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Investments, bonds, futures, options, securities and more... you will learn about all these aspects if you're embarking on a college course in economics. You can buy used investments and securities textbooks from our easy to use marketplace to ensure you have the best books you need to succeed in economics. We've got everything from the Essentials of Investments to Fundamentals of Investment Management, right through to Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis and Financial Markets and Institutions. You can learn more than ever and you'll get a great deal on buying or renting top titles at pre-owned and discounted prices. Save huge amounts - sometimes more than 90% - on the titles you need to help you through your economics courses. Our marketplace has already connected students with the opportunity to buy used investments securities textbooks at knockdown prices. Don't miss out - check the sub-sections now to see whether you can find great deals on the books you need.

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Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis by Elton, Edwin J., Brown, Ste... ISBN: 9780470388327 List Price: $210.95
Essentials of Investments by Bodie, Zvi, Kane, Alex, Mar... ISBN: 9780077339180 List Price: $189.60
Investments by Bodie, Zvi, Kane, Alex, Mar... ISBN: 9780073530703 List Price: $268.05
Running Money: Professional Portfolio Management by Stewart, Scott, Heisler, Je... ISBN: 9780073530581 List Price: $160.31
Fundamentals of Investment Management by Hirt, Geoffrey, Block, Stanley ISBN: 9780078034626
Investments: Analysis and Management by Jones, Charles P. ISBN: 9780470477120 List Price: $167.95
Introduction to Corporate Governance and SEC by Glover, Steven, Skousen, K.... ISBN: 9780324226980 List Price: $74.95
Asset Pricing by Cochrane, John H. ISBN: 9780691121376 List Price: $99.50
Venture Capital and Private Equity : A Casebook by Lerner, Josh, Hardymon, Fel... ISBN: 9780470650912 List Price: $143.95
Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation by Metrick, Andrew, Yasuda, Ayako ISBN: 9780470454701 List Price: $167.95
Fundamentals of Derivatives Markets by McDonald, Robert L. ISBN: 9780321357175 List Price: $180.00
Modern Investment Theory by Haugen, Robert A. ISBN: 9780130191700 List Price: $113.33
Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management by Qian, Edward E., Hua, Ronal... ISBN: 9781584885580 List Price: $79.95
Investments by Sharpe, William C., Alexand... ISBN: 9780130101303 List Price: $158.00
Theory of Asset Pricing by Pennacchi, George ISBN: 9780321127204 List Price: $137.40
Focus on Personal Finance by Kapoor, Jack, Dlabay, Les, ... ISBN: 9780073382425 List Price: $124.25
Commercial Real Estate Analysis And Investments by Geltner, David M., Miller, ... ISBN: 9780324305487 List Price: $151.95
Focus on Personal Finance by Kapoor, Jack R., Diabay, Le... ISBN: 9780073530635 List Price: $115.00
Focus on Personal Finance with Connect Plus by Kapoor, Jack, Dlabay, Les, ... ISBN: 9780077398095 List Price: $126.75
Derivatives Markets by McDonald, Robert L. ISBN: 9780321280305 List Price: $194.00
Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory by Duffie, Darrell ISBN: 9780691090221 List Price: $100.00
Real Estate by Dasso, Jerome J., Shilling,... ISBN: 9780324143799 List Price: $136.95
Derivatives An Introduction by Strong, Robert A. ISBN: 9780324273021 List Price: $172.95
Capital Investment Analysis for Engineering and Management by Canada, John R., Sullivan, ... ISBN: 9780131434080 List Price: $156.00
Mathematics of Financial Derivatives A Student Introduction by Wilmott, Paul, Howson, Susa... ISBN: 9780521497893 List Price: $60.00
The New Finance by Haugen, Robert A., HAUGEN, ... ISBN: 9780136036043 List Price: $65.00
Investment Under Uncertainty by Dixit, Avinash K., Pindyck,... ISBN: 9780691034102 List Price: $99.50
Investments: An Introduction (Book Only) by Herbert B. Mayo ISBN: 9780538452106 List Price: $192.95
Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives -Solution Manual by HULL, JOHN C., Hull, John ISBN: 9780136015895 List Price: $46.67
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