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Economics is a term that originated from the Ancient Greek word oikonomia, meaning management of a household or administration. Monetary surpluses, lead to a happy household, while deficits inspire grumps. Scholars, researchers, politicians and everyday men and women understand this concept and try to find creative ways to inspire surpluses. Students should do the same! The first step is to buy used textbooks for sale online. We've got an extensive catalog of cheap Economics textbooks covering a wide range of topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, applied economics, positive and normative economics and behavioral economics. And of course there is the law of supply and demand! The beauty of it is that in our free economy you can find cheap textbooks for college online and save exponentially. Browse through our Economics textbooks or search for a specific book by author, title or ISBN number. Before making a purchase, compare the ISBN number provided in your course syllabus with your chosen title. Submit your order, and the next thing you know you'll have a package at your door! No more waiting in long lines at the book store, now you can sit back, relax and save by purchasing used college textbooks.

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Economic Impact of the President's 2013 Budget by Whalen, Charles ISBN: 9781457831508 List Price: $20.00
Production Impact of Cash-For-Clunkers : Implications for Stabilization Policy by Copeland, Adam ISBN: 9781457830600 List Price: $20.00
Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Fe... by Geithner, Timothy F. ISBN: 9781457831515 List Price: $45.00
Legislative Options for Financing Water Infrastructure by Copeland, Claudia ISBN: 9781457832185 List Price: $20.00
Municipal Securities : Options for Improving Continuing Disclosure by Clowers, Angela N. ISBN: 9781457836220 List Price: $25.00
Delphi Bankruptcy : Termination of Delphi Pension Plans: Congressional Testimony by Clowers, A. Nicole ISBN: 9781457836251 List Price: $20.00
Community Services Block Grants (CSBG) : Background and Funding by Spar, Karen ISBN: 9781457836305 List Price: $20.00
Housing Busts and Household Mobility : An Update by Ferreira, Fernando ISBN: 9781457836343 List Price: $20.00
International Role of the Dollar : Does It Matter If This Changes? by Goldberg, Linda ISBN: 9781457836350 List Price: $20.00
Household Debt and Saving During the 2007 Recession by Chakrabarti, Rajashri ISBN: 9781457836374 List Price: $25.00
Financial Literacy : Overlap of Programs Suggests There May Be Opportunities for Consolidation by Cackley, Alicia Puente ISBN: 9781457836626 List Price: $25.00
Federal Workers : Results of Studies on Federal Pay Varied Due to Differing Methodologies by Goldenkoff, Robert ISBN: 9781457836671 List Price: $25.00
Financial Stability Oversight Council 2012 Annual Report by Geithner, Timothy F. ISBN: 9781457836732 List Price: $40.00
Federal Resources for Sustainable Rural Communities by Tonsagar, Dallas ISBN: 9781457836725 List Price: $20.00
Internal Revenue Service : Status of GAO Financial Audit and Related Financial Management Re... by Sebastian, Steven J. ISBN: 9781457836763 List Price: $25.00
Retirement Security : Women Still Face Challenges by Jeszeck, Charles ISBN: 9781457836824 List Price: $25.00
Other, Other Half : Changes in the Finances of the Least Wealthy 50 Percent, 2007-2009 by Kennickell, Arthur B. ISBN: 9781457836893 List Price: $20.00
Retirement Security : Annuities with Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawals Have Both Benefits and ... by Cackley, Alicia Puente ISBN: 9781457843044 List Price: $20.00
Fiscal Cliff and the American Taxpayer Relief Act Of 2012 by Levit, Mindy R. ISBN: 9781457842948 List Price: $20.00
Tax Expenditures : Background and Evaluation Criteria and Questions by White, James R. ISBN: 9781457842924 List Price: $20.00
Options for Taxing U. S. Multinational Corporations by Gravelle, Jennifer ISBN: 9781457842962 List Price: $20.00
International Trade and Finance : Key Policy Issues for the 113th Congress by Irace, Mary A. ISBN: 9781457842870 List Price: $20.00
Community Response to the Foreclosure Crisis : Thoughts on Local Interventions by Immergluck, Dan ISBN: 9781457842917 List Price: $20.00
Flood Insurance : Participation of Indian Tribes in Federal and Private Programs by Cackley, Alicia Puente ISBN: 9781457842771 List Price: $20.00
Influence of Fannie and Freddie on Mortgage Loan Terms by Kaufman, Alex ISBN: 9781457836923 List Price: $20.00
Fiscal Rules, What Does the American Experience Tell Us? by Lutz, Byron ISBN: 9781457836916 List Price: $20.00
Federal Resrve's Portfolio and Its Effects on Mortgage Markets by Hancock, Diana ISBN: 9781457836947 List Price: $20.00
CBO's Economic Forecasting Record : 2013 Update by Burns, Stephanie ISBN: 9781457843242 List Price: $20.00
Federal Reserve's Large-Scale Asset Purchase Programs : Rationale and Effects by D'Amico, Stefania ISBN: 9781457843198 List Price: $25.00
Dollar Funding and the Lending Behavior of Global Banks by Ivashina, Victoria ISBN: 9781457843181 List Price: $25.00
Cotton and Hydropower in Central Asia : How Resource Competition Affects Trade by Motamed, Mesbah J. ISBN: 9781457843112 List Price: $20.00
Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force : First Year Report (2010) by Adkins, Robb ISBN: 9781457843853 List Price: $25.00
Corporate Fraud Task Force Report to the President by Filip, Mark ISBN: 9781457843846 List Price: $20.00
FY2013 Supplementl Funding for Disaster Relief : Summary and Considerations for Congress by Painter, William L., Painte... ISBN: 9781457843587 List Price: $25.00
Refundable Tax Credits by Holtzblatt, Janet ISBN: 9781457843556 List Price: $20.00
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