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MP Consumer Behavior with DDB Data Disk by Hawkins, Delbert, Mothersba... ISBN: 9780077645557
Consumer Behavior (9th Edition) (MyMarketingLab Series) by Solomon, Michael R. ISBN: 9780136110927 List Price: $189.00
Consumer Behavior by Hoyer, Wayne D., MacInnis, ... ISBN: 9780547079929 List Price: $236.95
Consumer Behavior building Marketing Strategy by Hawkins, Delbert I., Mother... ISBN: 9780073261546 List Price: $168.94
Consumers by Arnould, Eric J., Price, Li... ISBN: 9780256133608 List Price: $127.80
Consumer Behavior by Solomon, Michael R. ISBN: 9780136015963 List Price: $186.67
Consumer Behavior and Managerial Decision Making by Kardes, Frank R. ISBN: 9780130916020 List Price: $177.33
Customer Behavior Consumer Behavior and Beyond by Mittal, Banwari, Newman, Br... ISBN: 9780030980169 List Price: $90.00
Consumer Behavior by Wayne D. Hoyer, Deborah J. ... ISBN: 9780618643721 List Price: $236.95
Consumer Behavior by Schiffman, Leon G., Kanuk, ... ISBN: 9780131869608 List Price: $186.67
Consumer Behavior Buying, Having, and Being by Solomon, Michael ISBN: 9780132186940 List Price: $180.00
Consumer Behavior Buying, Having, and Being by Solomon, Michael R. ISBN: 9780131404069 List Price: $160.00
Consumer Behavior by Kanuk, Leslie Lazar, Schiff... ISBN: 9780130841292 List Price: $117.33
CB 2008-2009 (with Review Cards and CB4ME.COM Printed Access Card) by Babin, Barry J., Harris, Eric ISBN: 9780324379747 List Price: $57.95
Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure by Woodside, Arch G., Woodside... ISBN: 9780851993225 List Price: $90.00
Exchanges Reading and Writing About Consumer Culture by Lardner, Ted, Lundberg, Todd ISBN: 9780321037992 List Price: $62.60
Stated Choice Methods Analysis and Applications by Louviere, Jordan J., Henshe... ISBN: 9780521788304 List Price: $66.00
Consumer Behavior Building Marketing Strategy by Hawkins, Delbert I., Best, ... ISBN: 9780072865493 List Price: $171.85
Cases in Consumer Behavior by McEnally, Martha ISBN: 9780130665584 List Price: $60.00
Consumer Behaviour by Blythe, Jim ISBN: 9781446266441
Shopper, Buyer, and Consumer Behavior Theory, Marketing Applications, and Public Policy Impl... by Lindquist, Jay D., Sirgy, M... ISBN: 9781931442084 List Price: $44.95
Mediation Analysis by Iacobucci, Dawn ISBN: 9781412925693 List Price: $17.95
Cases In Consumer Behavior by Houghton Mifflin Company Staff ISBN: 9780618441556 List Price: $39.95
Mathematics for Business by Brechne ISBN: 9780030966101
Consumer Behaviour in Tourism by Horner, Susan, Swarbrooke, ... ISBN: 9780750667357 List Price: $54.95
Consumer Behavior Buying, Having, and Being by Solomon, Michael R. ISBN: 9780130913609 List Price: $124.00
Global Marketing and Advertising Understanding Cultural Paradoxes by Mooij, Marieke K. de ISBN: 9781412914765 List Price: $59.95
Emotion And Reason in Consumer Behavior by Chaudhuri, Arjun ISBN: 9780750679763 List Price: $61.95
Semiotics of Consumption Interpreting Symbolic Consumer Behavior in Popular Culture and Work... by Holbrook, Morris B., Hirsch... ISBN: 9783110134919 List Price: $135.00
Consumers by Arnould, Eric J., Price, Li... ISBN: 9780072537147
Consumer Behavior Building Marketing Strategy by Hawkins, Delbert I., Best, ... ISBN: 9780256218954 List Price: $90.00
Consumption & Identity by Friedman, Jonathan ISBN: 9783718655922 List Price: $31.95
Children As Consumers A Psychological Analysis of the Young People's Market by Gunter, Barrie, Furnham, Ad... ISBN: 9780415185356 List Price: $27.95
Why People Buy by O'Shaughnessy, John ISBN: 9780195040876 List Price: $39.95
Essays in the Theory and Measurement of Consumer Behavior by Deaton, Angus ISBN: 9780521225656 List Price: $65.00
CONSUMER ECONOMIC ISSUES IN AMERICA by Garman, E. Thomas ISBN: 9780759320185 List Price: $89.95
Import Safety: Regulatory Governance in the Global Economy by Coglianese, Cary, Finkel, A... ISBN: 9780812242225 List Price: $42.50
You Can Do The Math Overcome Your Math Phobia And Make Better Financial Decisions by Lipsman, Ronald L. ISBN: 9780275983413 List Price: $31.95
Contemp.math.f/ by Brechne ISBN: 9780030181597 List Price: $10.25
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