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If it's medieval times you are interested in, it's well worth looking into the architectural side of things from this era. Buy used medieval textbooks from our collection today and discover the many secrets of architecture that hail from this period in history. Look out for books such as Medieval Architecture in Western Europe: From AD 300 to 1500; The Gothic Cathedral: Origins of Gothic Architecture and the Medieval Concept of Order; Crusader Castles; and Studies in the Layout, Buildings and Art in Stone of Early Irish Monasteries. We offer rental prices on some of our pre-owned books as well as purchase prices, so consider this as an option if it suits you to do so. Our prices are clearly marked in red so you can always see what you will pay and how much you can save. Affordable prices are our specialty so make sure you take full advantage of them now.

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Studies in Castles and Castle-Building by Taylor, A. J. P. ISBN: 9780907628514 List Price: $65.00
Crusader Castles by Lawrence, T. E., Pringle, D... ISBN: 9780198229643 List Price: $140.00
Anglo-Saxon Architecture by Taylor, H. M. ISBN: 9780521224826 List Price: $105.00
Building in England Down to 1540 A Documentary History by Salzman, Louis F. ISBN: 9780198171584 List Price: $105.00
Romanesque Architectural Criticism by Tina Waldeier Bizzarro ISBN: 9780521410175 List Price: $75.00
Castles+cathedrals by Aldred, David, McAleavy, Tony ISBN: 9780521428422 List Price: $15.95
Medieval Architecture in Western Europe From A.D. 300 to 1500 by Calkins, Robert G. ISBN: 9780195112412 List Price: $79.95
Master Builders of Byzantium by Ousterhout, Robert ISBN: 9781934536032
Medieval Armenian Architecture Constructions of Race and Nation by Maranci, Christina, Maranci... ISBN: 9789042909397 List Price: $50.00
Gothic Cathedral Origins of Gothic Architecture and the Medieval Concept of Order by Von Simson, Otto Georg ISBN: 9780691018676 List Price: $29.95
Architecture and Ideology in Early Medieval Spain by Dodds, Jerrilynn ISBN: 9780271013251 List Price: $39.00
A Votre Tour! by Valette, Jean-Paul, Valette... ISBN: 9780669355581 List Price: $44.36
Survey of Medieval Castles of Anatolia II Nicomedia by Foss, Clive ISBN: 9781898249078 List Price: $35.00
Britain's Medieval Castles by Hull, Lise E. ISBN: 9780275984144 List Price: $49.95
Architecture of Castles: A Visual Guide - R. Allen Brown - Hardcover by Brown, R. Allen ISBN: 9780816011469 List Price: $16.95
Rise of the Castle by Thompson, M. W. ISBN: 9780521375443 List Price: $49.95
English Castles Explained - Trevor Yorke - Paperback by Yorke, Trevor ISBN: 9781853068195
Excavations at Portchester Castle Saxon by Cunliffe, Barry W. ISBN: 9780854312290 List Price: $65.00
Contrasts & True Principles of Pointed or Christian Architecture by Pugin, A. W. N. ISBN: 9780954361549 List Price: $70.00
Ancient Churches Revealed by Yoram Tsafrir ISBN: 9789652210166 List Price: $39.95
Gothic Architecture & Its Meaning 1550 - 1830 by Worsley, Giles ISBN: 9780954361501 List Price: $60.00
Medieval Architecture,medieval Learning by Radding, Charles M., Clark,... ISBN: 9780300049183 List Price: $40.00
Der Syrische Kirchenbau by Beyer, Hermann W. ISBN: 9783110057058 List Price: $145.80
Castles of the Rhine Recreating the Middle Ages in Modern Germany by Taylor, Robert R. ISBN: 9780889203150 List Price: $34.95
A medieval triptych (Medieval and Renaissance monograph series) by Vesce, Thomas E. ISBN: 9780941107037 List Price: $15.00
The Impact of the Edwardian Castles in Wales by Kenyon, John, Williams, Diane ISBN: 9781842173800 List Price: $70.00
Ecole Grecque dans L'Architecture Byzantine by Millet, Gabriel, Grabar, Andre ISBN: 9780902089709
Studies in the Layout, Buildings and Art in Stone of Early Irish Monasteries by Herity, Michael ISBN: 9780907132813 List Price: $260.00
Die Kathedrale Von Reims by Hamann-Mac Lean, Richard, S... ISBN: 9783515050005
Studies of Gothic Architecture by Branner, Robert ISBN: 9781904597353
42. Early Medieval... by Dodds, Jerrilynn ISBN: 9780271006710 List Price: $49.50
A Votre Tour Workbook/Laboratory Manual by Marie-Claire Antoine, Sophi... ISBN: 9780669355598 List Price: $70.95
Year 1300 and the Creation of a New European Architecture by Opacic, Z., Gajewski, Alexa... ISBN: 9782503522869 List Price: $96.00
Summoning St Michael Early Romanesque Towers in Lincolnshire by Stocker, D.A., Everson, Paul ISBN: 9781842172131 List Price: $120.00
Scottish Medieval Churches by Cruden, Stewart ISBN: 9780859761048 List Price: $65.00
Faith, Art and Politics at Saint-Riquier: The Symbolic Vision of Angilbert by Rabe, Susan A. ISBN: 9780812232080 List Price: $37.95
French Gothic Architecture 12th+13th C. by Bony, Jean ISBN: 9780520028319 List Price: $150.00
Master Builders of Byzantium by Ousterhout, Robert G. ISBN: 9780691005355 List Price: $90.00
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