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E-book Reading Devices

E-books have gone mainstream! The latest announcements on airlines include: "Please turn off all electronic devices, including electronic book readers...." That translates into a home run for e-books. They have arrived!

Of course, e-books can just as easily read on a computer or laptop. That's what the first e-books were created for. But now e-books are more commonly read on e-book reading devices like the iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo and a host of other dedicated devices.

The list of e-book readers, and format they read in, is growing yearly. The good news is that new technologies make these devices more durable and easier to see in all lighting situations.

E-books can also be read on handheld computers (aka Pocket PCs, or PDAs). These pocket-sized devices are popular with people on the go, and can carry an astounding amount of memory!

Smartphones are combined PDAs and cellphones, and like PDAs, they are great e-book readers for people with long commutes on public transport. Try an e-book on your Nexus One.

Last year during Read an E-Book Week we had a list, and link, to the most popular e-book readers. This year there are simply too many to keep track of. Instead, here's a few great links to learn about e-book readers -- past, present and future!

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