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ValoreBooks acquired by SimpleTuition, helping you save even more

Sep 10 2012 at 7:13 am by

At ValoreBooks, we already help you save up to 90% on over 18 million textbook titles. Ten years ago, we realized that students deserve a place where they can fairly buy and sell textbooks. After starting this business in a college dorm room, and after covering ground in Fredonia, Buffalo, San Diego, and Boston, we’ve grown into a marketplace that helps millions of students save. At our core, we’re devoted to providing you with the best prices on textbooks.

Now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been acquired by SimpleTuition, a company that gives you the tools you need to prepare for college costs, pay less, and pay back smarter after graduation. Together we hope to forge a path of student-centric savings, bring our textbooks to millions of new customers, and provide you with a comprehensive plan of attack against the rising cost of college.

Here’s what’s up: as a whole, students nationwide have racked up $1 trillion worth of student loans. Seriously. That’s why we’ve decided it’s time to tackle this problem head on by taking it one step further: we’re committing ourselves to helping you afford your entire education and to helping families plan for college costs.

What does this partnership mean for you? Check it out:

  • Take advantage of an incredible loan comparison tool that helps you compare interest rates, APR, and payment requirements—meaning you can finally find a student loan you can actually afford
  • Use a simple college cost calculator that not only helps you customize your financial aid award, but also allows you to understand what college will cost you after graduation
  • Access money-saving deals on products you need for school
  • Learn how to pay down your student loans faster


The point here: teaming up with SimpleTuition opens doors for you. It means your college experience just got more affordable.

Bobby Brannigan,




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