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Are humans more than just flesh? Is the spirit world real? Does witchcraft really work? If these questions have been on your mind, or even if you're just curious, then you may want to explore a few Body, Mind and Spirit textbooks at Valore Books. These types of books survey a diverse range of topics, including:

History and Witchcraft
Books on history and witchcraft explore different historical perspectives of witchcraft and provide information on popular topics like the punishments leveled to sorcerers in ancient Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations as well as more recent events such as the Salem witch trials.

Psychics and Parapsychology
Psychics have been the focus of popular attention throughout the ages; with this in mind, books in this genre provide information not only about the history, ability and results of psychic readings, but also on how to cope with growing up as a psychic. Moreover, books on parapsychology often discuss material such as psycho-kinesis, telepathy, reincarnation and apparitions.

Religion and Magic
Religions and magic have often been linked together . either in harmony or antagonism. Body, Mind and Spirit textbooks may offer looks at various examples of different religions and their take on magic and the spirit world.

Spirituality and Meditation
These books explore subjects of spirituality and meditation. Because it is a feature of holistic healing, many counselors have found that meditation enhances the impact of counseling. Therefore, counselors encourage their clients to connect with their spiritual side and to find calm. Meditation techniques are used not only in healing depression and anxiety but also be to boost concentration and quality of life.

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Programs and Tools to Improve the Quality of Mental Health Services by Kass-Bartelmes, Barbara L. ISBN: 9781422310595 List Price: $15.00
State Regulation of Residential Facilities for Adults with Mental Illness by Ireys, Henry ISBN: 9781422310359 List Price: $20.00
Doctrina y Valores : Herencia de los Hijos by Castillo, Edwin ISBN: 9781427633477
Crecer en la Fe Católica : Formación Sacramental que dura toda una Vida by Mora, Elisa, PastoralPlanni... ISBN: 9781427637512 List Price: $4.35
Treatise on Angel Magic : Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks by McLean, Adam ISBN: 9781437969030 List Price: $19.00
Selected Conjurations from the Lemegeton and Other Rituals by White, Nelson H. ISBN: 9781877884191 List Price: $18.00
Modern Lilly by Warren, Adrienne, Ward, Sue ISBN: 9781878935076 List Price: $20.00
Complete Course in Predictive Astrology : Self - Taught Version by Bratcher-Nelson, Bobbye, Wi... ISBN: 9781878935083 List Price: $150.00
Christian Astrology by Lilly, William, Wiggers, Ca... ISBN: 9781878935038 List Price: $80.00
Practical Approach to Lilly Vol. 1 : Traditional Horary Study Guide by Bratcher-Nelson, Bobby, Wig... ISBN: 9781878935045 List Price: $20.00
Christian Astrology Vol. 1 : Introduction to Astrology - The Basics by Lilly, William, Wiggers, Ca... ISBN: 9781878935007 List Price: $20.00
Astrologer's Guide : Anima Astrologia by Lilly, William, Coley, Henr... ISBN: 9781878935243 List Price: $18.00
Christian Astrology by Lilly, William, Wiggers, Ca... ISBN: 9781878935250
Regiomontanus Table of Houses by Justus and Assocs. Staff, W... ISBN: 9781878935144 List Price: $18.00
Introduction to Astrology : A Brief and Most Easy Introduction to the Astrological Judgment ... by Dariot, Claudius, Wiggers, ... ISBN: 9781878935151 List Price: $20.00
Simplified Chart Calculations : Step by Step Instructions by Bratcher-Nelson, Bobbye, Wi... ISBN: 9781878935137 List Price: $12.00
Remembrance : Healing Teachings and Stories by Jeshua, Hiller, David, Hill... ISBN: 9781878555069 List Price: $5.95
Teachings for the Fourth Density Aquarian Volume 1 : The Teachings by Chief Little Summer, Warm N... ISBN: 9781880440018 List Price: $19.95
Outside Looking In : The Near-Death Experience by Bahr, Rosemary S., Runyan, ... ISBN: 9781881604006 List Price: $35.00
Twilight of the Gods by Baran, Michael ISBN: 9781883147235 List Price: $25.00
Black Book of Faust : The grimoire of the true Faust by BOTNL Staff, I.G.O.S. Socie... ISBN: 9781883147228 List Price: $50.00
Sexual Sorcery by Teal, John, Tyr, Val ISBN: 9781883147099 List Price: $65.00
Sexual Sorcery : Sex Magic by Teal, John, Tyr, Val ISBN: 9781883147105 List Price: $65.00
Black Book of Faust : True Grimoire of the Real Faust by BOTNL Staff, I.G.O.S. Socie... ISBN: 9781883147211 List Price: $50.00
Pleneurethics : A Philosophical System Uniting Body, Brain and Mind by Collier, Richard B., Terrey... ISBN: 9781882152070 List Price: $11.95
Pleneurethics : A Philosophical System Uniting Body, Brain and Mind by Collier, Richard B., Terrey... ISBN: 9781882152063 List Price: $17.95
Growing up Psychic : A Spiritual Journey by Grady, Harvey ISBN: 9781883876050
Beyond the Astral Planes by Parke, Solitaire ISBN: 9781885431004 List Price: $21.95
Three Peaks : A Model for Understanding Truth by Lareau, George A. ISBN: 9781885570116 List Price: $9.95
Comparison of God : Jonah 4 by Purdy, Gary ISBN: 9781885702500 List Price: $3.25
Comparison of God : Jonah 4 by Purdy, Gary ISBN: 9781885702517 List Price: $1.25
Star from Heaven by Al-Naqshbandi, Shaykh Nazim ISBN: 9781898863045
Comprehensive Exam for Modern Greek 2001-2010 Student by (Trakatellis), Archbishop D... ISBN: 9781584380313 List Price: $1.00
Spirit, Soul and Body by Whetstone, Gary V. ISBN: 9781588660886 List Price: $340.00
Total Healing by Unknown ISBN: 9781593520106 List Price: $12.99
Transference, Love, and the Spiritual Journey : Fall in Love to Know God by Kane, Mary M. ISBN: 9781556053887 List Price: $24.00
Mysteries of the Druids : The Veil of Isis by Reade, W. Winwood ISBN: 9781571792723 List Price: $9.98
Advanced Psychotronic Course Vol. 1 : Radionic Explained by Tyr, Val, Blanchard, Robert ISBN: 9781571790644 List Price: $49.95
Encyclopedia of Shamanism Volume 2 by Pratt, Christina ISBN: 9781615114122 List Price: $120.00
Encyclopedia of Shamanism Volume 2 (Hardcover) by Pratt, Christina ISBN: 9781615114153 List Price: $366.00
Encyclopedia of Shamanism Volume 1 by Pratt, Christina ISBN: 9781615114085 List Price: $120.00
Encyclopedia of Shamanism Volume 1 (Hardcover) by Pratt, Christina ISBN: 9781615114115 List Price: $366.00
Shine in Kashmir by Amerincan Publishing ISBN: 9780982681206 List Price: $26.78
Knowing Alex : Life with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum by Reisenauer, Cindy, Reisenau... ISBN: 9781614682424 List Price: $14.95
Knowledge Reduces Fear : A Reasource for End of Life Education by Karnes, Barbara ISBN: 9780983784135 List Price: $5.00
We Are One : Yoga Meditations for Children by Chiu, Belinda, Chiu, Belinda ISBN: 9780990931126 List Price: $39.99
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