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Are humans more than just flesh? Is the spirit world real? Does witchcraft really work? If these questions have been on your mind, or even if you're just curious, then you may want to explore a few Body, Mind and Spirit textbooks at Valore Books. These types of books survey a diverse range of topics, including:

History and Witchcraft
Books on history and witchcraft explore different historical perspectives of witchcraft and provide information on popular topics like the punishments leveled to sorcerers in ancient Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations as well as more recent events such as the Salem witch trials.

Psychics and Parapsychology
Psychics have been the focus of popular attention throughout the ages; with this in mind, books in this genre provide information not only about the history, ability and results of psychic readings, but also on how to cope with growing up as a psychic. Moreover, books on parapsychology often discuss material such as psycho-kinesis, telepathy, reincarnation and apparitions.

Religion and Magic
Religions and magic have often been linked together . either in harmony or antagonism. Body, Mind and Spirit textbooks may offer looks at various examples of different religions and their take on magic and the spirit world.

Spirituality and Meditation
These books explore subjects of spirituality and meditation. Because it is a feature of holistic healing, many counselors have found that meditation enhances the impact of counseling. Therefore, counselors encourage their clients to connect with their spiritual side and to find calm. Meditation techniques are used not only in healing depression and anxiety but also be to boost concentration and quality of life.

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Manifest Destiny : The Path Towards Wisdom by Brown, Jamere ISBN: 9780989529907
God's Message Tree by Curtiss, Brenda ISBN: 9780982496145 List Price: $10.95
Muki by Moonlight by Mer, Mer ISBN: 9780985636098 List Price: $24.95
Pentecostals in the Academy : Testimonies of Call by Fettke, Steven, Waddell, Robby ISBN: 9781935931263 List Price: $17.95
Global Prayer Teams by Shaw, Ryan, Shaw, Kelly, Sh... ISBN: 9780985231453
SAT Essentials Kit by Sisca Pace, Patricia, Sisca... ISBN: 9780982144916 List Price: $70.00
2013 Astrological Almanac : Ship of Fools by Coppock, Austin ISBN: 9780983255024 List Price: $25.00
White Flag : Surrender the Wall by Witt, Ally ISBN: 9780615750309 List Price: $10.00
Mantic by Alsop, Maureen ISBN: 9780988735514 List Price: $12.00
Alternate-Universe Nightmare by Lin, Tao, Before Sunrise Pr... ISBN: 9780988643215 List Price: $9.99
Chemistry 356 Lab Manual, Spring 2013, 7E by Chemistry Dept. ISBN: 9781600365782
Beyond Surviving : From Religious Oppression to Queer Activism by Johnson, Joshua Moon ISBN: 9780985766139 List Price: $16.99
Only 2 Religions : A User's Guide to the TruthXchange Evangelism Tool by Main Entry Editions, Main E... ISBN: 9780985295011 List Price: $5.99
My Soul Speaks : Inspirations from Life Experiences by Davis, Garland D. ISBN: 9780983414223 List Price: $12.99
So, What's Your Point? : Finding Your Way in a Chart Your Own Adventure Culture by Sciacca, Fran, Sciacca, Fra... ISBN: 9780985967604 List Price: $25.00
Genesis and Beyond : A Systematic Theology of the Beginnings by Gabric, Larry ISBN: 9780988475809 List Price: $15.99
Halleli Nafshi Youth Edition : A Weekday Siddur for Youth by Bardack, Amy, Naditch, Beth ISBN: 9780983662334 List Price: $27.00
MIMACHAN's Red Coat : Red Coat Big City by Groube, Prudence, Groube, P... ISBN: 9780985275112 List Price: $16.95
Venture Clubs Explorers Workbook L : Exploper's Workbook L by Eager, George B. ISBN: 9781938041112 List Price: $7.00
Space and Time by Keshavamurti ISBN: 9788120713833 List Price: $15.95
Bible Doctrines in Q and A : Knowing Bible Truths by Phelps, Neil ISBN: 9780985355210 List Price: $10.99
Growth of the Female Mind : Sincerity and Severity by Werner, Soni S. ISBN: 9781936665105 List Price: $12.00
Invasion of the Cults by Scadron, Dale A., Maurseth,... ISBN: 9780615765389 List Price: $10.99
Supernatural England by Maple, Eric ISBN: 9780709163732
It's Like a Quest : To Conquer Fear and Live Happily Ever After by Pepper, Ben ISBN: 9780985632922 List Price: $11.00
Yard Flowers by Johnson, Willie, Jr. ISBN: 9780985124137 List Price: $7.00
I-Dig : International Disciples Group by Martin, Krista, Wu, Eric, R... ISBN: 9780983584834 List Price: $12.95
Adventures of the B Plane Girl : Child of Vision, Part I by sandoval, angel-rose ISBN: 9780983162223 List Price: $0.99
How Coyote Created the Milky Way by Tremblay, Lisa, Tremblay, L... ISBN: 9780983408017 List Price: $15.00
How Coyote Created the Milky Way by Tremblay, Lisa ISBN: 9780983408000 List Price: $15.00
Called to Follow Student Journal by Passport ISBN: 9781938810039 List Price: $2.99
Women and Reiki Energetic/holistic Healing in Practice by Macpherson, Judith ISBN: 9781845531546
Witchcraft, Magic, And Demonology New Perspectives by Unknown ISBN: 9780815336761 List Price: $24.95
Indian Alchemy or Rasayana In the Light of Asceticism and Geriatrics by Madhihassan, S. ISBN: 9788120807884 List Price: $14.00
Back2School Volume 2 Student Journal by Passport ISBN: 9781938810091 List Price: $5.00
Freedom, for Kids : A Journey to Freedom in Christ by Fuston, Linda ISBN: 9780988300316 List Price: $15.00
Living in the Reality of Spirit by Posner, Jay ISBN: 9781634521581 List Price: $19.99
ئاوڕەکەی ئۆرفی... by Ali, Backtyar ISBN: 9781630689605 List Price: $10.00
Body (You Love) Creation Cards by Lonnsburry, Boni ISBN: 9781941322109 List Price: $7.95
Fortune Reading Cards by Star, Sharina, Crookes, Ric... ISBN: 9781925017373
Success Through Stillness : Meditation Made Simple by Simmons, Russell, Morrow, C... ISBN: 9781592409082 List Price: $16.00
Own Your Story : The Invitation by Bock, Jodee ISBN: 9780978572228 List Price: $16.95
Ayahuasca Nights by Martin, Jason ISBN: 9781938697548 List Price: $22.95
Knowing Alex : Life with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum by Reisenauer, Cindy, Reisenau... ISBN: 9781614682424 List Price: $14.95
Knowledge Reduces Fear : A Reasource for End of Life Education by Karnes, Barbara ISBN: 9780983784135 List Price: $5.00
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