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As part of managerial accounting you will learn about the importance of providing reports, frequent updates and key indicator information to managers within an organization. As someone who is already very competent with number and figures, you won't need us to point out to you that our discounted managerial textbooks are the cheapest available. We offer the exact same textbooks that you will find in your college bookshop, but we sell them for a fraction of the price. Here is another saving for you to bear in mind, a saving of your valuable time. When you order your textbooks through Valore Books we will deliver them to you at home so you can avoid the lengthy checkout lines at the campus bookstore. There is no need for complex spreadsheets, data or key indicators to help you work out that our managerial textbooks are the best possible value. It's just simple maths!

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Cost Management Measuring, Monitoring and Motivating Performance by Eldenburg, Leslie G., Kaciu... ISBN: 9780471655657 List Price: $64.95
Using Management Accounting Information A Decision Case Approach by Adams, Steven, Keller, Dona... ISBN: 9780324114621 List Price: $76.95
Financial and Managerial Accounting Study Guide, Chapters 15 to 25 A Basis for Business Deci... by Williams, Jan, Haka, Sue, B... ISBN: 9780072465846 List Price: $46.15
Vest-pocket Mba by Shim, Jae K., Siegel, Joel ... ISBN: 9780134603124 List Price: $39.95
Introduction to Cost and Production Functions by Heathfield, David F., Wibe,... ISBN: 9780391035072 List Price: $15.00
Finance+acct.f/nonfinancial Man.-w/cd by Finkler, Steven A. ISBN: 9780135472590 List Price: $19.95
Mp Financial And Managerial Accounting, With Ar, Tt, Olc W/pw Chapters 12-21 by Wild, John J., Larson, Kerm... ISBN: 9780073054322 List Price: $89.85
Financial And Managerial Accounting With Krispy Kreme Annual Report/net Tutor/power Web/topi... by Wild, John J., Larson, Kerm... ISBN: 9780073046846 List Price: $167.95
Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts by Edmonds, Thomas P., Edmonds... ISBN: 9780072473414 List Price: $30.63
Managerial Accounting for Business Decisions by Proctor, Ray, Burton, Nigel... ISBN: 9780273681557 List Price: $97.50
Primer for Benefit-Cost Analysis by Zerbe ISBN: 9781843768975 List Price: $130.00
Managerial Accounting by Garrison, Ray H., Noreen, Eric ISBN: 9780072324129 List Price: $35.15
Financial and Managerial Accounting The Basis for Business Decisions by Williams, Jan, Haka, Sue, B... ISBN: 9780072465921 List Price: $32.70
Topic Tackler Plus to Accompany Managerial Accounting by Garrison, Ray H., Noreen, E... ISBN: 9780072986167 List Price: $25.60
Mhla Student Token for Use With Cost Management: Strategies for Business Decisions by Hilton, Ronald, Maher, Mich... ISBN: 9780072299328 List Price: $16.25
Introduction to Accounting II - David A. Minars - Paperback by Minars, David A., Siegel, J... ISBN: 9780064671583 List Price: $12.00
CIMA Official Learning System Management Accounting Risk and Control Strategy by Agyei-Ampomah, Samuel, Coll... ISBN: 9780750684972 List Price: $61.95
Working Papers for Use With Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts by Edmonds, Thomas P., McNair,... ISBN: 9780072991086 List Price: $59.30
Working Papers, for Use With Financial & Managerial Accounting Chapters 1-14 a Basis for Bus... by Williams, Jan, Haka, Sue, B... ISBN: 9780072922707 List Price: $57.90
Managerial Accounting by Engler, Calvin ISBN: 9780256113501 List Price: $28.75
Management Accounting Performance Evaluation by Scarlett, Robert ISBN: 9780750686884 List Price: $61.95
CIMA Official Exam Practice Kit Performance Operations: 2010 Edition by Scarlett, Robert ISBN: 9781856177238 List Price: $32.95
Electronic Systems Effectiveness and Life Cycle Costing: Proceedings by Skwirzynski, J. K. ISBN: 9780387122878 List Price: $111.00
Cost-benefit Analysis by Layard, Richard, Glaister, ... ISBN: 9780521461283 List Price: $78.99
Introduction to Managerial Accounting by Brewer, Peter C., Garrison,... ISBN: 9780072917451 List Price: $24.15
Management Accounting The Cornerstone of Business Decisions by Hansen, Mowen, Maryanne M.,... ISBN: 9780324189810 List Price: $36.95
Managerial Accounting Tools For Business Decision Making by Weygandt, Jerry J., Kieso, ... ISBN: 9780471416524 List Price: $23.95
Finance for Executives Managing for Value Creation by Hawawini, Gabriel, Viallet,... ISBN: 9780324117752 List Price: $93.95
Ramblewood Manufacturing Inc by Mansuetti, Leland, Weidkamp... ISBN: 9780072348156 List Price: $67.85
Accounting for Managers by Willimson, James, Francia, ... ISBN: 9780931920387 List Price: $79.95
Essential Finance and Accounting for Managers by Chadwick, Leslie ISBN: 9780273646488 List Price: $87.50
Cases in Management Accounting Current Practices in European Companies by Lukka, Kari, Groot, Tom ISBN: 9780273646167 List Price: $95.00
Introduction to Management Accounting by MacDonald ISBN: 9780538844994 List Price: $50.95
Environmental Issues - Lawrence G. Hines - Paperback by Hines, Lawrence G., Hill, C... ISBN: 9780393093315
College Math F/Management and Social Science by Tan, Soo T. ISBN: 9780871503541
Management Accounting-Decision Making Managerial Level by Wilks, Colin ISBN: 9780750667128 List Price: $52.95
Management Accounting - Decision Making: May 2002 Exam Questions and Answers by Chartered Institute of Mana... ISBN: 9781859715307 List Price: $9.95
CIMA Revision Cards Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law by Sagar, David ISBN: 9780080965833 List Price: $14.95
392. Decision Management by Avis, Jo ISBN: 9780080964744 List Price: $215.00
CIMA Official Learning System - Performance Operations, Sixth Edition by Scarlett, Robert ISBN: 9781856177221 List Price: $55.95
Introduction to Management Accounting 5th Edition: Student Guide by Horngren, Charles T. ISBN: 9780134877853 List Price: $11.95
Decision Analysis and Information Systems by Anderson, Hershal, Blakeney... ISBN: 9780918937254 List Price: $30.00
CIMA Official Learning System Fundamentals of Management Accounting by Walker, Janet ISBN: 9780750689557 List Price: $61.95
Managerial Accounting by Garrison ISBN: 9780256032628 List Price: $21.95
Intermediate Accounting-text by Baginski, Stephen P., Hasse... ISBN: 9780538840866 List Price: $91.95
Financial Acct.:focus on Dec..-std.gde. by Knapp ISBN: 9780538876612 List Price: $18.25
Management Acct. by Ketz, J. Edward, Campbell, ... ISBN: 9780155546677 List Price: $74.50
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