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Finance textbooks might not sound that exciting to everyone, but if you are studying a finance related course then a good quality finance textbook can make the difference between a pass and a fail grade. Finance is a huge area to study but luckily for you we have an equally huge range of discounted finance textbooks for you to choose from. All of our new and used textbooks are in great condition and they are all cheap! They are the same books that are on sale at your college bookstore, but we are selling them for a fraction of the price that they are. We also offer the added benefit of getting the books delivered to the address of your choice, whether it be your home or dorm address. This means you don't have to waste your precious time travelling to the campus bookstore and waiting in long checkout lines. When you are done with your books at the end of your course make the most of our buyback service.

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Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets (9th Edition) by Mishkin, Frederic S. ISBN: 9780321599797 List Price: $193.33
Introduction to Financial Economics by Fabozzi, Frank J., Neave, T... ISBN: 9780470596203 List Price: $128.95
Ultimate Finance Career Guide : Opportunities on Wall Street and Beyond by Kohli, Ashish ISBN: 9781118750285 List Price: $75.00
Financial Management: Core Concepts by Brooks, Raymond ISBN: 9780321155177 List Price: $106.67
Financial System and the Economy by Burton, Maureen, Brown, Bruce ISBN: 9780765622464 List Price: $49.95
Entrepreneurial Finance by Leach, J. Chris, Melicher, ... ISBN: 9780324561258 List Price: $189.95
Moral Hazard in Health Insurance by Finkelstein, Amy, Arrow, Ke... ISBN: 9780231163804 List Price: $19.95
Capital Markets by Fabozzi, Frank J. ISBN: 9780136026020 List Price: $120.00
Finance by Melicher, Ronald W., Norton... ISBN: 9780470007204 List Price: $71.95
Financial Economics by Bodie, Zvi, Merton, Robert ... ISBN: 9780131856158 List Price: $166.67
Money, Banking and Financial Markets by Cecchetti, Stephen G. ISBN: 9780073523095 List Price: $165.00
Theory of Finance by Fama, Eugene F., Miller, Me... ISBN: 9780030867323 List Price: $52.00
Financial Markets and Institutions by Mishkin, Eakins, Stanley G. ISBN: 9780321374219 List Price: $200.00
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance by Ross, Stephen A., Westerfie... ISBN: 9780077861704
Econometrics of Financial Markets by Campbell, John Y., Lo, Andr... ISBN: 9780691043012 List Price: $105.00
Fiscal Administration Analysis and Applications In The Public Sector by Mikesell, John L. ISBN: 9780495007401 List Price: $213.95
Commercial Banking The Management of Risk by Gup, Benton E., Fraser, Don... ISBN: 9780471469490 List Price: $170.95
Financial Markets and Institutions w/S&P bind-in Card by Saunders, Anthony, Cornett,... ISBN: 9780077262372 List Price: $182.19
Case Problems in Finance by Kester, Carl, Ruback, Richa... ISBN: 9780072977295 List Price: $177.81
Principles of Finance by Besley, Scott, Brigham, Eug... ISBN: 9780324655889 List Price: $194.95
Foundations of Financial Markets and Institutions by Fabozzi, Frank J., Ferri, M... ISBN: 9780130180797 List Price: $113.33
Japan's Financial Crisis Institutional Rigidity and Reluctant Change by Amyx, Jennifer A. ISBN: 9780691128689 List Price: $29.95
Introductory Econometrics for Finance by Brooks, Chris ISBN: 9780521694681 List Price: $69.00
Economics of Money, Banking, And Financial Markets by Mishkin, Frederic S. ISBN: 9780321415059 List Price: $141.33
Managing Financial Institutes by Gardner, Mona J., Mills, Di... ISBN: 9780324269314 List Price: $185.95
Cases in Financial Management by Dunkelberg, John S., Sulock... ISBN: 9780471110439 List Price: $89.95
Personal Benchmark : Purpose-Driven Investing by Widger, Crosby, Daniel ISBN: 9781118963326 List Price: $40.00
Between Class and Market Postwar Unionization in the Capitalist Democracies by Western, Bruce ISBN: 9780691010335 List Price: $27.95
Finance: Investments, Institutions, and Management by Eakins, Stanley G. ISBN: 9780201721669 List Price: $123.00
Finance Investments, Institutions, Management by Eakins, Stanley G. ISBN: 9780321278326 List Price: $144.60
Financial Responsibility by Financial Clearpoint Staff ISBN: 9780132819657
Financial Management for Nurse Managers and Executives by Finkler, Steven A., Jones, ... ISBN: 9781416033424 List Price: $83.95
Writing the NIH Grant Proposal : A Step-by-Step Guide by Gerin, William, Itinger, Je... ISBN: 9781412975162 List Price: $51.95
Investments by Levy, Haim, Post, Thierry ISBN: 9780273651642 List Price: $194.00
Financial Markets and Institutions, Abridged Edition (with Stock Coupon) by Madura, Jeff ISBN: 9780324593648 List Price: $167.95
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