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New Business Mentor CD/Std Man by Shah, Amit ISBN: 9780073342160
Idea Makers and Idea Brokers in High-Technology Entrepreneurship Fee Vs. Equity Compensation... by Carayannis, Elias G., Junea... ISBN: 9781567204568 List Price: $80.95
Strategic Entrepreneurship by Wickham, Philip A. ISBN: 9780273706427 List Price: $90.00
Financially Savvy Entrepreneur : Navigate the Money Maze of Running a Business by Smith, Emily Chase ISBN: 9781601633170 List Price: $15.99
Small Business Management Fundamentals by Steinhoff, Daniel, Burgess,... ISBN: 9780070612211 List Price: $66.56
Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management by Zimmerer, Thomas W., Scarbo... ISBN: 9780130172808 List Price: $86.67
Exploring Entrepreneurship And Economics by Greene, Cynthia L. ISBN: 9780538729345 List Price: $63.95
Strategic Entrepreneurship by Wickham, Philip A. ISBN: 9780273682264 List Price: $87.50
Entrepreneur's Guide to Managing Growth and Handling Crises by Van Dijk, Theo J. ISBN: 9780275996031
Small Business Planning and Management for the First-Time Entrepreneur by Doster, D. Howard, Connelly... ISBN: 9781565020108 List Price: $26.95
Entrepreneurship by Anderson, Robert L., Dunkel... ISBN: 9780060402815 List Price: $54.66
Entrepreneurship The Way Ahead by Welsch, Harold P. ISBN: 9780415323932 List Price: $175.00
New Venture Experience by Vesper, Karl H. ISBN: 9781884021251 List Price: $64.95
Opening a Business by Hegar, Kathryn W. ISBN: 9780395452943 List Price: $27.16
Entrepreneurship A Contemporary Approach by Kuratko, Donald F., Hodgett... ISBN: 9780030547522 List Price: $69.50
New Enterprises A Start-Up Case Book by Birley, Susan ISBN: 9780709906148 List Price: $30.00
New Business Mentor Cd With Understanding Business Manual by McHugh, James, Nickels, Wil... ISBN: 9780072954425 List Price: $63.90
Regional Firm Founding Activities by Fornahl ISBN: 9780415404099 List Price: $135.00
Creating a Business by van Sten-van't Hoff, Jenny ISBN: 9789001765002 List Price: $52.95
Hidden Enterprise Culture Entrepreneurship in the Underground Economy by Williams, Colin C. ISBN: 9781845425203 List Price: $110.00
New Firms: An Economic Perspective - Peter S. Johnson - Hardcover by Johnson, Peter ISBN: 9780043303597 List Price: $55.00
Effective Small Business Management by Scarborough, Norman N., Zim... ISBN: 9780024067227 List Price: $75.00
Getting down to Business : How-to Start Any Business Today by Bartlett, Webster ISBN: 9781575550008 List Price: $24.95
Entrepreneurial Small Businesses A Resource-based Perspective by Shepherd, Dean A., Wiklund,... ISBN: 9781845420185 List Price: $110.00
Entrepreneurial Opportunity: The Right Place at the Right Time by Clydesdale, Greg ISBN: 9780415997096 List Price: $115.00
Introduction to Business by Eggland, Steven A., Dlabay,... ISBN: 9780538435208 List Price: $79.95
Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Small Business by Down, Simon ISBN: 9781412910125 List Price: $45.95
New Venture Creation by Timmons, Jeffry A. ISBN: 9780256115482 List Price: $57.25
Entrepreneurship With Online Learning Center Access Card by Hisrich, Robert D., Peters,... ISBN: 9780073313733 List Price: $146.65
Entrepreneurship by Read, Stuart, Sarasvathy, S... ISBN: 9780415586436 List Price: $180.00
Entrepreneurial Decision-Making Individuals, Tasks And Cognitions by Gusfafsson ISBN: 9781845422912 List Price: $110.00
Entrepreneurship With Infotrac Theory, Process, Practice by Kuratko, Donald F., Hodgett... ISBN: 9780324258264 List Price: $166.95
New Firm Startups by Davidsson ISBN: 9781845421182 List Price: $230.00
New Venture Creation Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century by Timmons, Jeffry A., Spinell... ISBN: 9780072875706 List Price: $144.50
Technology Ventures From Idea to Opportunity by Dorf, Richard C., Byers, Th... ISBN: 9780072853537 List Price: $53.25
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