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Old items and antiques are precious treasures that reflect a particular age or time period. They may be valued for their rarity, unique features, and historical worth. People have always been interested in discovering the significance of such precious pieces, which may be collected for business, pleasure, or educational purposes. But only people who understand the worth of such collectibles can appreciate them. For such people, there are plenty of antiques and collectibles textbooks available. These books aim to share information regarding antiques and collectibles. At ValoreBooks, you can search for and compare prices on these books, finding them at prices you can actually afford.

Value of antiques and collectibles textbooks
Antiques and collectibles textbooks uncover the worth of the items they discuss, focusing on the historical significance. These books contain a lot of valuable information that may be useful for those who are doing research.

Range of antique and collectibles textbooks
Antiques and collectibles textbooks cover their subjects from unique angles that include: the methods of preserving these valued items, their origin, the artistic value they represent, and information on how to buy or sell them. These books also cover topics including: learning about the identity and value of antiques and collectibles, tips for buying the right art items, and getting to know the price guides for antiques. In addition to these, you can find information on archaeological collections, marble antiques, precious gems, museum collectibles, classic antiques, Byzantine and early Mediaeval antiques, Greek, Egyptian and Japanese antiques, English pottery, and more.

Purpose of antiques and collectibles textbooks
The purpose of antiques and collectibles textbooks is to share knowledge on these collections for educational and informational purposes.

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Louis Comfort Tiffany by McKean, Hugh F., Frankhanel... ISBN: 9783817020126
Indianerpuppen : Zwischen Kult und Spiel by Zalfen, Margret ISBN: 9783817010196
Barbie - Vom Kinder - Zum Sammlertraum by Gessat, Karl-Heinz ISBN: 9783817010127
Kaleidoscope by Guanzhong, Wu ISBN: 9780760525890 List Price: $195.00
Monete Italiane Del Museo Nazionale Del Bargello by Toderi, Giuseppe, Toderi, F... ISBN: 9788859602385
Monete italiane del Museo Nazionale del Bargello: Volume V. Lazio - Italia Meridionale - Sic... by Giuseppe Toderi, Fiorenza V... ISBN: 9788859604655 List Price: $140.00
Bulgarian Coins Catalog : 1881-2004 by Bulphila Ltd. ISBN: 9789549066661
Bottles of Old Sacramento No. 20, Pt. I : A Study of Nineteenth-Century Glass and Ceramic Re... by Rivers, B. J., Hales, M. M.... ISBN: 9781555674694 List Price: $21.88
Anthology Vol. 3 : Universal K Postal Markings by Unknown ISBN: 9781880065068 List Price: $12.50
Panama - Pacific International Exposition : Postal Markings by Savadge, David ISBN: 9781880065211 List Price: $16.00
Sammy en la Granja by Urmston, Kathleen, Evans, K... ISBN: 9781578743117 List Price: $5.95
Restoring Toys : A Practical Guide by Perry, Doreen ISBN: 9781852190026
Phillips Collectors Notebook by Silent Books Staff ISBN: 9781851830015
Introduction to Wrist Watches by Lattimore, Colin R. ISBN: 9781851830275
Fundmuenzen Aus der Stadtgrabung Von Pergamon by Voegtli, Hans ISBN: 9783110132298
Spaetantike Bildschmuck des Konstantinsbogen : Text Volume and Volume with Plates by L'Orange, Hans P., Von Gerk... ISBN: 9783110022490
Knidos : Die Muenzen des 6 und des 5. Jahrhunderts V. Chr. by Cahn, Herbert A. ISBN: 9783110025385 List Price: $80.00
Coinage of Gela by Jenkins, G. Kenneth ISBN: 9783110025361 List Price: $128.00
Collecting and Dynastic Ambition by Bracken, Susan, G´┐Żldy, Andr... ISBN: 9781443814010
Ely Wares (East Anglian Archaeology,) by Paul Spoerry ISBN: 9781904452300 List Price: $40.00
Bildersprache Minoischer Und Mykenischer Siegel by Wohlfeil, Jutta Beate ISBN: 9780860548713
Bounty Killer by Saine, Henry, Dodson, Jason ISBN: 9781938655265 List Price: $8.99
Cultura Bizantina, Oggetti e Messaggio : Moneta Ed Economia by Guillou, Andre, Odorico, Pa... ISBN: 9788870625677
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum : Anamur Museum by Tekin, Oguz, Altnoluk, Senc... ISBN: 9789758071548
European Gold Coins Guide Book by Schlumberger, Hans ISBN: 9780317550733 List Price: $25.00
U. S. Liberty Head $20 Double Eagles : The Gilded Age of Coinage by Bowers, Q. David, Galiette,... ISBN: 9780988740310 List Price: $49.95
Heritage Auctions US Coin Auction Catalog 1198 by Unknown ISBN: 9781599679167
WW II US Censor Enclosure Slips and Return to Sender Labels by Carter, Russ ISBN: 9780977064984 List Price: $40.00
Revenge Trading Cards Season 1 Hobby Pack by Unknown ISBN: 9781617682544 List Price: $3.50
Dirigible: Steampunk style notebook by Noble Tree Publishing ISBN: 9780989398176 List Price: $7.10
Butter Prints : The Rogers Collection by Unknown ISBN: 9780991250219 List Price: $30.00
Bucket Town : Woodenware and Wooden Toys from Hingham, Massachusetts, 1635-1945 by Bray, Derin ISBN: 9780615975375 List Price: $50.00
Victoria : The Enduring Legacy of Lady Alexander by Buese, Denise ISBN: 9780615965550 List Price: $35.00
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