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Top 5 video games on ValoreBooks (for under $15!)

Feb 11 2014 at 10:54 am by

Top 5 video games in the ValoreBooks (for under $15!)

At ValoreBooks we understand that every college student needs to have a little fun after class. So if you’re looking for some grade-A entertainment at an affordable price, then the ValoreBooks video game marketplace is your chance to score better games for less money. To give you just a taste of what we offer, here are 5 titles that you can score for under $15 (prices may vary due to changing marketplace):

 1. Mass Effect 3 ($8.95) 

Top 5 video games on ValoreBooks (for under $15!)

A role-playing 3rd-person shooter set in a sci-fi universe? There couldn’t be anything better.

2. Halo 3 ($3.17)

Top 5 video games on ValoreBooks (for under $15!)

Halo is the 1st-person shooter that’s always been awesome. And always will be! With its top-of-the-line multiplayer, this game is perfect to play in a dorm room with a few friends.

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ($11.15)

Top 5 video games on ValoreBooks (for under $15!)

From nonstop action in single player to a highly addictive multiplayer, Call of Duty MW3 is a game that will never disappoint and never get old.

4. Madden NFL 13 ($9.74) 

Top 5 video games on ValoreBooks (for under $15!)

If your favorite team didn’t win the Super Bowl last week, no worries. Now is the time to take redemption and beat your rival with Madden NFL 2013!

5. Battlefield 3 ($6.58)

Top 5 video games on ValoreBooks (for under $15!)

With huge maps and diverse gameplay, Battlefield sets itself apart from other 1st-person shooters. Get on the field and start taking down the enemy!

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