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Are humans more than just flesh? Is the spirit world real? Does witchcraft really work? If these questions have been on your mind, or even if you're just curious, then you may want to explore a few Body, Mind and Spirit textbooks at Valore Books. These types of books survey a diverse range of topics, including:

History and Witchcraft
Books on history and witchcraft explore different historical perspectives of witchcraft and provide information on popular topics like the punishments leveled to sorcerers in ancient Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations as well as more recent events such as the Salem witch trials.

Psychics and Parapsychology
Psychics have been the focus of popular attention throughout the ages; with this in mind, books in this genre provide information not only about the history, ability and results of psychic readings, but also on how to cope with growing up as a psychic. Moreover, books on parapsychology often discuss material such as psycho-kinesis, telepathy, reincarnation and apparitions.

Religion and Magic
Religions and magic have often been linked together . either in harmony or antagonism. Body, Mind and Spirit textbooks may offer looks at various examples of different religions and their take on magic and the spirit world.

Spirituality and Meditation
These books explore subjects of spirituality and meditation. Because it is a feature of holistic healing, many counselors have found that meditation enhances the impact of counseling. Therefore, counselors encourage their clients to connect with their spiritual side and to find calm. Meditation techniques are used not only in healing depression and anxiety but also be to boost concentration and quality of life.

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Magic Power of Witchcraft by Frost, G. ISBN: 9780135453681 List Price: $9.95
Gemisphere Luminary by Katz, Michael, Hall, Kather... ISBN: 9780924700750 List Price: $14.95
Students Resolving Conflict Peer Mediation in Schools by Cohen, Richard ISBN: 9781596470521 List Price: $19.95
Ten Ways to Meditate by Reps, Paul ISBN: 9780834802568 List Price: $9.95
Magic, Science, & Health the Aims and Achievements of Medical Anthropology by Anderson, Robert A. ISBN: 9780155008281 List Price: $123.95
Edgar Cayce in Context The Readings Truth and Fiction by Johnson, K. Paul ISBN: 9780791439067 List Price: $29.95
Fool's Cycle-Full Cycle: Reflections on the Great Trumps of the Tarot by Roszak, Theodore ISBN: 9780931191077 List Price: $4.95
Mathematical Modeling of Earth's Dynamical Systems: A Primer by Slingerland, Rudy, Kump, Lee ISBN: 9780691145136 List Price: $99.50
Poems of Love and Loss by Walker, Richard, Saar, Shal... ISBN: 9780615320847 List Price: $8.50
False Prophet Evil Architect of the New World Order by Klein, Ken, Brown, Ann ISBN: 9780963636508 List Price: $12.00
Dogen on Meditation And Thinking A Reflection on His View of Zen by Kim, Hee-Jin ISBN: 9780791469255 List Price: $65.50
Meditation: Waking Up to Life by Azevedo, Americ ISBN: 9781935551034 List Price: $18.95
Pleneurethics: A New Concept of Healing, Vol. 1 by Collier, Richard B., Terrey... ISBN: 9781882152094 List Price: $11.95
Dictionary of Alchemical Imagery by Abraham, Lyndy ISBN: 9780521631853 List Price: $83.99
Understanding Religious Experiences by Ellens, J. Harold ISBN: 9780275995478
New Feminist Tarot by Freer, Jean ISBN: 9780809570577 List Price: $29.00
Tarot the Open Labyrinth by Pollack, Rachel ISBN: 9780809570607 List Price: $25.00
Introduction to Kinesiology by Wallace, Stephen ISBN: 9781621311539
Tarot Mirrors: Reflections of Personal Meaning by Greer, Mary K. ISBN: 9780809561315 List Price: $45.00
You Can Have It All by Patent, Arnold M., Gray, John ISBN: 9781885223050 List Price: $16.95
Sun by Rustad, Martha E. ISBN: 9780736832625
Shadow & Light Literature & the Life of Faith by Tippens, Darryl, Weathers, ... ISBN: 9780891120698 List Price: $44.95
Raman's 110 Year Ephemeris of Planetary Positions/1891-2000 Ad by Raman, Bangalore V. ISBN: 9788185273921 List Price: $8.00
Common Sense Tarot: A Complete Guide to Tarot Reading As Entertainment by Benares, Camden ISBN: 9780809561773 List Price: $25.00
Early Modern European Witchcraft Centres and Peripheries by Ankarloo, Bengt, Henningsen... ISBN: 9780198203889 List Price: $55.00
An Introduction to Feng Shui by Bruun, Ole ISBN: 9780521682176 List Price: $26.99
Magical Religion and Modern Witchcraft by Lewis, James R. ISBN: 9780791428900 List Price: $34.95
Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion: An Anthropological Study of the Supernatural by Lehmann, Arthur C., Myers, ... ISBN: 9780874848984 List Price: $36.95
Archaeology of Shamanism by Price, Neil S. ISBN: 9780415252553 List Price: $41.95
Self-Guided Tour to the State of Happiness : Cameo Tarot Collages by Victor, Cameo ISBN: 9780970402400 List Price: $39.00
Psychic Energy and Aggression by Moriarty, David M. ISBN: 9780875274867 List Price: $32.50
Helping Yourself with Numeroloy by Hitchcock, Helyn ISBN: 9780133867565 List Price: $9.95
Health and Healing by Duncan, Denis ISBN: 9780715206157 List Price: $45.00
Silent Cry Mysticism and Resistance by Soelle, Dorothee ISBN: 9780800632663 List Price: $25.00
Divine Faith and Miracles by Wingate, Douglas ISBN: 9780983709107 List Price: $17.95
Witchcraft Reader by Oldridge, Darren ISBN: 9780415214926 List Price: $125.00
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