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Strategic Marketing for Non-profit Organizations by Kotler, Philip, Andreasen, ... ISBN: 9780131753723 List Price: $190.67
Fundraising Basics A Complete Guide by Ciconte, Barbara L., Jacob,... ISBN: 9780763746667 List Price: $104.95
Marketing Management for Nonprofit Organizations by Adrian Sargeant ISBN: 9780199236152 List Price: $74.00
The Nature of the Nonprofit Sector by Ott, J. Steven, Dicke, Lisa A. ISBN: 9780813344911 List Price: $50.00
Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice by Worth, Michael J. ISBN: 9781412994453 List Price: $89.95
Nonprofit Organizations by Anheier, Helmut K. ISBN: 9780415550475
Successful Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Organizations by Hopkins, Karen B., Friedman... ISBN: 9781573560290 List Price: $52.95
Effective Financial Management in Public and Nonprofit Agencies by McKinney, Jerome B. ISBN: 9781567205800 List Price: $76.95
Arts and Cultural Programming by Carpenter, Gaylene, Blandy,... ISBN: 9780736065641 List Price: $38.00
Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations by Dym, Barry, Hutson, Harry ISBN: 9780761929246 List Price: $58.95
Getting Funded The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals by Howlett, Susan, Hall, Mary S. ISBN: 9780876780718 List Price: $40.00
Philanthropy in America A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia by Burlingame, Dwight F. ISBN: 9781576078600 List Price: $285.00
Resilient Sector The State of Nonprofit America by Salamon, Lester M. ISBN: 9780815776796 List Price: $16.95
Financial Management For Public, Health And Not-for-profit Organizations by Finkler, Steven A. ISBN: 9780131471986 List Price: $198.67
Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice by Worth, Michael J., Wagner, ... ISBN: 9781412937788 List Price: $89.95
Fundraising Management by Sargeant ISBN: 9780415451543
Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations by Andreasen, Alan A., Kotler,... ISBN: 9780130419774 List Price: $181.33
Nonprofit Organizations Theory, Management, Policy by Anheier, Helmut K. ISBN: 9780415314183 List Price: $205.00
Strategic Management for Voluntary Nonprofit Organizations by Courtney, Roger ISBN: 9780415250245 List Price: $51.95
America's Nonprofit Sector : A Primer by Lester M. Salamon ISBN: 9780879548018 List Price: $21.00
Perfect Nonprofit Boards by Stephen R. Block, Block ISBN: 9780536011848 List Price: $49.00
Governing Boards by Houle, Cyril O. ISBN: 9781555421571 List Price: $29.95
Fund-Raising by Kerness, Elton J., Owens, C... ISBN: 9780918343017 List Price: $12.95
Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations by Dym, Barry, Hutson, Harry ISBN: 9781412914468 List Price: $99.95
Strategic Restructuring for Nonprofit Organizations Mergers, Integrations, and Alliances by Kohm, Amelia, La Piana, David ISBN: 9780275980696 List Price: $41.95
Managing Nonprofit Organizations in the 21st Century by Gelatt, James P. ISBN: 9780897746540 List Price: $43.95
Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations by David Rados ISBN: 9780865692541 List Price: $110.95
Enduring change: The experience of the Community Links Social Enterprise Zone: Lessons learn... by Metthew Smerdon, David Robi... ISBN: 9781861343123 List Price: $27.95
What Volunteers Should Know for Successful Fund Raising by Gurin, Maurice G. ISBN: 9780812861501 List Price: $7.95
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