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E-book Week Contests - 2013

Read an E-Book Week is fortunate to have sponsorship from E Ink this year. They will provide two e-readers as prizes during the week, as well as hosting several contests on their social media site on Facebook.

March 5th Contest for the Kindle Paperwhite:

Which organization is providing e-readers and e-books to children in Africa? Send your answer to

The answer is Worldreader. Our winner is Gary L. of Texas.

Did you know you can donate your used Kindle to Worldreader? These e-readers provide almost immediate access to hundreds of thousands of books, from textbooks to bestsellers. Some e-readers also have added features such as text-to-speech for new readers, the vision-impaired, or children whose parents cannot read or whose native language is not the language of instruction. And, digital distribution makes possible the publication of much more local content, including newspapers, magazines, flyers and newsletters, health and voting information.

To donate your used Kindle to Worldreader send an e-mail to

March 7th Contest for the NOOK Simple Touch Reader by Barnes & Noble:

Which Institute is working on an interface that will allow ebook readers to "page" or "flip" through the ebook just like a paper book. Send your answer to

The winner is: Ellen H. of Los Angeles, CA Ellen correctly identified KAIST Institute of Information Technology. An article about the amazing technology they are working on for e-books is on our landing page for Read an E-Book Week. Check it out!

This contest is open to anyone residing in a country where the device can be legally used, and where the e-reader can be direct-shipped. The email you provide to answer the question will not be used for any reason other than to contact you if you win. All emails will be deleted once the winner is notified and accepts the prize.

Look for more contests on the E Ink Facebook page during Read an E-Book Week. website!

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