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Three of the Most Original College Pranks Ever Created

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young inventorSo I bet you’re sick of all that link-bait crap about the “ten best X,” and then it gets rehashed a million times over on the internet, just in a different way. No worries, because I am, too. Because, like college, I take pride in originality. Creativity. Invention.

It’s the birth of new ideas. That’s the essence of college. So of course everyone likes to play pranks in a dorm room! Heck, this is why fraternities do the whole initiation thing.

So I’ll make one important promise here: all of the three pranks you will read will likely have never been done before but can be reasonably done without purchasing a science lab, IRS database, or even the “Punk’d” team.

This is homage to simplicity with sheer edge. So take notes, friends. These might be the best ideas ever to come around….


Number Three: It Will Come for You….

Tip #1: the more people are in on the prank, the better the prank.

It doesn’t take a lot to get an entire dorm room in on a prank. The key, though, is trying to keep it simple. Check this one out:

(Materials you will need)

  1. Six or Seven Pairs of Halloween Contact Lenses
  2. Six or Seven Black T-Shirts
  3. Six or Seven Black Pants

Know that this may not cost a whole lot of money when you think about it! That’s always the number-one bummer of creativity when it comes to pranks – thinking you have to spend a load of money to achieve it.

So here’s the deal: a good prank is one that bewilders the victim. Makes the victim think he or she has walked onto another planet. What better way to do that than to scare him or her?

woman screaming

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Bear in mind that this may involve just a smidge of acting skills. But nothing big.

First off, if you have thirty or forty students in a dorm hall, get them all in on it. This will be a prank on one person, obviously (or two). Typically it may be a prank on the dorm leader.

Have six or seven of those students dress up in the black attire one day while the unsuspecting dorm leader is out for coffee or a trip to the movies. In addition, take the Halloween contacts – the most effective would be the scary black ones or even the ‘frosty’ ones, making the one wearing them look sort of like a ghost – and have those six or seven students wear them.

This is the fun part. The rest of the dorm hall has to hide somewhere in one place. Why? Because nothing would make a person feel weird than to know that nobody is around – especially during a certain time of day. It would make someone feel uneasy.

dark hallway

Image: Courtesy of Google Images,


From there, it’s just a matter of playing it out and having fun with it. You can probably guess what the deal is and why this prank is called “It Will Come for You.” It is now about uniformity. Devoid of all human emotion.

The unsuspecting victim will come home to the dorm room and notice that no one’s around. The first seed has been planted.

Strategically place your six or seven ‘actors’ sporadically around the dorm hall – in the bathroom, in an elevator, on a stairway, in every hall of the house.

And they’re not allowed to interact with the victim of the prank. Except to say one phrase…. “It Will Come for You.”redrum

They have to say it monotone, too. Completely dead of any human tone. Also, no makeup either. That makes it look cheesy. Just the contacts and the exact same clothes. No shoes and socks either.

Some fun things your actors can do are crawling around the halls, twitching, wandering, standing or sitting in odd places. Stare. For a very long time. To ensure that this works well, choose students studying in performing arts. We don’t want any breakdowns in laughter.

And to make it even crazier, before the victim arrives, set up red-painted words in strategic parts of the entire building with clues, leading the victim to a specific place: the place where everyone is hiding! And let them all scream bloody murder as the victim opens the door.

This prank could last an entire hour or so, maybe more. The victim may hang out in the dorm room thinking nothing’s going on. Let it simmer. Let it fester. Let the fear grow…. And believe me, that victim will know that you are the king of college pranks.


Number Two: Phone Sex to the Extreme

Vector illustration in retro style of a hand holding a cool modern cell phoneSo that one was pretty complex, wasn’t it? There’s nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn’t get too tedious or complicated. Nothing sucks more than a prank going wrong due to complication.

Let’s go for simplicity here. This one’s a fun one, requiring only these materials –

  1. An Audio File Recording of Your Typical Phone Sex Hotline Intro
  2. CDs

And, of course, phones – which everyone has.


Now here’s the deal for Tip #2: a good prank also is one that a person has to deal with for a lengthy period of time (even longer than prank number three) but without peeving the person off.

It’s also easy to do, even for the technologically dumb.

Search the internet and find audio clips of some of the cheesiest phone sex hotline clips. Download the best one. Once you’ve got that far, you’re gold. From there, you can burn that audio clip on a million CDs if you want. And because for the most part these clips are really short, it wouldn’t even take that long.

The trick to this monumental prank is to synchronize a good number of people (following the first tip, obviously) to send the audio clip to the victim’s cell phone. The great thing about doing that is the person will receive that audio clip as many times as sent by each person.

To make it worse, all those people in on the prank can put the audio clip on speaker and repeatedly call the person’s landline or cell phone.

To make it even worse, have every dorm room door open, put the audio clip on the computer in each dorm room and have the clip played on a loop at high volume.

All at the same time. Pretty annoying, right?

Image: Courtesy of Google Images,

It would still be funny, though, even to the victim. The key to this is the victim does have to be in the dorm for the full effect. And who knows: the victim might take advantage of the constant calls! Hey, attention is attention anywhere, even if it comes from a cheesy sex phone operator.


Number One: The Most Powerful Eviction Notice Ever Known to Mankind

Laughs are good especially when it comes from the victim. But let’s face it: a good prank can peeve somebody off a little, as long as the end of the prank results in a sigh of relief and maybe a chuckle for kicks.

Look at the show “Punk’d,” for example. You can bet those celebrities get to the brink of losing their cool! But once they find out it was all a gag, they’re all good. No biggie.


So don’t be afraid to push the envelope, especially with this nasty prank. But first, here’s the third and final tip: make the victim do all the work.

This can possibly be the best tip ever. Because not only does it save you money, it technically saves you time. So this will make you smile, because this is all you’ll need –

  1. Manpower
  2. Space

That’s it, really! What do I mean by that? Read on….

Know that oftentimes students – even the dorm leader – will be away from the hall for a lengthy period of time, as in for vacation, maybe. If you can find out if the victim’s going on vacation for at least three days, this prank is a breeze.

First make sure the victim will be away from the hall for that period of time. Then get your crew of pranksters to literally move everything out of the dorm room –

  1. Clothes
  2. Bed
  3. Books
  4. TV
  5. Entertainment Center
  6. Lava Lamp
  7. CD Player
  8. Rugs
  9. Blankets
  10. Posters of Justin Bieber

Now the bed might be hard to get out. But if you can, good for you. That makes the prank that much more special. We want to make this room like no one lives in it.


In addition, leave a good 8X11 size piece of paper in big writing saying “YOU HAVE BEEN EVICTED. SEE YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR.”

Now, of course, the victim will panic. The victim may even cry or be mad. That’s okay. Because in all honesty it won’t cause you any pain from the jackhammer to your face for having a hand in it (when you confess that it was indeed a prank). Why won’t you have that jackhammer in the face?

Because you will be the one to break it to the victim and say that it was all a gag and that all of the victim’s stuff is actually just fine. Just hidden all around the hall! The victim just might put the jackhammer down.

And that’s where the fun begins! Of course, you’ll have the whole dorm hall helping bring the stuff back (once the victim finds it all) to minimize the danger of having one’s head punched into a wall for the trouble of finding it all. All in all, it would be good fun.

The bed can be somewhere in the main lounge. The CD player could be hanging off the shower curtain in the men’s bathroom. The bean bag chair could be hanging off the stone finger of the commemorative statue situated right outside the entire hall. Sky’s the limit. There’s no telling how much creativity can come out of this.


It May Never Stop, This Idea of the College Prank, so Embrace It 

In all honesty, college wouldn’t be college without it. After all, it’s about the enrichment of ideas. And what better way to learn how to create ideas than to figure out how you can scam someone into believing a reality that doesn’t even exist?

Just don’t break any laws doing it! You’re only just in the thick of your college education. Keep it clean and quick. And savor the smell of fear, funny, or just plain fun out of your own college pranks. The joke will definitely not be on you.

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Your Pranks

Now, we don’t advocate actually doing any of these pranks :) We wouldn’t want to get into trouble but if you want to try them we’d love to hear how they turn out – even though of course we don’t condone that kind of thing. LOL

How about you? Have any classic pranks you’ve pulled? Tell us about them. How did they work? We, and the rest the audience, would love to hear from you!


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