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Typical industries have more than six main competitors within the market. The top two generally capture more than 75% of the profit pool and the company with the largest market share, the leader, usually snares about 70% of total profits. As you can see this is an area of study that contains a lot of facts and figures. We have a fantastic range of cheap leadership textbooks to buy or rent to help you get your head around this complex subject. It affects all areas of business, no matter what the size of the industries involved. Once you start studying this subject you will start to look at economies and businesses differently, and start to analyze the leadership companies. We have the same textbooks that are on offer at your college bookstore, but we sell the books for a fraction of the prices that they charge. We also deliver the discounted books to your home address saving you precious time which you can better spend analyzing the economies of your choice!

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Expect Miracles : Recollections of a Lucky Life by Culver, David M., Freeman, ... ISBN: 9780773543553 List Price: $34.95
Spiritual Activism : Leadership As Service by McIntosh, Alastair, Carmich... ISBN: 9780857844149
Leadership: All You Need to Know 2nd Edition by Pendleton, David, Furnham, ... ISBN: 9781137554345 List Price: $40.00
Leading : Top Skills, Attributes, and Behaviors Critical for Success by Mallon, William T., Grigsby... ISBN: 9781577541509 List Price: $115.00
Leadership in Action by Cantwell, John ISBN: 9780522868241
Leadership in the Headlines: Insider insights into how leaders lead by Hill, Andrew, Andrew Hill ISBN: 9781292112763 List Price: $31.50
Doing the Right Things Right : How the Effective Executive Spends Time by Stack, Laura ISBN: 9781458767424 List Price: $19.99
Winning Mind : My Inside on Great Leadership by Coe, Sebastian, Keeble, Jon... ISBN: 9781407457659
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