ISBN: 9780669116809 List Price: $19.95
Nonprofit Corporations, Organizations, and Associations by Oleck, Howard L., Steart, M... ISBN: 9780131213104 List Price: $99.95
Fund-Raising Events Strategies and Programs for Success by Brody, Ralph, Goodman, Marcie ISBN: 9780898853629 List Price: $35.95
Managing Voluntary and Non-Profit Organizations: Strategy and Structure by Butler, Richard J., Wilson,... ISBN: 9780415026673 List Price: $67.00
Good Money, Part I: The New World by Hayek, F. A., Caldwell, Bruce ISBN: 9780865977457 List Price: $14.50
Collaborative Grantseeking: A Guide to Designing Projects, Leading Partners, and Persuading ... by Miner, Jeremy T., Miner, Ly... ISBN: 9780313391859 List Price: $65.00
The Vigilant Fundraiser: 12 Steps to Fundraising Success by George Stanois ISBN: 9781927375129 List Price: $24.95
Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations by Espy, Siri N., Ott, J. Steven ISBN: 9780925065346 List Price: $39.95
Management Development in Non-profit Organizations A Programme for Governing Boards by Padaki, Vijay, Vaz, Manjulika ISBN: 9780761933779 List Price: $35.95
Building Hope by Bateson, John ISBN: 9780313348518
Fundraising Hands-On Tactics for Nonprofit Groups by Edles, L. Peter ISBN: 9780070189287 List Price: $16.95
Communication Power: Energizing Your Nonprofit Organization by Larry D. Lauer ISBN: 9780834208933 List Price: $111.95
New Horizons in Arts, Heritage, Nonprofit and Social Marketing by Bennett, Roger, Kerrigan, F... ISBN: 9780415628891
Financial Management for Public, Health, and Not-for Profit Organizations by Finkler, Steven A. ISBN: 9780130176141 List Price: $130.00
FUND OF NURSING (PROC SUPPL) (P) by Kozier, Barbara ISBN: 9780805383454 List Price: $25.31
Educating Managers of Nonprofit Organizations by O'Neill, Michael, Young, De... ISBN: 9780275926090 List Price: $57.95
NonProfit Organization: Essential Readings by Gies, David L., Ott, J. Ste... ISBN: 9780534125882 List Price: $32.50
Voluntary Organizations and Innovation in Public Services by Osborne, Stephen P. ISBN: 9780415182560 List Price: $175.00
Third Sector Comparative Studies of Nonprofit Organizations by Anheier, Helmut K., Seibel,... ISBN: 9783110117134 List Price: $142.80
Miller Not-For-Profit Reporting: Gaap : Tax, Financial, and Regulatory Requirements by Mary F. Foster, Howard Beck... ISBN: 9780156070119 List Price: $74.00
Grants for Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Funding and Grant Writing by Eleanor Gilpatrick ISBN: 9780275932749 List Price: $106.95
Covering NonProfit Organizations and Their People: A Journalist's Guide by Morris, Burnis R. ISBN: 9780929556123 List Price: $15.00
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