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As one of the most popular sectors of financial services, and one that you see all the big accountancy firms offering, you will be in demand with a qualification in corporate finance. Core areas you will study will include private equity and risk management. Why not prove that you are one step ahead of your classmates and prove your own equity and risk management skills are already in place by buying your corporate finance textbooks from the cheapest place possible, with a good reputation for high quality books? Well the good news is you don't need to shop around as you are already at the right place! We have a huge range of great quality and affordable corporate finance textbooks. To make sure you get exactly the books you want just type in the ISBN number from your college reading list, place your order, and we'll deliver your books to you in the comfort of your home. No unnecessary risk involved! We even buy back corporate finance textbooks.

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Corporate Finance by Berk, Jonathan, DeMarzo, Peter ISBN: 9780321540096 List Price: $160.00
Foundations of Corporate Finance With Infotrac by Hickman, Kent A., Hunter, H... ISBN: 9780324016390 List Price: $176.95
Essentials of Corporate Finance by Ross, Stephen A., Westerfie... ISBN: 9780072946734 List Price: $143.75
Fundamentals of Financial Management by Brigham, Eugene F. (Eugene ... ISBN: 9780324302691 List Price: $36.95
Applied Corporate Finance: A User's Manual by Aswath Damodaran ISBN: 9780471660934
Contemporary Financial Management with infotrac by McGuigan, James R., Moyer, ... ISBN: 9780324289084 List Price: $233.95
Principles of Project and Infrastructure Finance by Tan, Willie ISBN: 9780415415774 List Price: $62.95
Art of M&a Financing and Refinancing A Guide to Sources and Instruments for External Growth by Lajoux, Alexandra R., Shesh... ISBN: 9780070383036 List Price: $49.95
Analysis for Financial Management - Robert C. Higgins - Paperback - 3rd ed by Higgins, Robert C. ISBN: 9780256092349 List Price: $44.65
Modern Corporate Finance Theory and Practice by Chambers, Donald R., Lacey,... ISBN: 9780065010046 List Price: $88.00
New Corporate Finance Where Theory Meets Practice by Chew, Donald H., Jr. ISBN: 9780070110465 List Price: $49.35
Cost of Capital Intermediate Theory by Armitage, Seth ISBN: 9780521000444 List Price: $60.00
From Tank Town to High Tech by Nash, June C. ISBN: 9780887069383 List Price: $24.50
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Evaluation Package by Parrino, Robert, Kidwell, D... ISBN: 9780470414705 List Price: $165.95
Activities Workbook, Business Finance by Dlabay, Les, Burrow, James L. ISBN: 9780538445085
Corporate by Ross, Stephen A., Jaffe, Je... ISBN: 9780256152302 List Price: $31.25
Essen.of by Ross, Stephen A., Westerfie... ISBN: 9780256169874 List Price: $22.50
Case Problems in Finance by Kester, Carl, Mason, Scott,... ISBN: 9780256145960 List Price: $116.87
Solutions Manual Corporate Finance - Stephen A. Ross - Hardcover by Ross, Stephen A., Westerfie... ISBN: 9780256143799 List Price: $10.50
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance: Study Guide and Problem Manual by Ross, Stephen A., Westerfie... ISBN: 9780256135862 List Price: $25.00
Short-Term Financial Management by Maness, Terry S., Zietlow, ... ISBN: 9780155039711 List Price: $105.50
Student Problem Manual for Use With Corporate Finance by Ross, Stephen A., Westerfie... ISBN: 9780256094886 List Price: $24.95
Essen.of by Weston, J. Fred, Brigham, E... ISBN: 9780030929731 List Price: $12.50
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Ready Notes by Ross, Stephen A., Westerfie... ISBN: 9780256135909 List Price: $10.00
Corporate Finance (World Student) by Ross, Stephen A., Jaffe, Je... ISBN: 9780256108279 List Price: $35.50
The Modern Theory of Corporate Finance by Clifford W Smith ISBN: 9780070591097
Fund Corporate Finance 3e+Fin Calc by Ross, Stephen A. ISBN: 9780256176384 List Price: $78.00
Stud Spread Apps Dsk T/A Finl Mgmt 8e by Brigham, Eugene F., Gapensk... ISBN: 9780030186929 List Price: $35.17
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (Canadian) by Ross, Stephen A., Westerfie... ISBN: 9780256183351 List Price: $48.71
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance by Richard Brealey, Stewart My... ISBN: 9780077861629
Entrepreneurial Financial Management by Cornwall, Jeffrey R., Vang,... ISBN: 9780765622921 List Price: $69.95
Study Guide for Fundamentals of Corporate Finance by Berk, Jonathan, DeMarzo, Pe... ISBN: 9780132148337 List Price: $46.67
Optoelectronics by Emmanuel Rosencher, Borge V... ISBN: 9780030948701 List Price: $144.99
Study Guide for Brigham/Daves' Intermediate Financial Management, 10th by Brigham, Eugene F., Daves, ... ISBN: 9780324596977 List Price: $38.95
International Finance A Casebook by Desai, Mihir A. ISBN: 9780471737681 List Price: $128.95
Financial Analysis With Microsoft Excel by Mayes, Timothy R., Shank, T... ISBN: 9780324407501 List Price: $79.95
Principles of Managerial Finance by ITT, Gitman, Lawrence J. ISBN: 9780558755423
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance and Myfinance Student Access Code Card by Berk, Jonathan, DeMarzo, Pe... ISBN: 9780132479523
Principles of Managerial Finance by Gitman, Lawrence J. ISBN: 9780060424169 List Price: $57.50
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