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Economics is a term that originated from the Ancient Greek word oikonomia, meaning management of a household or administration. Monetary surpluses, lead to a happy household, while deficits inspire grumps. Scholars, researchers, politicians and everyday men and women understand this concept and try to find creative ways to inspire surpluses. Students should do the same! The first step is to buy used textbooks for sale online. We've got an extensive catalog of cheap Economics textbooks covering a wide range of topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, applied economics, positive and normative economics and behavioral economics. And of course there is the law of supply and demand! The beauty of it is that in our free economy you can find cheap textbooks for college online and save exponentially. Browse through our Economics textbooks or search for a specific book by author, title or ISBN number. Before making a purchase, compare the ISBN number provided in your course syllabus with your chosen title. Submit your order, and the next thing you know you'll have a package at your door! No more waiting in long lines at the book store, now you can sit back, relax and save by purchasing used college textbooks.

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Automatic IRAs : Lower-Earnings Households Could Realize Increases in Retirement Income by Jeszeck, Charles A. ISBN: 9781457849190 List Price: $25.00
Coal Management Program, U. S. Department of the Interior : Final Evaluation Report by Kendall, Mary L. ISBN: 9781457849077 List Price: $20.00
2013 Long-Term Budget Outlook by Manchester, Joyce ISBN: 9781457848995 List Price: $30.00
Factors Affecting Worker Well-Being : The Impact of Change in the Labor Market by Polachek, Solomon W., Tatsi... ISBN: 9781784411503 List Price: $114.95
Plunkett's Transportation, Supply Chain and Logistics Industry Almanac 2015 : Transportation... by Plunkett, Jack W., Plunkett... ISBN: 9781628313574 List Price: $349.99
Plunkett's Real Estate and Construction Industry Almanac 2015 : Real Estate and Construction... by Plunkett, Jack W., Plunkett... ISBN: 9781628313628 List Price: $349.99
Plunkett's Nanotechnology and MEMS Industry Almanac 2015 : Nanotechnology and MEMS Industry ... by Plunkett, Jack W., Plunkett... ISBN: 9781628313642 List Price: $349.99
12 Things to Know about the Stock Market by Sepahban, Lois ISBN: 9781632350343
Trade Policy and Food Security by Fouad, Amir, Gillson, Ian, ... ISBN: 9781464803055
Minimalist Investor Maximum Profit by Klinefelter, John ISBN: 9781634172837 List Price: $14.95
Entangled Political Economy by Koppl, Roger, Horwitz, Steven ISBN: 9781784411022 List Price: $124.95
Kemps : 100 Years of Dairy Goodness by Tougas, Joe ISBN: 9781578649280
Taking the Heat : Women Chefs and Gender Inequality in the Professional Kitchen by Harris, Deborah Ann, Giuffr... ISBN: 9780813571263
Readiness of MSMEs in Facing ASEAN Economic Community 2015 by Tambunan, Tulus Tahi Hamona... ISBN: 9781633210295
Nature and State of Modern Economics by Lawson, Tony ISBN: 9781138851016
Pension and Longevity Risk Management for Institutional Investors by Instititional Investor Jour... ISBN: 9781939942050 List Price: $189.00
Lubbock by Unknown ISBN: 9781614893974 List Price: $20.00
Business Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies by Muhlebach, Richard F., Alex... ISBN: 9781572032200
Plunkett's Investment and Securities Industry Almanac 2015 : Investment and Securities Indus... by Plunkett, Jack W., Plunkett... ISBN: 9781628313505 List Price: $349.99
Learning about Earning by Hatton, Fran ISBN: 9781502600943
Empowering Organizations Through Corporate Social Responsibility by Issa, Theodora, Wolf, Ruth,... ISBN: 9781466672949 List Price: $225.00
Evolution of the Internet in the Business Sector : Web 1. 0 to Web 3. 0 by Kommers, Piet, Issa, Tomaye... ISBN: 9781466672628 List Price: $235.00
Charlotte by Unknown ISBN: 9781614893882 List Price: $20.00
Tupelo by Enjoy The City ISBN: 9781614893929 List Price: $20.00
Principles of Microeconomics (Preliminary Edition) by Johnson, Derek ISBN: 9781631898846
Walton Okaloosa by Enjoy The City ISBN: 9781614893905 List Price: $20.00
Plunkett's e-Commerce and Internet Business Almanac 2015 : E-Commerce and Internet Business ... by Plunkett, Jack W., Plunkett... ISBN: 9781628313536 List Price: $349.99
12 Things to Know about Wild Weather by Kallio, Jamie ISBN: 9781632350954
Long-Term Vacant Housing in the United States by Molloy, Raven ISBN: 9781457857881 List Price: $20.00
Social Dynamics of Organizational Justice by Gilliland, Stephen ISBN: 9781623968618
State of World Population Report 2014 (F) by Unfpa ISBN: 9780897149730
Organizational Innovation and IT Governance in Emerging Economies by Tennyson, Robert D., Ord��e... ISBN: 9781466673328 List Price: $205.00
Everything Obama Knows about Creating Jobs by Watson, Ben ISBN: 9781611660654
2015 Hunger Report : When Women Flourish? We Can End Hunger by Bread for the World Institu... ISBN: 9780984324965 List Price: $20.00
Surge in Solar Powered Homes : Experience in Off-Grid Rural Bangladesh by Khandker, Shahidur R., Worl... ISBN: 9781464803741
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