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World of Customer Service by Gibson-Odgers, Pattie ISBN: 9780840064240
Organizational Behavior: Improving Performance and Commitment in the Workplace by Colquitt, Jason A., Lepine,... ISBN: 9780078137174 List Price: $239.65
Customer Service by Harris, Elaine K. ISBN: 9780135064337 List Price: $59.80
Supply Chain Management (4th Edition) by Chopra, Sunil, Meindl, Peter ISBN: 9780136080404 List Price: $174.67
Relationship Selling by Johnston, Mark, Marshall, G... ISBN: 9780073404837 List Price: $170.63
Customer Service Skills for Success by Lucas, Robert W. ISBN: 9780073545448 List Price: $81.00
Satisfaction: A Behavioral Perspective on the Consumer by Oliver, Richard L. ISBN: 9780765617705 List Price: $129.95
Customer Relationship Management: A Databased Approach by V. Kumar, Werner Reinartz ISBN: 9780471271338
Introduction to Help Desk Concepts and Skills by Sanderson, Susan ISBN: 9780078216770
Building Customer-Brand Relationships by Schultz, Don E., Azzaro, Ma... ISBN: 9780765617996 List Price: $99.95
World of Customer Service by Odgers, Pattie ISBN: 9780538726689 List Price: $55.95
World of Customer Service by Gibson-Odgers, Pattie ISBN: 9780538730464 List Price: $81.95
Total Relationship Marketing by Gummesson, Evert ISBN: 9780750686334 List Price: $51.95
Selling: The Profession by Lill, David J., Lill, Jenni... ISBN: 9780980040609 List Price: $89.98
Superior Customer Value in the New Economy Concepts and Cases by Johnson, William C., Weinst... ISBN: 9781574443561 List Price: $65.95
Travel Sales and Customer Service by Roberta Schwartz, Debra J. ... ISBN: 9780931202247 List Price: $45.00
Serving Internal and External Customers by Swartzlander, Anne ISBN: 9780130283412 List Price: $68.60
NRAWF Manage First Customer Service Competency Guide by National Restaurant Associa... ISBN: 9780132283816 List Price: $36.00
Customer Relationship Management by Peelen, Ed ISBN: 9780273681779 List Price: $97.50
Understanding & Managing Customers by Lancaster, Peter, Lowe, Rob... ISBN: 9780273685623 List Price: $69.50
9 Brand Shaastras Nine Successful Brand Strategies to Build Winning Brands by Kapoor, Jagdeep ISBN: 9780761932567 List Price: $38.95
Twenty Four Brand Mantras: Finding a Place in the Minds and Hearts of Consumers by Kapoor, Jagdeep ISBN: 9788178299433 List Price: $19.95
Principlesd of Customer Relationship Management by Baran, Roger J., Strunk, Da... ISBN: 9780324322385 List Price: $191.95
Technology and Customer Service Profitable Relationship Building by Timm, Paul R., Jones, Chris... ISBN: 9780130989901 List Price: $52.20
Keeping Customers by Sviokla, John J., Shapiro, ... ISBN: 9780875843339 List Price: $45.00
Relationship Marketing: A Consumer Experience Approach (SAGE Advanced Marketing Series) by Ashil, Nick J., Baron, J. S... ISBN: 9781412931212 List Price: $121.50
Customer Service Serve Us America by Eggland, Steven A., Britten... ISBN: 9780135275085 List Price: $29.80
CRM Systems in Industrial Companies: Intra- and Inter-Organizational Effects by Andrea Perna, Enrico Baraldi ISBN: 9781137335654 List Price: $115.00
Taking the Lead-telecourse Gde. by Plunkett, Warren R., Attner... ISBN: 9780324202038 List Price: $30.00
Breaking Through, 2nd Edition: Implementing Disruptive Customer Centricity by Sandra Vandermerwe ISBN: 9781137395498 List Price: $47.00
Customer Relationship Management The Bottom Line to Optimizing Your Roi by Anton, Jon, Petouhoff, Nata... ISBN: 9780130990693 List Price: $26.00
Effective Customer Service Ten Steps for Technical Professions by Goetsch, David L., Davis, S... ISBN: 9780130485298 List Price: $24.40
Customer Services and User Training by Ardito, Stephanie C., Cunni... ISBN: 9780942308334 List Price: $50.00
Customer Service: Skills and Concepts for Business by Robert William Lucas ISBN: 9780256187427 List Price: $42.04
Skills for Consumer Success by Donnelly, Mary Queen ISBN: 9780538438643 List Price: $51.95
Management: Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations by Warren Richard Plunkett, Ra... ISBN: 9780538844963 List Price: $106.95
Equality in Managing Service Delivery by Collier, R. ISBN: 9780335197293 List Price: $47.95
Grocery Revolution The New Focus on the Consumer by Kahn, Barbara E., McAlister... ISBN: 9780673998804 List Price: $31.50
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