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Biographies and autobiographies can reveal a lot about someone's life in a particular field. Here we provide the chance for you to buy cheap business textbooks about the lives of many famous business people. Among the cheapest titles you can buy you'll find Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business, the biography of JP Morgan, Bill Gates an Unauthorized Biography and Distinguished Asian American Business Leaders. We stock many more titles as well, including more general titles in addition to those on specific business people. In short, if you are looking to buy or rent used business textbooks, including biographies and autobiographies, you will find exactly what you need here. Make sure you sell your business books back to us once you have finished your coursework too, as we can provide an even bigger array to other students if you do. Our buyback service is never less than popular.

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Oil Man : The Story of Frank Phillips and the Birth of Phillips Petroleum by Wallis, Michael ISBN: 9780806146768 List Price: $19.95
Deeley, Motorcycle Millionaire by Hilliard, Frank ISBN: 9781551430256 List Price: $12.95
Eitel Time - Eitel - Paperback by Eitel ISBN: 9780155036215
It Wasn't All Work : An Autobiography by Cooke, Stanley G. ISBN: 9780721206868
Strategies Successes Senior: Executives Speak Out by Larwood, Laurie, McLimore, ... ISBN: 9780060443542 List Price: $20.33
British Business Elite: Its Attitudes to Class, Status and Power by Fidler, John ISBN: 9780710007704 List Price: $40.00
Ford : The Men and the Machine by Lacey, Robert ISBN: 9780771045820
Harriman vs. Hill : Wall Street's Great Railroad War by Haeg, Larry ISBN: 9781452939902 List Price: $29.95
Safeway Story : Making It Happen by Pratt, Bill ISBN: 9781920785840
Riding the Storm by Bannatyne, Duncan ISBN: 9781847941190
Selecting Managers : How British Industry Recruits by Gill, Deirdre ISBN: 9780852922729
Stolen Justice: One Women's Triumph Over Hate, Deception and Corporate Greed by Foote, Tseghe, Mathews, Cas... ISBN: 9780970177605
Henry J. Kaiser, American Empire Builder: An Insiders View by Heiner, Albert P. ISBN: 9780820410265 List Price: $59.95
Beyond the Model T: The Other Ventures of Henry Ford by Bryan, Ford R. ISBN: 9780814322369 List Price: $39.95
To Brighten All Our Future Days : The Life of F. M. Petree and the Story of Oklahoma City Un... by Byrd-Mauldin, Pamela ISBN: 9780962335716 List Price: $12.95
Donald Trump : Profile of a Real-Estate Tycoon by Payment, Simone ISBN: 9781615117932 List Price: $63.90
Right or Wrong : The Memoirs of Lord Bell by Bell, Tim, Vallance, Charle... ISBN: 9781472909350
Harriman vs. Hill : Wall Street's Great Railroad War by Haeg, Lawrence Peter ISBN: 9780816683659
Bushara Suleiman Nour and the Zaghawa Aptitude for Trade, Darfur, Sudan by Tom, Abdullahi Osman El-, N... ISBN: 9781569023945
Bushara Suleiman Nour and the Zaghawa Aptitude for Trade, Darfur, Sudan by Tom, Abdullahi Osman El-, N... ISBN: 9781569023952
Lords of Creation by Allen, Frederick Lewis ISBN: 9780598991539 List Price: $153.50
Steve Jobs by Isaacson, Walter ISBN: 9781501127625
Castle in the Clouds : Tom Plant and the American Dream by Rodrigue, Barry ISBN: 9780991542703 List Price: $15.00
Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie by Carnegie, Andrew ISBN: 9780692022825
Some Reminiscences of an Industrialist by Brown, Donaldson ISBN: 9780608372778 List Price: $53.40
Maximalist : The Rise and Fall of Tony O'Reilly by Cooper, Matt ISBN: 9780717167210
Unscripted : My Ten Years in Telly by Sugar, Alan ISBN: 9781509803064
Fall of the House of Speyer : The Story of the Banking Dynasty by Liebmann, George W. ISBN: 9780857729286
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