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A biography is an account of somebody's life written by a person other than the subject of the book, and they are usually descriptions of and tributes to people who have led extraordinary and often inspiring lives. On the other hand, an autobiography (a memoir) is an account a person has written of his/her life himself/herself. Notably, Valore Books features an extensive collection of biography and autobiography textbooks, include these popular titles:

Le Morte d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory
This book is a biography of King Arthur, and it discusses his Knights of the Round Table. The Round Table was a historic example of the exhibition of equality in stature and rights, which defined King Arthur's rule.

Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
This heart-wrenching book is a self-account of a young Jewish girl living in Nazi Germany; it is actually a published version of Anne Frank's personal diary.

A Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela
This famous text by Nelson Mandela discusses his early years, his foray into politics and his imprisonment on Robben Island.

Hitler by Ian Kershaw
In his book, Hitler, Ian Kershaw provides an account of Hitler's life up until 1936. The book is an fascinating study of Hitler both as a politician and a fanatic ideologist.

Albert Einstein: A Biography by Trevor Lipscombe and Alice Calaprice
Written by Trevor Lipscombe and Alice Calaprice, this book examines the life of Albert Einstein; it also provides a brief introduction to his many contributions to the field of science.

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Victims The Lds Church and the Mark Hofmann Case by Turley, Richard E., Jr. ISBN: 9780252018855 List Price: $31.95
The Poetry of Sculpture by Weishan, Wu, Weishan ISBN: 9789812790071 List Price: $99.00
The Moral and Political Writings of Mahatma Gandhi: Volume II: Truth and Non-Violence by Mahatma Gandhi ISBN: 9780198247555 List Price: $118.00
The Student-Athlete's College Recruitment Guide by Benjamin, Ashley B., Cauthe... ISBN: 9780816076635 List Price: $14.95
Obama: Year One by Dye, Thomas R., Edwards, Ge... ISBN: 9780205798223 List Price: $28.80
Longman Companion to Napoleonic Europe by Emsely, Clive ISBN: 9780582072251 List Price: $33.00
The Rise and Fall of a Frontier Entrepreneur: Benjamin Rathbun, "Master Builder and Architect" by Roger Whitman, Scott G. Ebe... ISBN: 9780815626947 List Price: $45.00
At the Fall of Somoza (Pitt Latin American Series) by Lawrence Pezzullo, Ralph Pe... ISBN: 9780822937562 List Price: $34.95
The Correspondence of Roger Williams by Williams, Roger, LaFantasie... ISBN: 9780874513868 List Price: $125.00
African-American Inventors III (Capstone Short Biographies) by Susan K. Henderson, Fred M.... ISBN: 9781560656982 List Price: $23.93
Encyclopedia of Women and Sports - Victoria Sherrow - Hardcover by Sherrow, Victoria ISBN: 9780874368260 List Price: $75.00
Emma Goldman: American Individualist by Chalberg, John C., Carnes, ... ISBN: 9780321370730 List Price: $23.60
Women in Sports History by Osborne, Carol A., Skillen,... ISBN: 9780415619073 List Price: $125.00
Benjamin and William Franklin Father and Son, Patriot and Loyalist by Skemp, Sheila L. ISBN: 9780312086176 List Price: $17.05
The Politics of the Presidency by Pika, Joseph A., Maltese, J... ISBN: 9780872894693 List Price: $64.95
American Made Shapers of the American Economy by Livesay, Harold C. ISBN: 9780321076199 List Price: $47.60
Unique Considerations of the Female Athlete by Brunet, Michael ISBN: 9781401897819 List Price: $52.95
Distinguished Asian American Business Leaders by Smith, Henrietta M., Hiraha... ISBN: 9781573563444 List Price: $81.95
Slave and Citizen The Life of Frederick Douglass by Huggins, Nathan I. ISBN: 9780673393425 List Price: $23.20
Roman People by Kebric, Robert B. ISBN: 9780072869040 List Price: $61.75
Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison by Seaver, James E., Namias, J... ISBN: 9780806127170 List Price: $24.95
Abraham Lincoln and the Union (Library of American Biography Series) by Oscar Handlin, Lilian Handlin ISBN: 9780673393401 List Price: $34.20
Anne Hutchinson: Dangerous Woman (Library of American Biography Series) by Hall, Timothy D. ISBN: 9780321476210 List Price: $22.20
Gregory Nazianzen by Daley, Brian E. ISBN: 9780415121811 List Price: $31.95
Napoleon by Ellis, Geoffrey ISBN: 9780582437524 List Price: $32.00
Bernard of Clairvaux by Evans, Gillian R. ISBN: 9780195125269 List Price: $50.00
Stalinism New Directions by Fitzpatrick, Sheila ISBN: 9780415152341 List Price: $43.95
Closing the Chart A Dying Physician Examines Family, Faith, and Medicine by Hsi, Steven D., Belshaw, Ji... ISBN: 9780826330376 List Price: $24.95
Danish Photographer Of Idaho Indians Benedicte Wrensted by Scherer, Joanna Cohan, Wutt... ISBN: 9780806136844 List Price: $29.95
Tupaia : Captain Cook's Polynesian Navigator by Druett, Joan A. ISBN: 9780313387487
Women Founders Sociology and Social Theory, 1830-1930 by Lengermann, Patricia Madoo,... ISBN: 9780070371699 List Price: $51.50
Being+becoming Indian by Clifton, James A. ISBN: 9780534109981 List Price: $22.95
John Marshall Defender of the Constitution by Stites, Frances N. ISBN: 9780673393531 List Price: $22.40
Unaccommodated Calvin Studies in the Foundation of a Theological Tradition by Muller, Richard A. ISBN: 9780195151688 List Price: $60.00
The Changing American Presidency: New Perspectives on Presidential Power by Richard Waterman ISBN: 9781592602865 List Price: $153.95
Presidents and Foreign Policy Countdown to Ten Controversial Decisions by Drachman, Edward R., Shank,... ISBN: 9780791433409 List Price: $31.95
Transformative Presidency : Barapb by Schier, Steven E. ISBN: 9781442201798 List Price: $29.95
Life of Isamu Noguchi Journey Without Borders by Duus, Masayo, Duus, Peter ISBN: 9780691127828 List Price: $27.95
Cambridge Companion To Anselm by Davies, Brian, Leftow, Brian ISBN: 9780521002059 List Price: $35.99
Lucille Clifton Her Life And Letters by Lupton, Mary Jane ISBN: 9780275984694 List Price: $44.95
R. E. Lee A Biography by Freeman, Douglas S. ISBN: 9781931313360 List Price: $35.95
Writing Lives in Sports Biographies, Life-Histories, and Methods by Bale, John, Bale, John, Chr... ISBN: 9788779340848 List Price: $33.00
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