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Class, Self, Culture by Skeggs, Beverley ISBN: 9780415300858 List Price: $124.95
Cooperative Strategy Economic, Business, and Organizational Issues by Faulkner, David, Rond, Mark de ISBN: 9780199248537 List Price: $65.00
Adam Smith's Library A Catalogue by Mizuta, Hiroshi ISBN: 9780198285908 List Price: $250.00
On Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations: A Philosophical Companion by Fleischacker, Samuel ISBN: 9780691115023 List Price: $39.50
Adam Smith and the Virtues of Enlightenment by Griswold, Charles L., Pippi... ISBN: 9780521621274 List Price: $116.00
Adam Smith and the Virtues of Enlightenment by Griswold, Charles L., Pippi... ISBN: 9780521628914 List Price: $44.99
Adam Smith and Economic Science A Methodological Reinterpretation by Peil, Jan ISBN: 9781858989198 List Price: $90.00
New Perspectives on Adam Smith`s Theory of Moral Sentiments by Firth, Ann, Cockfield, Geof... ISBN: 9781845424800 List Price: $100.00
Human Values and Economic Policy: A Symposium by Hook, Sidney ISBN: 9780814733844 List Price: $17.50
The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes: Volume 13, The General Theory and After: Prep... by Keynes, John Maynard, Moggr... ISBN: 9780521221030 List Price: $120.00
Business Ethics and the Austrian Tradition in Economics by Bouillon, Hardy ISBN: 9780415600255
Marx and Keynes The Limits of the Mixed Economy by Mattick, Paul ISBN: 9780875580692 List Price: $3.45
Symbolic Exchange and Death by Baudrillard, Jean, Grant, Ian ISBN: 9780803983984 List Price: $169.00
Utility and Production Theory and Applications by Coto-Millán, Pablo ISBN: 9783790811537 List Price: $61.95
Value, Distribution and Capital Essays in Honour of Pierangelo Garegnani by Reid, Gavin, Petri, Fabio ISBN: 9780415142779 List Price: $190.00
Evolution, Time, Production and the Environment - Malte Michael Faber - Hardcover - ENLARGED by Faber, Malte, Proops, John ... ISBN: 9780387563985 List Price: $89.95
Centenary Essays on Alfred Marshall by Whitaker, John K. ISBN: 9780521022262 List Price: $61.00
Structure of Production by Skousen, Mark ISBN: 9780814778951 List Price: $45.00
Economy and Society : Evolution of Capitalism by Suresh, R. R. ISBN: 9788132104049 List Price: $29.95
Preferences, Value, Choice, and Welfare by Hausman, Daniel M. ISBN: 9781107015432 List Price: $90.00
Legacy of Friedrich Von Hayek by HAYEK, F A ISBN: 9780865976122 List Price: $154.00
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