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Tryouts: Parkour Training

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  1. Epic, I love the warped wall.

  2. Wow! I wish they had this 35 years ago!

  3. Funny thing. I used to do something kinda like this on a small scale. It was back in 1992-1994 I don’t know if people were talking about parkour or free running then. But anyway. It’s amazing how it’s taken off now. Getting older now I don’t know if I could pull it of, lol.

  4. Warped Wall!

    as an ANW fan, I’m ready to get into Parkour… Just know that my endurance right now is crap. I’ll just have to work on it. Cool video tho introducing this sport to people who aren’t familiar with it!

  5. that’s cool a parkour training center…looks like fun!

  6. Since finding the activity via Bond movie, we have found it captivating. The thought of a training “gym” of sorts had never crossed my mind. Finding your video on that subject today is pretty cool.

  7. Really cool and interesting video keep up the great work

  8. That place looks awesome!