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One important area of business economics will be familiar to students of this discipline. It is the area of decision making and problem solving. If you have been searching for specific books in this area, look no further because we have hundreds of the best titles on this subject. Do you want to learn about quantitative analysis, risk management, financial institutions and auditing? Whatever topic you want information on, you can rent used decision making and problem solving textbooks directly from our marketplace today. For affordable text books aimed at business economics students, we have the best range of cut price books you'll ever need. You can rent some titles and buy others, and often you've got the choice of both. Make the right decision to use our services and look forward to the cheapest purchases you'll ever make! Don't forget you can sell your decision making and problem solving books back as well.

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Concise Managerial Statistics by Kvanli, Alan H., Pavur, Rob... ISBN: 9780324223897
Creativity Now: Get inspired, create ideas and make them happen now! by Wolff, Jurgen ISBN: 9780273724674 List Price: $19.99
Problem Solving+programming Concepts by Sprankle, Maureen ISBN: 9780136318057 List Price: $72.75
154. Simulation+risk Analysis-w/cd by Evans, James R., Olson, Dav... ISBN: 9780136216087 List Price: $63.75
Quantitive Analysis for Management by Render, Barry ISBN: 9780135035085
Negotiating Hostage Crises with the New Terrorists by Dolnik, Adam, Fitzgerald, K... ISBN: 9780275997489
Decision Theory and Decision Analysis Trends and Challenges by Rios, Sixto, Rios-Insua, Da... ISBN: 9780792394662 List Price: $189.00
Dynamic Processes of Crisis Negotiation Theory, Research, and Practice by Rogan, Randall G., Hammer, ... ISBN: 9780275952242 List Price: $115.00
Commercial Banking The Management of Risk by Fraser, Donald R., Gup, Ben... ISBN: 9780324027181 List Price: $141.95
Programming and Problem Solving With Java by Unknown ISBN: 9780534374860 List Price: $78.95
New Financial Order Risk In The 21st Century by Shiller, Robert J. ISBN: 9780691091723 List Price: $60.00
Credit Risk Pricing, Management, and Measurement by Duffie, Darrell, Singleton,... ISBN: 9780691090467 List Price: $90.00
Risk Management Problems and Solutions - George Parker - Hardcover by Parker, George G., Beaver, ... ISBN: 9780070485884 List Price: $43.44
Crisis Negotiations by McMains, Michael J., Mullin... ISBN: 9780870845956 List Price: $37.95
China's Crisis Management (China Policy Series) by Chung, Jae Ho ISBN: 9780415677806 List Price: $140.00
Risk and Medical Decision Making by Eeckhoudt, Louis ISBN: 9781402070075 List Price: $114.00
Risk Assessment in Social Care and Social Work by Parsloe, Phyllida ISBN: 9781853026898 List Price: $39.95
Risk by Boyne, Roy ISBN: 9780335208296 List Price: $33.95
Strategic Risk A State-Defined Approach by Collins, James M., Ruefli, ... ISBN: 9780792396611 List Price: $171.00
Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling by Bluhm, Christian, Overbeck,... ISBN: 9781584883265 List Price: $92.95
When Firms Change Direction by Huff, Anne Sigismund, Huff,... ISBN: 9780195136432 List Price: $70.00
Essentials of Risk Management by Head, George L., Horn, Step... ISBN: 9780894621147 List Price: $44.00
Decision Models for Management by Byrd, J., Moore, L. T. ISBN: 9780070095113
Crisis Negotiations Managing Critical Incidents And Hostage Situations in Law Enforcement An... by McMains, Michael J., Mullin... ISBN: 9781593453237 List Price: $62.95
Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making: Methods and Applications (Lecture Notes in Economi... by Chen, S. J., Hwang, C. L., ... ISBN: 9780387549989 List Price: $79.95
Data Analysis And Decision Making With Infotrac by Albright, S. Christian, Win... ISBN: 9780534421458 List Price: $108.95
Fuzzy Management by Grint, Keith ISBN: 9780198775003 List Price: $139.50
Quantitative Meth.f/bus.decis.-w/cases by Lapin, Lawrence L. ISBN: 9780534510510 List Price: $75.95
Managing Risk and Resolving Crisis by Risk Advisory Group ISBN: 9780273652953 List Price: $210.00
Risk Analysis Strategies for Credible and Defensible Utility Decisions by Pollard, Simon, Hrudey, Ste... ISBN: 9781843398240 List Price: $216.00
Group Support Systems: New Perspectives by Jessup, Leonard M., Valacic... ISBN: 9780023606250 List Price: $64.00
Code Red in the Boardroom Crisis Management As Organizational DNA by Coombs, W. Timothy ISBN: 9780275989125 List Price: $39.95
Decision Making, Models and Algorithms A First Course by Gass, Saul I. ISBN: 9780894645969 List Price: $49.95
Management Science and Decision Technology by Camm, Jeffrey D., Evans, Ja... ISBN: 9780324007152 List Price: $189.95
Decision Support Systems in the 21st Century by Marakas, George M. ISBN: 9780131018792 List Price: $130.00
Group Discussion A Practical Guide to Participation and Leadership by Young, Kathryn Sue, Wood, J... ISBN: 9781577660934 List Price: $15.95
Credit Risk Modeling, Valuation and Hedging by Bielecki, Tomasz R., Rutkow... ISBN: 9783540675938 List Price: $115.00
Introduction to Derivatives And Risk Management by Chance, Don M. ISBN: 9780324650464 List Price: $124.95
Mismanaging Mayhem by Carafano, James Jay, Weitz,... ISBN: 9780313348921
Risk and Security Studies Reader by Kennedy, Deirdre ISBN: 9780415991810
Global Derivatives A Strategic Risk Management Perspective by Andersen, Torben Juul ISBN: 9780273688549 List Price: $76.00
Decision Making+forecasting by Marshall, Kneale T., Oliver... ISBN: 9780070480278 List Price: $90.00
Primer for School Risk Management: Creating and Maintaining District and Site-Based Liabilit... by Dunklee, Dennis R., Shoop, ... ISBN: 9780205139149 List Price: $62.50
Group Creativity Innovation Through Collaboration by Paulus, Paul B., Nijstad, B... ISBN: 9780195147308 List Price: $49.95
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