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If you are studying art history, you'll need to buy used history textbooks to help you work your way through your art course. We stock pre-owned books on all areas of art history, including ancient and classical, medieval, prehistoric and primitive and even Romanticism. With more than a thousand titles available, you can buy used history textbooks for your art course here and now. These textbooks are renowned for being expensive, but we don't charge a huge price here. We can provide enormous percentage discounts off the list price, as you'll see if you check the column below. Affordable, pre-owned and ready to buy, you can also rent history textbooks online from us. Don't go elsewhere when you can get the best deals you possibly can right here. Remember, we also have a buyback service that caters for lots of history text books on art, so don't sit on books you don't need anymore.

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Language of Images in Roman Art by Hölscher, Tonio, Elsner, Ja... ISBN: 9780521665698 List Price: $36.99
History of Art Combined and Revised by Janson, Anthony F. ISBN: 9780131057425 List Price: $121.27
Five Faces of Modernity by Calinescu, Matei ISBN: 9780822307679 List Price: $26.95
Visual Arts A History by Honour, Hugh, Fleming, John ISBN: 9780131551138 List Price: $94.40
Visual Arts A History by Honour, Hugh, Fleming, John ISBN: 9780131935075 List Price: $138.40
Roman Art in Context An Anthology by D'Ambra, Eve ISBN: 9780137818082 List Price: $39.60
Roman Eyes Visuality and Subjectivity in Art and Text by Elsner, Jas ISBN: 9780691096773 List Price: $58.00
Mind`s Eye Art And Theological Argument in the Medieval West by Bouche, Anne-Marie, Hamburg... ISBN: 9780691124766 List Price: $49.95
Awakenings Zen Figure Painting in Medieval Japan by Levine, Gregory, Lippit, Yukio ISBN: 9780300119640 List Price: $65.00
Art Across Time Prehistory to the Fourteenth Century by Adams, Laurie Schneider ISBN: 9780072965254 List Price: $136.44
Art History, Volume 2, Books a la Carte Plus NEW MyArtsLab (4th Edition) by Stokstad, Marilyn, Cothren,... ISBN: 9780205216017 List Price: $100.67
Roman Art Romulus to Constantine by Ramage, Nancy H., Ramage, A... ISBN: 9780131504875 List Price: $104.40
The Patron's Payoff: Conspicuous Commissions in Italian Renaissance Art by Zeckhauser, Richard J., Nel... ISBN: 9780691125411
Russian Genre Painting in the Nineteenth Century by Gray, R. P. ISBN: 9780198208754 List Price: $224.99
Gardner's Art through the Ages (with Infotrac) by Kleiner, Fred S., Mamiya, C... ISBN: 9780534167035 List Price: $75.75
Modern Art Culture: A Reader by Frascina, Francis, Frascina... ISBN: 9780415231510
Gothic Art Glorious Visions by Camille, Michael ISBN: 9780135701775 List Price: $17.50
Roman Copies of Greek Sculpture by Ridgway, Brunilde Sismondo ISBN: 9780472100385 List Price: $59.50
Psychology of Perspective and Renaissance Art by Kubovy, Michael ISBN: 9780521253765 List Price: $49.95
Reality Through the Arts (6th Edition) by Dennis J. Sporre ISBN: 9780131958586 List Price: $156.80
Thinking and Writing About Art History by Reid, Donna K. ISBN: 9780131830509 List Price: $31.20
Art History by Stokstad, Marilyn ISBN: 9780136054092 List Price: $72.40
Mainstreams of Modern Art by Canaday, John ISBN: 9780030576386 List Price: $154.95
Documentary History of Art The Middle Ages and the Renaissance by Holt, Elizabeth G. ISBN: 9780691003337 List Price: $29.95
Gardner's Art Through the Ages: Non-Western Perspectives by Fred S. Kleiner, Christin J... ISBN: 9780495003656 List Price: $132.95
Art-As-Art The Selected Writings of Ad Reinhardt by Rose, Barbara, Reinhardt, R... ISBN: 9780520076709 List Price: $26.95
Gardner's Art Through the Ages (Non-InfoTrac Version) by Fred S. Kleiner, Christin J... ISBN: 9780155083158 List Price: $113.95
Art Across Time The Fourteenth Century to the Present by Adams, Laurie Schneider ISBN: 9780072466775 List Price: $75.65
Transformations in Late Eighteenth Century Art by Robert Rosenblum ISBN: 9780691003023 List Price: $62.95
Gardner's Art Through the Ages With Art Study and Infotrac by Kleiner, Fred S., Mamiya, C... ISBN: 9780534642006 List Price: $108.95
Reality Through the Arts (5th Edition) by Dennis J. Sporre ISBN: 9780131831148 List Price: $137.00
Century of Artists' Books by Drucker, Johanna ISBN: 9781887123013 List Price: $24.95
Gardner's Art Through the Ages: Ancient, Medieval, and Non-European Art by Horst De LA Croix, Richard ... ISBN: 9780155037700 List Price: $50.54
What Do You See? Phenomenology of Therapeutic Art Expression by Betensky, Mala G., Rubin, J... ISBN: 9781853022616 List Price: $39.95
Graven Image Representation in Babylonia and Assyria by Bahrani, Zainab ISBN: 9780812236484 List Price: $59.95
History of Western Art with Core Concepts CD-ROM by Adams, Laurie Schneider ISBN: 9780072510386 List Price: $78.10
Other Icons Art and Power in Byzantine Secular Culture by Maguire, Eunice Dauterman, ... ISBN: 9780691125640 List Price: $58.00
Pictorial Invention in Netherlandish Manuscript Illumination of the Late Middle Ages The Pla... by Marrow, James H., Marrow, J... ISBN: 9789042916159 List Price: $35.00
Art in An Age of Revolution,1750-1800 by Boime, Albert ISBN: 9780226063324 List Price: $35.00
Basic History of Art by Janson, Anthony F. ISBN: 9780135787748 List Price: $54.00
Art after Modernism: Rethinking Representation by Wallis, Brian, Wallis, Bria... ISBN: 9780879236328 List Price: $23.95
Byzantine Masterpiece Recovered, the Thirteenth-Century Murals of Lysi, Cyprus - Annemarie W... by Carr, Annemarie W., Morrocc... ISBN: 9780292781177 List Price: $37.50
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