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Sell inventory in bulk to hundreds of buyers

The Marketplace is the home to hundreds of textbook buyers. Over 1.5 MILLION textbooks are available for instant buyback on the marketplace daily at industry high prices. Obtain the highest instant value for your unneeded inventory by placing it in front of over 20 large buyers and thousands of smaller buyers in a single file upload, on one screen! There's no commitment, and see pricing for your inventory in minutes. Turn your used textbooks into cash now using our instant online sellback tools.

  • Submit A Textbook Inventory List
  • Sell To The Highest Bidder From Our Network Of Hundreds Of Buyers
  • Ship To One Location
  • Get Paid Highest Prices For Your Unsold Inventory
  1. Register for a Textbook Liquidation Account

    Your representative will contact you within 1 business day to set up your account.

  2. Submit Inventory List

    Your list can be sent in any file format. The file must include the following fields: ISBN-13, and Quantity.

  3. Obtain Highest Instant Buyback Offers

    After uploading your inventory list, you'll be able to view the highest instant offer for each textbook with the ability to export. Review, edit and accept the offers you'd like to cash in with one click.

  4. Ship All Your Textbooks to One Location

    Once you have created a sellback order, ship all your textbooks to one location where ValoreBooks processes and distributes the textbooks to the appropriate buyer, allowing you to reap the benefits of high pricing associated with multiple buyers, and simplicity of shipping to one.

  5. Get Paid

    Once the books have been received, we issue one payment to you via your preferred method of payment.