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Our purchase and rental prices are easy to see and easy to read, so you'll always know just how much you will save. Here you have an excellent opportunity to buy cheap residential textbooks that focus on this area of architecture alone. Among our ever changing collection we have books such as Understanding Construction Drawings; Homes and Interiors; Reading Architectural Plans for Residential and Commercial Construction; and House Form and Culture. As you can see, building residential homes is very different from constructing other buildings. That's why we recommend you buy or rent used residential textbooks to gain further insight into this fascinating area. With our help you can get access to all the text books you need and find the cheapest deals you could ever want. We provide a huge selection of pre-owned and affordable books so you will always have access to the knowledge you need to succeed.

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Homes & Interiors by Sherwood, Ruth F., McGraw-H... ISBN: 9780078744204 List Price: $63.88
The Lost World of Old Europe: The Danube Valley, 5000-3500 BC by Anthony, David W., Chi, Jen... ISBN: 9780691143880 List Price: $49.95
Understanding Construction Drawings by Huth, Mark W. ISBN: 9781435464476 List Price: $147.95
Building by the Book: Pattern Book Architecture in New Jersey by Guter, Robert P. ISBN: 9780813518480 List Price: $34.95
Busy Lives at Amarna: Excavations in the Main City (Grid 12 and the House of Ranefer, N49.18... by Barry J. Kemp, A. Stevens ISBN: 9780856981975 List Price: $130.00
The Villa As Hegemonic Architecture by Reinhard Bentmann, Michael ... ISBN: 9780391037571 List Price: $49.95
Minaret Building and Apprenticeship in Yemen by Marchand, Trevor ISBN: 9780415695442
Residential Housing & Interiors by Kicklighter, Clois E., Kick... ISBN: 9781590703045 List Price: $72.00
Lustron Homes The History of a Postwar Prefabricated Housing Experiment by Fetters, Thomas T. ISBN: 9780786411337 List Price: $55.00
People Who Lived in Big Houses by Coupland, G., Banning, E. B. ISBN: 9781881094159 List Price: $54.00
House Form and Culture by Rapoport, Amos ISBN: 9780133956733 List Price: $47.20
House: The Wounded Healer on Television by Hockley, Luke, Gardner, Leslie ISBN: 9780415479134 List Price: $34.95
Construction of Houses by Marshall, Duncan, Worthing,... ISBN: 9780728204867 List Price: $48.95
My Houses in Provence/Mes Maisons En Provence by Dallas, Robert ISBN: 9781896209906 List Price: $49.95
Housing Decisions by Lewis, Evelyn L., Turner, C... ISBN: 9781590705339 List Price: $66.64
Structure And Meaning in Human Settlements by Atkin, Tony, Rykwert, Joseph ISBN: 9781931707831 List Price: $59.95
Chinese Earth-Sheltered Dwellings: Indigenous Lessons for Modern Urban Design by Gideon S. Golany ISBN: 9780824813697 List Price: $39.00
Cosa IV the Houses, Vol. 38 by Bruno, Vincent J., Scott, R... ISBN: 9780271007823 List Price: $70.00
House: The Wounded Healer on Television by Hockley, Luke, Gardner, Leslie ISBN: 9780415479127 List Price: $100.00
Residential Housing & Interiors by Kicklighter, Clois E., Kick... ISBN: 9781590703076 List Price: $160.00
Chinese House Craft, Symbol and the Folk Tradition by Knapp, Ronald G. ISBN: 9780195851151 List Price: $24.95
Texas Log Buildings A Folk Architecture by Jordan, Terry G., Jordan, T... ISBN: 9780292780514 List Price: $30.00
Atrium Comes of Age by Saxon, Richard ISBN: 9780582093850 List Price: $74.95
The Complete Book of Home Environmental Hazards by Roberta Altman ISBN: 9780816024193 List Price: $12.95
Stallcup's One and Two Family Dwelling's Based on the 1996 Nec, Codes and Standards by Stallcup, James G., Stallcu... ISBN: 9781885341167 List Price: $42.95
Vernacular Houses in North Yorkshire and Cleveland by Harrison, Bill, Hutton, B. ISBN: 9780859760911 List Price: $47.50
Vernacular Mudbrick Architecture in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt And the Design of the Dakhleh O... by Schijns, Wolf, Kaper, Olaf ... ISBN: 9781842170595 List Price: $45.00
Greenwood Encyclopedia of Homes through American History by Paradis, Thomas W. ISBN: 9780313334962
Making Home in Havana by Lawless, Cecelia, Pietropao... ISBN: 9780813530949 List Price: $44.95
Anatomy of Architecture: Ontology and Metaphor in Batammaliba Architectural Expression by Blier, Suzanne Preston ISBN: 9780521321730 List Price: $65.00
Modern Manors Welfare Capitalism Since the New Deal by Jacoby, Sanford M. ISBN: 9780691007434 List Price: $27.95
Houses in Herculaneum: A New View on the Town Planning and the Building of Insulae III and I... by Richard E. L. B. De Kind ISBN: 9789050635172 List Price: $111.00
Imagining the Turkish House: Collective Visions of Home by Bertram, Carel ISBN: 9780292718265 List Price: $24.95
Imagining the Turkish House: Collective Visions of Home by Carel Bertram ISBN: 9780292718258 List Price: $70.00
The English Parsonage in the Early Nineteenth Century by Brittain-Catlin, Timothy ISBN: 9781904965169 List Price: $60.00
Lost Houses of East Yorkshire by Neave, David, Waterson, Edward ISBN: 9780951396605 List Price: $35.00
Busy Lives at Amarna: Excavations in the Main City (Grid 12 and the House of Ranefer, N49.18... by Kemp, Barry J., Stevens, An... ISBN: 9780856981951 List Price: $130.00
Roman Domestic Architecture of Northern Italy by George, Michele ISBN: 9780860548614
Medieval Peasant House in Midland England by Alcock, Nat, Miles, Dan ISBN: 9781842175064
New Orleans Christmas by Warren, Bonnie, Gerber, Che... ISBN: 9781455619856 List Price: $29.95
English Houses An Estate Agent's Companion by Munro, Bruce ISBN: 9780728204539 List Price: $45.95
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