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Video Game Cocktail Review

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  1. Wow, I love this review system, and it made me really want to play the game.

  2. creative videos – quality and entertaining while telling me what I want to know. Thank you for making this.

  3. This concept is truly a first of its kind. I do like it video games + a hangover all at the same time while you are learning something exciting:)

  4. Haha, creative and fun way to rate a game system. But absinthe? Actually not even sure how that tastes.

  5. OMG… I just sold my PS3… I may have to go buy one now to play all of the games. They all remind me of Prince of Persia in the game play part of it and the worlds. AC3 certainly looks like it’s promising! I’d bump it up to Absynthe!

  6. Haha I love the references to cocktails. Well reviewed too, thanks.

  7. Fantastic! Now lets see if I can find the subscribe button :-)

  8. great review !

  9. I love Templar tales…this game looks pretty fun and intense! enjoyed the humor on the whole concept as well :)

  10. Loved the video! did you know that the closing soundtrack of the film “Inside man” (Chaiya Chaiya) was used to promote the game.

  11. Creative and informative. I loved it. Thanks

  12. Not bad, my nephew love that game.

  13. Nice rating system to really show how better is a game to play and people like me really need these reviews to make worth of our time playing the best games

  14. LOL, that was quite informative, as well as entertaining! Thumbs UP!

  15. I absolutely love how you compare video games to mixed drinks. Funny thing was when you started reviewing Assassin’s creed, I was thinking Long Island myself! It’s one of my favorite drinks and I make it at home all the time – but I also add in a shot of Chambord instead of Triple Sec on occasion to make a Purple Rain.


  16. Gaming and cocktails – what a great mashup!

  17. We had something similar on Dutch TV! Great way to learn about games.

  18. Great video! Wonderful lady gamer / reviewer / cocktail connoisseuse in Vesper Burnett. You keep playing, Vesper and I will keep enjoying the drinks! CHEERS!

  19. I saw a game review and learned about cool drinks. Awesome!