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One important area of business economics will be familiar to students of this discipline. It is the area of decision making and problem solving. If you have been searching for specific books in this area, look no further because we have hundreds of the best titles on this subject. Do you want to learn about quantitative analysis, risk management, financial institutions and auditing? Whatever topic you want information on, you can rent used decision making and problem solving textbooks directly from our marketplace today. For affordable text books aimed at business economics students, we have the best range of cut price books you'll ever need. You can rent some titles and buy others, and often you've got the choice of both. Make the right decision to use our services and look forward to the cheapest purchases you'll ever make! Don't forget you can sell your decision making and problem solving books back as well.

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Essentials of Risk Management by Head, George L., Horn, Step... ISBN: 9780894621147 List Price: $44.00
Circuit Analysis and Problem Solving Using Matlab by Chapman, D. ISBN: 9780534379636 List Price: $33.95
Crisis Negotiations Managing Critical Incidents And Hostage Situations in Law Enforcement An... by McMains, Michael J., Mullin... ISBN: 9781593453237 List Price: $62.95
Managing Sino-american Crises Case Studies And Analysis by Swaine ISBN: 9780870032295 List Price: $62.95
Data Struct.+prob.solv.w/turbo Pascal by Carrano, Frank M., Helman, ... ISBN: 9780805312171 List Price: $67.50
207. Risk Management+insurance by Dorfman, Mark S. ISBN: 9780137521067 List Price: $88.00
Brainstorming Reinvented A Corporate Communications Guide to Ideation by Correll, Linda Conway ISBN: 9780761932703 List Price: $49.95
Natural and the Social Uncertainty, Risk, Change by Hinchliffe, Steve, Woodward... ISBN: 9780415222907 List Price: $31.95
Decision Making through Operations Research by Thierauf, Robert J., Klekam... ISBN: 9780471858614 List Price: $58.95
Expert Systems and Decision Support in Medicine: 33rd Annual Meeting of the Gmds Efmi Specia... by Rienhoff, O., Schneider, B. ISBN: 9780387503172 List Price: $103.00
An Anatomy of Risk (Wiley Series on Systems Engineering and Analysis.) by Rowe, William D. ISBN: 9780898747843 List Price: $61.00
Group Problem Solving by Laughlin, P. R. ISBN: 9780691147901
Regulation of Health Risk - Bearing Entities by Unknown ISBN: 9780893825027 List Price: $25.00
Safety and Equipment Risks : Do You Prevent Injuries? by Cox, Meridith B. ISBN: 9780912665245 List Price: $55.00
Phoenix of Natural Disasters by Gow, Kathryn, Paton, Douglas ISBN: 9781604561616 List Price: $89.00
Risk, Decision Making and Bargaining by Schwindt, Richard, McDaniel... ISBN: 9780880241243 List Price: $10.00
Mathematical Analysis of Decision Problems in Ecology: Proceedings of the NATO Conference, I... by NATO Conference Staff, Char... ISBN: 9780387071886 List Price: $29.00
Fuzzy Management by Grint, Keith ISBN: 9780198775003 List Price: $139.50
Risk, Health and Welfare Policies, Strategies and Practice by Alaszewski, Andy ISBN: 9780335198702 List Price: $85.00
Aspiration Based Decision Support Systems: Theory, Software and Applications (Lecture Notes ... by Lewandowski, A., Wierzbicki... ISBN: 9780387512136 List Price: $55.95
"Stand der Wissenschaft" und "Stand der Technik" Als Unbestimmte Rechtsbegriffe by Plagemann, Hermann, Tietzsc... ISBN: 9783166431819
Decision Theory and Decision Analysis Trends and Challenges by Rios, Sixto, Rios-Insua, Da... ISBN: 9780792394662 List Price: $189.00
Defense Decision Making Analytical Support and Crisis Management Proceedings of the First A... by Avenhaus, Rudolf, Karkar, H... ISBN: 9780387540221 List Price: $109.00
Essentials of Risk Control by Head, George L., Abeln, Sus... ISBN: 9780894620850 List Price: $44.00
Essentials of Risk Financing by Head, George L., Elliott, M... ISBN: 9780894621024 List Price: $44.00
Analysis of Actual Versus Perceived Risks by Covello, Vincent T., Rodric... ISBN: 9780306413971 List Price: $224.00
Effective Crisis Communication Moving from Crisis to Opportunity by Sellnow, Timothy L., Seeger... ISBN: 9781412914185 List Price: $92.95
Statistics for Business Problem Solving by Brightman, Harvey J., Schne... ISBN: 9780538802864
Risk Assessment and Decision Making Using Test Results: The Carcinogenicity Prediction and B... by Pet-Edwards, J., Haimes, Y.... ISBN: 9780306430671 List Price: $85.00
Health Care Risk Management: Organization and Claims Administration by Kraus, Gary P., Darr, Kurt ISBN: 9780932500434 List Price: $42.00
Future Risks and Risk Management by Sahlin, Nils-Eric, Brehmer, B. ISBN: 9780792330578 List Price: $215.00
Urban Hydroinformatics: the Sociotechnical Dimensions of Urban Flood Risk Management by Vojinovic, Zoran, Abbott, M... ISBN: 9781843393870 List Price: $189.00
China's Crisis Management (China Policy Series) by Chung, Jae Ho ISBN: 9780415677806 List Price: $140.00
Tackling Strategic Problems: The Role of Group Decision Support by Eden, Colin, Radford, Jim ISBN: 9780803982598 List Price: $45.00
Analysis for Decision Making: Complete Program by Raiffa, Howard ISBN: 9781556780127 List Price: $995.00
Handling Frozen Fire : Political Culture and Risk Management by Hoppe, Rob, Peterse, Att ISBN: 9780813387772 List Price: $63.00
Guidelines in Assessing Risk Tolerance by American College Staff ISBN: 9780943590561 List Price: $40.00
Economic Theory of Individual Behavior Toward Risk by Machina, Mark ISBN: 9780521302197
Student Primer Data Analysis and Decision Making W/micro Excel by Albright, Thomas L., Winsto... ISBN: 9780534361907
Risk in Perspective : Insight and Humor in the Age of Risk Management by Thompson, Kimberly M. ISBN: 9780972707817 List Price: $100.00
Decision Behaviour, Analysis and Support by French, Simon, Maule, John,... ISBN: 9780521883344 List Price: $135.00
Analysis for Decision Making Module 1 : Decision Trees by Raiffa, Howard ISBN: 9781556780134 List Price: $89.95
Why Can't You Just Give Me the Number?: An Executive's Guide to Using Probabilistic Thinking... by Leach, Patrick, Charleswort... ISBN: 9780964793859 List Price: $29.95
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