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Hardly a day has gone by over the past few years when the financial world has not been mentioned in our news headlines. The financial world has taken a battering and the worldwide economic crisis has left many people fearing all things financial. However, finance is a large and growing area of study. We have a huge range of discounted financial textbooks to get you on the right track with your studies. Whether you are looking to focus on accounting, analysis, financial reporting, valuation, financial statements, corporate reports, or earnings management to name but a few areas, we have a great range of financial textbooks to meet your needs. The books we sell are exactly the same as the ones available from your college bookshops but we offer them at a fraction of the price. Ours are the cheapest books available. All the new and used financial textbooks are of great quality and will be mailed to you in the comfort of your home or dorm. When you are done with your books at the end of your course make the most of our buyback service.

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Consolidated Financial Statements Concepts, Issues and Techniques by Taylor, Paul ISBN: 9780063183728 List Price: $50.00
Uniform System of Financial Reporting for Clubs by CMAA Staff ISBN: 9780787221478 List Price: $39.95
Cases in Financial Reporting,revised by Hirst, D. Eric ISBN: 9780131494480 List Price: $35.25
What is Sarbanes-oxley? by Lander, Guy P. ISBN: 9780072979886
Financial Accounting by Sorter, George H., Ingberma... ISBN: 9780070597396 List Price: $48.25
Analysis+use of Financial Statements by White, Gerald I., Sondi, As... ISBN: 9780471584704 List Price: $72.95
Introduction to Financial Statement and Cash Flow Analysis by Morse, Davis, Wayne R. ISBN: 9780538856058 List Price: $17.95
Financial Audit Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations 1996 and 1995 Financial Statements by Sebastian, Steven J. ISBN: 9780788141935 List Price: $25.00
Elements of Accounting An Introduction by Whittington, Geoffrey ISBN: 9780521424493 List Price: $46.00
Corporate Financial Reporting Text and Cases by Brownlee, Richard, II, Ferr... ISBN: 9780256124057 List Price: $74.85
Interpreting and Analyzing Financial Statements by Schoenebeck, Karen P. ISBN: 9780130183767 List Price: $29.00
Interpreting Company Reports (10th Edition) by Sugden, Alan, Holmes, Geoff... ISBN: 9780273711414 List Price: $64.00
Ireland by Brennan, Niamh, O'Brien, Fr... ISBN: 9780415063159 List Price: $114.95
Introductory Financial Accounting and Reporting by Smith, Barry ISBN: 9780335241255
Financial Accounting : Excel Working Papers - Tools for Business Decision Making by Kimmel, Paul D., Weygandt, ... ISBN: 9780470887943 List Price: $61.95
The Elements of Accounting: An Introduction by Geoffrey Whittington ISBN: 9780521413923 List Price: $54.95
171. Statements by Schoenebeck, Karen P. ISBN: 9780138875145 List Price: $17.85
Financial Accounting and Corporate Reporting:A Casebook by Kenneth R Ferris ISBN: 9780256166965 List Price: $73.12
Financial Statement Analysis by Gibson, Charles H. ISBN: 9780324023565 List Price: $40.95
Modern Theory of Financial Reporting - Lawrence D. Brown - Paperback by Brown, Lawrence D. ISBN: 9780256037234 List Price: $34.95
Financial Accounting, Reporting And Analysis International by Elliott, Barry J., Elliott,... ISBN: 9780273646921 List Price: $126.00
Business Analysis and Valuation: Ifrs Edition - Text Only by Palepu, Krishna G. ISBN: 9781844804931
FASB, Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts 1-6 by Unknown ISBN: 9780256081442 List Price: $15.95
Practice Problem in Financial Statement Analysis - Sarah A. A. Holmes - Paperback by Holmes, Sarah A., Strawser,... ISBN: 9780873937467 List Price: $12.95
Financial Accounting Theory Two: Issues and Controversies by Keller, Thomas F., Zeff, St... ISBN: 9780070334960 List Price: $16.95
Financial Accounting and Corporate Reporting: A Casebook by Ferris, Kenneth R. ISBN: 9780256075632 List Price: $34.95
Financial Statement Analysis: A Strategic Perspective by Stickney, Clyde P. ISBN: 9780155274709 List Price: $73.00
Seventh Directive Options and Their Implementation by Federation des Experts Comp... ISBN: 9780415098571 List Price: $123.95
Uk Financial Reporting by Gordon, Paul D., Gray, Sidn... ISBN: 9780415116459 List Price: $32.95
International Financial Reporting and Analysis: A Contextual Emphasis by Mark E. Haskins, Kenneth R.... ISBN: 9780256139983 List Price: $104.75
Corporate Financial Reporting+anal. by Hawkins, David F. ISBN: 9780256025873 List Price: $74.85
Markrich Sportsworld, Inc.: An Audit Practice Case by Charles L. Holley ISBN: 9780256092110 List Price: $63.55
Survey of Accounting by Louderback, Joseph G., III,... ISBN: 9780314010414 List Price: $53.00
Peach Blossom Cologne Co.-text Only by Paul, Jack W. ISBN: 9780256095463 List Price: $38.95
Financial Management-text Only by Rao, Ramesh K. ISBN: 9780538844321 List Price: $76.95
Financial Audit Irs's Fiscal Years 2003 And 2002 Financial Statements by Walker, David M. ISBN: 9780756730215 List Price: $35.00
Interpreting Company Reports and Accounts by Sugden, Alan, Gee, Paul, Ho... ISBN: 9780273695462 List Price: $99.50
Cases in Finan.statement Report.+anal. by Bernstein, Leopold A., Maks... ISBN: 9780256125849 List Price: $45.75
Corporate Financial Reporting: Text and Cases by E. Richard Brownlee ISBN: 9780256166224 List Price: $95.90
International Introduction to Financial Accounting by Alexander, David, Nobes, Ch... ISBN: 9780273646785 List Price: $20.01
Interpreting Company Reports and Accounts by Holmes, Geoffrey, Sugden, A... ISBN: 9780273655923
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