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As part of managerial accounting you will learn about the importance of providing reports, frequent updates and key indicator information to managers within an organization. As someone who is already very competent with number and figures, you won't need us to point out to you that our discounted managerial textbooks are the cheapest available. We offer the exact same textbooks that you will find in your college bookshop, but we sell them for a fraction of the price. Here is another saving for you to bear in mind, a saving of your valuable time. When you order your textbooks through Valore Books we will deliver them to you at home so you can avoid the lengthy checkout lines at the campus bookstore. There is no need for complex spreadsheets, data or key indicators to help you work out that our managerial textbooks are the best possible value. It's just simple maths!

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Controlling and Analyzing Costs in Food Service Operations by Keiser, James R. ISBN: 9780023626715
Financial Reporting (UK) Standards May 2004 Exam Q&As by CIMA Publishing Staff, Eato... ISBN: 9780750662994 List Price: $16.95
Management Accounting Case Study May 2004 Exam Q&as by CIMA Staff, Eaton, Graham ISBN: 9780750663083 List Price: $16.95
Management Accounting Financial Strategy May 2003 Exam Questions and Answers by CIMA Publishing Staff, Eato... ISBN: 9780750661607 List Price: $12.95
Cost Benefit Analysis for Irrigation and Drought Proofing by Puttaswamaiah, K. ISBN: 9788120403697
Basic Management Accounting for the Hospitality Industry by Chibili, Michael ISBN: 9789001796358
Problems for Management Accounting I by Cheng, Peter ISBN: 9781881592372 List Price: $10.00
Value Added Statements by CIMA Publishing Staff ISBN: 9781851850860 List Price: $2.95
Working Papers : Managerial Accounting Information by Albright, Thomas L., Hill, ... ISBN: 9780538867184
Managerial Accounting by Jiambalvo, James ISBN: 9780538828482
ATE Cost Effectiveness by Miltest Staff ISBN: 9781870208093
Management Accounting Case Study by Williams, John, Sims, Adrian ISBN: 9781859715147 List Price: $44.95
Management Accounting- Information Strategy by Lewin, Alan ISBN: 9781859715130 List Price: $49.95
Management Accounting- Financial Strategy by Parkinson, Christine, Ogilv... ISBN: 9781859715123 List Price: $49.95
Financial Reporting International Standards by Robins, Paul, Gowthorpe, Ca... ISBN: 9781859715062 List Price: $44.95
Financial Accounting UK Standards by Rolfe, Tom ISBN: 9781859715031 List Price: $44.95
Business Taxation by Docherty, Thomas, Barbour, ... ISBN: 9781859715024 List Price: $49.95
Finance by Ogilvie, John, Ormord, Phillip ISBN: 9781859715017 List Price: $49.95
Financial Accounting Fundamentals by Lunt, Henry, Weaver, Margaret ISBN: 9781859714966 List Price: $49.95
Management Accounting Computing Terminology by Franks, Ray ISBN: 9781859714591 List Price: $19.95
Management Accounting in Practice : The Lecturer's Manual by Coates, Jeffrey, Stacey, Ra... ISBN: 9781874784067 List Price: $41.95
Management Accounting in Practice by Coastes, Ken, Coates, Jeffr... ISBN: 9781874784364 List Price: $21.95
Accounting Model by Thomsen, C. Torben ISBN: 9781879024007 List Price: $14.95
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