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The Importance And Benefits Of Education

Oct 7 2010 at 12:06 pm by

The importance of getting a good, solid college education is more important now than ever. In a shifting and unstable work environment, the importance of education, achievement, earning capability, experience and knowledge gleaned from higher education offers students new abilities. The capabilities to make more money, obtain better jobs, find an established position in an irresolute marketplace and discover the satisfaction that accompanies the security a college degree can offer are all components of the benefits of education. So, just how important is education?

As the economy continues to struggle, many students wonder if an official degree from a higher education institution is really all it is cut up to be. Worries about rising tuition costs, the debt that could accompany student loans, and time availability are all chief concerns among prospective college students. Yet, there is a resonating yes that accompanies any question to the benefits and value of college education. A college education can carry students further into the professional world, offering limitless possibilities in augmented earnings and the pick of successful, empowering occupations. Currently, 60% of high school students are joining the ranks of those who are college bound. The biggest incentive: the expectation of future financial and occupational accomplishment. More individuals seek to further their careers and improve their overall quality of life through extending their current levels of education.

Obviously, one of the biggest triggers that demonstrate the true importance of education is within the prospective earning ability. Just how much more money does college graduates bring in than high school graduates only? The amount is significant. The average earnings for high school graduates lie around $25,000 per year. The average earnings for college graduates are around $47,000 and the standard earnings of a professional degree, including a Masters and/or Doctorate is between $85,000 – 120,000 per year. The value of education can unquestionably be seen as a means of improving financial stability.

Education has truly changed over the last decade. Individuals and families who may have struggled finding time and money for a college education are finding unique and innovative ways to attend class. As the advancement of technology has exploded onto the scene, colleges and universities are taking their show online, offering individuals in rural areas, single parent families, full-time working parents and time strapped prospective students the opportunity to reach their educational goals in a whole new atmosphere without time constraints and traditional classroom settings. While online courses are not ideal for everyone, the traditional classroom and college setting still offers competitive opportunities, in addition to the more conventional collegiate experience.

Money is no longer a major issue for forthcoming students. The Federal Government has implemented all kinds of innovative and helpful tools for students to pay for school. The Federal Pell Grant, state and privately funded scholarships, and student loans are all available to students who need additional aid when attempting to fund their educational dreams. The World Wide Web offers a multitude of information for future students; from online used books, to finding roommates, to special scholarships available to specific individuals who qualify. Many people underestimate the importance of education. Aside from the ability to make more money and get better jobs, the sense of accomplishment that can accompany schooling further promotes the true value of education.

Unlike many other investments, a college education will never ever depreciate in value. The time, effort and consideration put into an education will only add worth and significance. Even with the downward spiral of the American economy and the beating the job industry seems to be taking; those individuals who have college degrees still have jobs. During the recent economic dilemma, the unemployment rate for those who only had a high school diploma jumped from 5.7% to 10%. The unemployment rate for people holding a bachelors degree only moved from 2.6% to 4%. These statistics clearly show a connection between a college degree and retaining employment, even in instances of economic hardship and an unproductive market. Additionally, the importance of a college degree is seen through the overall earnings of college graduates when applied to the ability to live comfortably off of savings during tough economic trials. The long term benefits of education far outweigh any short term sacrifices.

How important is education? This can further be answered by looking at the overall economic improvements that can be made by further introducing new and innovative minds into the work force. These new minds can help control costs, manufacture new job positions, open new businesses, and aid in developing additional American professions. The importance of education can be seen in almost every facet of American development and success. Prospective students must learn to see higher education as a true investment in their future and in their impending family’s future. The sky is truly the limit with a good college education; the opportunities are there, they need only be embraced.

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