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One important area of business economics will be familiar to students of this discipline. It is the area of decision making and problem solving. If you have been searching for specific books in this area, look no further because we have hundreds of the best titles on this subject. Do you want to learn about quantitative analysis, risk management, financial institutions and auditing? Whatever topic you want information on, you can rent used decision making and problem solving textbooks directly from our marketplace today. For affordable text books aimed at business economics students, we have the best range of cut price books you'll ever need. You can rent some titles and buy others, and often you've got the choice of both. Make the right decision to use our services and look forward to the cheapest purchases you'll ever make! Don't forget you can sell your decision making and problem solving books back as well.

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Risk Management and Insurance by Scott Harrington, Gregory N... ISBN: 9780072339703 List Price: $218.02
Risk Management by Vaughan, Emmett J. ISBN: 9780471107590 List Price: $158.95
Risk Management for Meetings and Events (Events Management) by Julia Rutherford Silvers ISBN: 9780750680578 List Price: $64.95
Quantitative Risk Management Concepts, Techniques And Tools by McNeil, Alexander J., Frey,... ISBN: 9780691122557 List Price: $85.00
A Practical Guide to Crisis Intervention by Alan Cavaiola, Joseph E. Co... ISBN: 9780618116324 List Price: $145.95
Group Creativity Innovation Through Collaboration by Paulus, Paul B., Nijstad, B... ISBN: 9780195147308 List Price: $49.95
Problem Solving and Programming Concepts by Sprankle, Maureen, Hubbard,... ISBN: 9780132492645
Quantitative Methods for Business (5th Edition) by Waters, Donald ISBN: 9780273739470 List Price: $173.33
Supermodularity and Complementarity by Topkis, Donald M. ISBN: 9780691032443 List Price: $95.00
Quantitative Analysis for Management by Render, Barry, Stair, Ralph... ISBN: 9780136036258 List Price: $206.67
Group Techniques (with InfoTrac) by Corey, Gerald, Corey, Maria... ISBN: 9780534612696 List Price: $53.95
Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling by Wagner, Christoph, Bluhm, C... ISBN: 9781584889922 List Price: $79.95
Probability for Risk Management by Matthew J. Hassett, Donald ... ISBN: 9781566983471 List Price: $70.00
Risk Management and Financial Institutions by Hull, John C., Hull, John ISBN: 9780136102953 List Price: $180.00
Quantitative Business Analysis:text+cs. by Bodily, Samuel E., Carraway... ISBN: 9780256147131 List Price: $93.75
Credit Risk Modeling, Valuation and Hedging by Bielecki, Tomasz R., Rutkow... ISBN: 9783540675938 List Price: $115.00
Megaprojects and Risk An Anatomy of Ambition by Flyvbjerg, Bent, Bruzelius,... ISBN: 9780521009461 List Price: $30.99
Portfolio Risk Analysis by Connor, Gregory, Goldberg, ... ISBN: 9780691128283 List Price: $85.00
Elements of Financial Risk Management by Christoffersen, Peter ISBN: 9780123744487 List Price: $69.95
Groups Theory and Experience by Napier, Rodney W., Gershenf... ISBN: 9780618270446 List Price: $111.95
Management Scientist by Anderson, David R., Sweeney... ISBN: 9780324191332 List Price: $108.95
Effective Crisis Communication: Moving From Crisis to Opportunity by Robert R. Ulmer, Timothy L.... ISBN: 9781412980340 List Price: $64.00
Value-Added Decision Making for Managers by Kenneth Chelst, Yavuz Burak... ISBN: 9781420075724 List Price: $146.95
Effective Group Discussion: Theory and Practice by Galanes, Gloria, Adams, Kat... ISBN: 9780073385143 List Price: $103.44
Economic and Financial Decisions under Risk by Eeckhoudt, Louis, Gollier, ... ISBN: 9780691122151 List Price: $45.00
Making Hard Decisions with Decision Tools Suite Update Edition by Robert T. Clemen, Terence R... ISBN: 9780495015086 List Price: $280.95
Mastering Risk Modelling: A Practical Guide to Modelling Uncertainty With Microsoft Excel (F... by Day, Alastair, Day, Alastai... ISBN: 9780273719298 List Price: $69.99
Economic Analysis for Engineering and Managerial Decision Making (Mcgraw-Hill Series in Indu... by Norman N. Barish, Seymour K... ISBN: 9780070036499 List Price: $66.20
Auditing: A Business Risk Approach by Rittenberg, Larry E., Johns... ISBN: 9780324658040 List Price: $235.95
Financial Institutions Management by Saunders, Anthony, Cornett,... ISBN: 9780077211332 List Price: $182.19
Problem Solving and Programming by Sprankle, Maureen, Hubbard,... ISBN: 9780136060604 List Price: $113.00
Project Risk Management (Project Management) by Bruce Barkley ISBN: 9780071436915 List Price: $59.00
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