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If you are studying art at college and you want to buy cheap prints textbooks, we can provide you with a large selection of affordable titles. Many of them are available at discounted prices - some by as much as 50% and often much more. You can also sell your prints books back at a later point if you wish, so whatever books you buy you can be sure of getting a good price when you sell back to us. Some of the titles we stock include Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography, Prints and People, The Actor's Image and How Prints Look. As you can see, if you are eager to rent used prints textbooks you can certainly find a distinct array of superb titles here and now. Buy prints textbooks online from our easy to use marketplace and you'll see why many other students love coming to us for the best deals around.

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My Favorite American Quick Print by Austin ISBN: 9780536006493 List Price: $18.50
Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography by Wu, Banqiu, Kumar, Ajay ISBN: 9780071549189
Prints of Paul Jacoulet by Miles, Richard ISBN: 9780903697132 List Price: $50.00
Susan Rothenberg the Prints: A Catalogue Raisonne by Rachel R. Maxwell, Jeremy L... ISBN: 9780944751008 List Price: $20.00
Impressions of Forty Years : The Prints of Kenneth Kerslake by Perkins, Larry D., Pulin, C... ISBN: 9780962938429
Educating the Eye: Prints from the Elesh Collection by Gallant, Aprile, Yanari, Sa... ISBN: 9780942946017 List Price: $10.00
Prints and People by Mayor, A. Hyatt ISBN: 9780691003269 List Price: $45.00
Limited Edition Prints : The Artist and the Printshop by Alonzo, Pedro, Klanten, Robert ISBN: 9783899555110
Moralizing Prints of Cornelis Anthonisz by Armstrong, Christine M. ISBN: 9780691040622
The Prints of Emil Ganso by Donald E. Smith, Emil Ganso ISBN: 9780838635933 List Price: $69.50
Reading Prints: A Selection of 16th to Early 19th Century Prints from the Menil Collection by Glassman, Elizabeth, Field,... ISBN: 9780939594146 List Price: $12.50
Looking at Old Prints - John Booth - Paperback by Booth, John ISBN: 9780906853061
Engraved Gardens - Cordelia Jones - Hardcover by Jones, Cordelia, MacGregor,... ISBN: 9781851830169 List Price: $34.00
Bibliography on American Prints of the Seventeenth through the Nineteenth Centuries by Georgia Brady Barnhill ISBN: 9781584561934 List Price: $65.00
Stow Wengenroth's Lithographs A Supplement by Stuckey, Ronald, Stuckey, Joan ISBN: 9780960883400 List Price: $35.00
How Prints Look by Ivins, William M., Jr., Coh... ISBN: 9780807066461 List Price: $19.95
Black and White since Nineteen Sixty: Prints from the Reba and Dave Williams Collection by Williams, Reba, Williams, D... ISBN: 9780962107726 List Price: $5.00
The Actor's Image by Clark, Timothy A. R. ISBN: 9780691036274
From dark to light: Wood engravings for the Stone House Press by De Pol, John, Digby, John, ... ISBN: 9780937035092 List Price: $75.00
SOLO Impression Inc: An exhibition organized by the College of Wooster Art Museum : August 2... by Gouma-Peterson, Thalia, Fin... ISBN: 9780960465880 List Price: $25.00
John A. Noble : The Complete Lithographs by Urban, Erin ISBN: 9780318651224
Warrington Colescott : Forty Years of Printmaking: A Retrospective, 1948-1988 by Cox, Richard, Overland, Car... ISBN: 9780932900197 List Price: $19.95
Helen Loggie by Friedman, Ann, Clark-Langag... ISBN: 9781878237026 List Price: $2.00
We, the People? : Satiric Prints of the 1930s by Masteller, Richard N. ISBN: 9781880269053 List Price: $5.00
Fresh Impressions : Early Modern Japanese Prints by Putney, Carolyn M., Brown, ... ISBN: 9780935172515 List Price: $49.95
Engraving on Wood by Farleigh, John ISBN: 9780852195963 List Price: $7.50
Gustave Baumann : Nearer to Art by Krause, Martin F. ISBN: 9780890132524
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